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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Having trouble getting in? This is fucked up. I have to psych myself out to get in here. One leg at a time. That isn’t age. That is self-inflicted damage. Oh my
god. Fucking hell. Can you rub some glutamine into my thighs, please. Oh yeah. It’s what I feel like what’s needed. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s bike
ride. Oh, what’s going on here? Why’s it doing that? The alarm wasn’t on or anything.
Oh, thank god. There’s no way I could’ve pushed it. I’m Kris Gethin. I’m going to be training to prepare for an Ironman. Most people give themselves two years. I’m giving myself six months. And we’re going to do it. Legs are absolutely destroyed now, so what’s the best thing to do? Running. Good morning everyone. Welcome to the hybrid edition of the podcast. And we’re caged in here with a wild animal. The master of pain himself, Kris Gethin. So, how much of your coaching is your coaching, or that you’re creating? Obviously, I would think your hypertrophy workouts, or your bodybuilding workouts are based on what you know, your
experience. I’d done a lot of research beforehand because I thought well, I am going into the unknown here. And I’d spoken to a few people like Dave Scott, six times Ironman world champion. Had some great conversations with him. But then I realized, you know, after reading a lot of the magazines and going on websites and listening to these people, I thought, I can’t really do what those guys are kind of telling me. It just wouldn’t make sense for my body. My body couldn’t do that, it wouldn’t do that. And the amount of food that I have to carry with me when I’m on a bike, for instance, is unbelievable. Even on a podcast. Because I get lightheaded now. So, if I go out on a bike ride for about an hour, I have a massive feed and think, they’ll do me. But 45 minutes later, I’m getting hungry. And I think, nah, that can’t be right. You know, 15 minutes after that I’m getting lightheaded. There’s various things that I know that I have to do very much differently. I have to strengthen my core, a lot. Running in that position for somebody with a heavier upper body, it’s just not used to this. Your core collapses, your diaphragm collapses, then you’re not, you’re not going to finish or you’re going to struggle. There’s a lot of things that I have to think about now in order to allow bodybuilding to complement this process, instead of take away from it. Alright kids, that is the end of day 36. In the gym, that is. Now, I’m going to take my post-workout shake and get straight into the pool. So, my shoulders and delts are adequately fried and fucked right now. So, perfect time to go in the pool, to see if I can keep myself from sinking. So, it’s going to be a struggle, but that’s what we want. Because when we do eventually get into the pool fresh then it should be a lot easier. So, I want to make these swims as difficult as possible by completing fatiguing the triceps, completely fatiguing the delts. Because those two of the dominant muscle groups that we’re going to use within these drills. Hello. Hello. We are filming now? Yeah. Alright. You’re on. So, we’re having another massage with Kat, here. Again, on the legs. This time, focusing more on the flexors, because I noticed yesterday when I was running, my flexors are tight on both sides. So, it’s obviously a weakness, there. And a tightness, as well. So, obviously, there’s two types of recovery. And that’s going to be passive recovery and active recovery. Active recovery would be like, you know, your low intense days where, you know, if you see it written on the program, taking your bike for a walk, as it’s called. So, that’s your active recovery. Taking it easy. And you may find that if you’re somebody who’s not used to doing this, like a normal athlete would probably go out and that would be a recovery, an active recovery ride. But for me it’s different. It’s still hard work. So, take better care of not just focusing on your active recovery, but your passive recovery. Whether the be massage, and your foam rolling, and your ice baths. And various means, as well as your nutrition. To focus on that. It is day 37, and today we’ve got legs. What was good about yesterday’s workout: Sunshine’s attitude has changed. In a good way. She has been struggling. We had a good talk about this on Saturday, but there was a complete attitude change. And I could definitely feel it. So, it just goes to show, you know, your change of attitude will deliver a change of outcome. Legs are absolutely destroyed now. So, what’s the best thing to do when you’ve got destroyed legs? Do some drills, running. So, just going to take it easy for the first mile, nice and steady, get our legs, high cadence of about 180-190. And then, I’ll see how my groin goes. If my groin’s OK, then yeah, I’ll go hard on these 400 meters. If not, I’m going to have to drive Miss Daisy on the way back. We went a little bit over the four mile mark. 5.1. But, in the program you can extend the warm-up, if you want. Or the cool-down. We went a little bit further. Um, man I’m a little bit pissed
