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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Can you smoke weed while bodybuilding? Can you, yes, should you, no. Because marijuana can give you the munchies,
which makes it harder to stay on your diet. That’s one reason. And marijuana tends to
make people lethargic, making it darn near impossible for a heavy smoker to stay on an
exercise plan. What other reasons are there? Uh, you could go to jail. That might or might
not put a crimp in your workout routine, but it will ruin your diet. And your life. But it is legal in a lot of
states. You have to get a medical exemption in some
states like California, though Colorado makes it legal recreationally. But if you do something
stupid like crash your car or get hurt, that’ll ruin your workout routine. I can see where smoking weed might hurt your
workout routine, too. I don’t want anyone who has been smoking
weed to be my spotter, because they may be seeing strange things instead of watching
me. And a lot of people who are high think they are doing great when they are totally
messing up their routines. It’s not as bad as bath salts. OMG, those
guys end up doing weird stuff. There are a lot of tragic-comic photos of
that sort of thing on Reddit. One advantage of weed over beer is that it
doesn’t add calories to your diet. It gives a lot of people the munchies. In
fact, the cancer drug Marinol was synthesized from marijuana, to make people with chemo
drugs and other things that suppress your appetite want to eat. If you plan your diet, smoking weed won’t
ruin it. Until you wander down the street to buy Cheetos.
Or sleep so much afterward that your metabolism rivals that of a sloth. You just aren’t laid back. Think of what you could do with the money
you’re blowing on weed. Don’t complain you can’t afford gym fees or rent if you’re
blowing it on what you smoke. Mary Jane isn’t as bad as cigarettes. You’re still inhaling smoke and carbon particles
into your lungs, and God help you if you have a psychotic episode. Look, smoking weed is
the opposite of the healthy goals most body builders have.

10 thoughts on “Can You Smoke Weed While Bodybuilding?

  1. Follow me if you love smoking weed as much as you like lifting weights!

    and as for this vid, straight b.s.. weed affects people differently.. I don't get the munchies at all. i eat twice a day and hardly snack.. I think its the weed thats kept me lean and shredded over the years!

  2. The effects of weed vary from person to person just like any other person. It doesn't make everyone lethargic and it greatly depends on the strain. I started toking 2 months ago and have lost 25 pounds since and gain a ton of muscle. If anything weed enhanced my workout, made it more relaxing, and made it easier. There is absolutely no reason why marijuana is illegal and alcohol and tobacco are legal. People that think marrijuana users are unsuccessful need to grow up just as the people who don't support equal rights. You assholes can keep saying its bad and that its Satan, but the truth is that you are ignorant. There's a reason why equal rights (not anymore) and marijuana are slowly being legalized. The people in power aren't dumbasses and see that there is no reason for either to be illegal as it hurts absolutely no one. If anyone wants to say anything about pot smokers check out this link then fuck off.

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