off. My groin, like at mile…first two and a half miles or so, felt awesome. I was so happy, I thought, I have no problems with my groin whatsoever. Everything felt really good, except my legs just really heavy after the leg workout. And obviously during the leg workout, I didn’t have any aggravation. Then around mile three, further, it’s just started tightening up and getting inflamed now. This is the challenge. This is what we do, you know. If it was easy, everybody would do it. And we just got to be smart and navigate our way around these injuries. I’d be living in denial if I didn’t think that I’d never have injuries. I’ve had so many of the bloody things. You know, just over the years, you know, like for the past 20 years, you know, whether it be from, you know, motorcross, surfing, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking, and in the gym. I’ve had injuries for the past 20 years, and a lot of them I’ve kind of forgotten about. They’ve sealed and put them away in the drawer and forgotten about them. But now, during all this activity, and I’ve only got just fucking started, they’re starting to make themselves known. A few of them are coming up and they’re making themselves aware that they have been there in the past. So, I just have respect that, acknowledge that. And just navigate my way around it. But we’re, we’re all good. We’re, we’re humans so we’re indestructible, aren’t we? Today we’re starting with back. Which is probably one of the only muscle groups that isn’t sore on me at the moment, other
than chest. This week has been very, very intense in regards to the weight workout. I definitely feel a little bit more comfortable with the volume and the intensity of the other workouts because, I’m starting to feel like I’m adapting now. So I’m able to take it up a notch in these weights workout. But I’m feeling it. My triceps are killing me, my delts are sore, and my legs are absolutely obliterated from yesterday. That’s the end of the workout. We just kept it very short and intense. Done in under an hour. And now we’re going into the pool for a swim. This is going to be, by far, my largest swim yet. For both of us. 2385 meters, I think it is. So, we’re going to rush on in there. We’re going to just, get this done with. And then, later on tonight what we’re going to do is head on over to TriTown to meet up with Anton, who is a top mechanic for several teams. And he is going to show us how to change a tire should we get a puncture, in as fast as time as possible. So, let’s say we’re out on race day and we get a flat. The first thing you need to do, is you need to be prepared. So that, if you get a flat, you have the tools to fix, to fix the issue. The first thing I do, if I notice my rear tire goes flat, is I shift to the outside gear and the small ring in the front. So, but take that quick release lever, pull it open, and then just straight back. One finger’s going to get greasy, rest the bike down on the ground on the non-geared side. You don’t want to get dirt and grime packed into your derailleur. So you’re going to rest the bike down on the left side. The first thing we need to do is identify what caused the tire to go flat. I’ve seen some people, just in the excitement of having to get off and change it out, change the tube out, they put a new tube in, they do everything perfect, except pull out the thorn. You know, and it just ends up going flat a couple miles later all over again, which is exceptionally embarrassing. Alright, so we have finished our session with Anton today, which was very, very beneficial. I’m really glad that we did that today, because, you know, what if we’re putting all of our time and effort into the training and our nutrition, but we’re neglecting the mechanics of the bike and how to efficiently save time and not get frustrated and not get stressed. Because when we do that we lose our judgment call and do everything wrong. Anyway, that’s a good thing. Now I’m gonna probably come back next week to have a bike fit, so is Sunshine, so we know that the bike is fit correctly for our height, for our structure, to make sure that we have a comfortable ride and not just a successful one. Good morning. Day 29, on the way to the gym. Where um, got chest and abs
today. Right. Finished the workout. Before, chest was the only muscle group that wasn’t sore. Now that’s fucking sore. So everything is sore. And now we’re going to get home and have a bloody good feed. Day 40 is coming to a close. Let me try and wrap up today. So, it was a non-training day today. And my legs are still friggin sore. I’ve just been trying to get a little bit more glutamine in me, a little bit more protein than usual. I went into Starbucks, just to get a call in with Mike Fecik. It was good to have a conversation with him, and find out what times that I need to get in my swim and my cycle and my run, in order to finish it. So, the cycle seemed a little, be a little bit fast. I think it was like a 12 mile an hour average. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep that,
but who knows. And then after I had the conversation with Mike, finished off at the Paint ‘n Sip place this evening. So this is what Friday night is made up of with Sunshine and I. We go out there, we hit it hard on a Friday night. I’d like to say that’s my masterpiece, but Sunshine’s making it look half decent. So what I am doing is painting Peppa Pig here, for my niece Alice, because she absolutely loves Peppa Pig. And so, gonna paint that, because I’ll be in the UK now in about two weeks time. Sunshine is doing the butterfly, because that’s way too technical for me. I don’t have a steady hand. I can do the big stuff. And grass. You painted the background. I
did, I did the pink. I just didn’t do the outline. I did the clouds. Just didn’t draw. Wait till I finish this bad boy off with the eyes. I can do black eyes. So now I’m going to have a feed. I’m going to have an Indian, but a clean Indian. I’m going to have chicken tikka with no oil, no sauce, no butter. I’ll feed me up a little bit before tomorrow’s easy bike, but hard run. And then once I’ve done the hard run, I’m going to go straight to the hospital to meet with my doctor, Kaleb, Dr. Redn, and get a scan to see what the hell’s going on with this groin. He said he wants me to show up in pain. So I’m going to finish my run immediately and go see him. Limping possibly. Anyway, so let’s see what tomorrow brings. All right. So, I’ve just finished my bike. About five minutes ago. Just had a quick Re-kaged and banana. Now I’m going to a trail, which is about five minutes from here, to run. And I’m going to hit those drills that we’ve got. I’ve found so far that my asthma is so bad. Luckily I’ve got my inhaler with me, but it’s not really helping my cause at the moment. I can see, you know, there’s no blood vessels or arteries or anything right here. There’s a little white area there
that’s a bit more disorganized than the rest, and it is deep. Alright. Finished meeting with Dr. Redn, and the next step is to have an MRI. To have a look at the muscles deep, deep down with a clear picture to see if there’s any tearing, or any injury deep down there. It’s that time again. Time
for another ice bath for like, 15 minutes. I’ll just soak in there. Just to help my legs recover. Again, get rid of the inflammation in my groin. I’ve got some of the voltaren on there that I put on about an
hour ago. But, I’m in for a big ride tomorrow so, got to keep recovering internally and externally. I’m 20, 22 miles in, at a place called Horseshoe Bend. I’m just having some nutrition solutions pancakes here. I’ve got some dried fruit, but I think the pancakes should do the trick. So, I’m going to wolf this down and get going. I found our friend Kris Gethin. I’ve come out to give him some encouragement, bring him some
fluids, and, uh, how are you? You’re 50 miles in?
I’ve got it in my head to do 70, so I’m going to have to go a little bit further. When I’m pedaling, yeah, my legs are really sore, but the thing is, I associate the pain with movement. Now when you’re do an exercise, yeah it’s kind of supposed to hurt, and I’ve become accustomed to that. So when I stop and everything hurts, when I feel the pain in my knees and my quads, that’s what I don’t like. Because everything kind of feels like
it’s turning into scar tissue now. And it becomes really, really tight. So as tiring as it is to continue going, the only reason I want to stop is to fuel. And I tell you what, mentally I feel so much better for doing it. I’ve been
forcing it down. By getting in too many calories, probably, and too much fluid. But I feel so much better doing that, as opposed to having a little bit less. And I didn’t really realize that until I just forced myself to eat a load of food, and drink a lot of fluids.

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  1. Do you think you are over training a bit? You seem to be killing it but I think if you lost weight, your groin might feel better. The weight lifting is intense. I'm not an expert, just wondering. Love the series!

  2. After last week's deload, the volume and intensity in Kris' training go back up. Not coincidentally, both muscle soreness and his old injuries rear their ugly heads.
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  7. Yes massage is a form of passive recovery where you can give your nervous system a break. Even when you are foam rolling you are putting in work. I love treating athletes with massage therapy, it's super beneficial

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