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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up guys this is John Meadows and
this is Table Talk so for today’s breakfast menu we have two pieces of
sourdough toast I’ve already started working on my toast
I have a couple organic eggs look at that nice pretty orange yolk I have a
concoction bowl which is cream of rice a little peanut butter a little sugar
free chocolate syrup and I have my cup of coffee so has your diet changed a good
bit since when you first started so when I first started my goal was to get down
as much food as I could for breakfast that was usually a full cup of oatmeal
6 whole eggs it was a lot of food there was a lot of calories you know as the years went
on my breakfast shrank in size I um I found that having a really full belly in
the morning I just didn’t feel good so many times I would just get so sleepy I
would just want to fall back to sleep which I couldn’t do because I worked in
the corporate world you guys know my background so I had to
go to work so as the years of went by my breakfast has actually gotten smaller I
just feel a little better and even when I was competing frequently I still
kept a pretty small breakfast I tended I would tend to schedule more of the calories
around training so my meals around training tended to be a little more
robust to give me a little bit more energy a little bit more recovery and
the meals away from training tended to be not quite as big so for me I wanted
the fuel around when I was going to train now when I was younger I did have
a pretty pretty fast metabolism so I could get away with quite a bit of food
so I tried to I like to have meals that are what feel good for me and like for
breakfast this is perfect for me talking yesterday like you know you
working in corporate America you know for years you think you don’t think you
need to be a bodybuilder full-time to make it work so I spent many years
working in the corporate world and competing at the national level in
bodybuilding and many of the guys that were competing said you couldn’t have a
real job and be a successful bodybuilder and I always just thought that that was
kind of crazy because it actually helped me stay on schedule structure I would
get up I’d eat breakfast I knew at ten o’clock at work I can make my protein
drink I would eat my lunch and then at three o’clock at work I was gonna have
my protein drink then I would get home I’d have a pre-workout meal I’d go train
I’d get home and I’d have a post-workout meal so I did that I was in that routine
for well over a decade and I liked it it gave me structure you know I just I
think most of the people that say that honestly they’re just lazy they just
they’re just lazy a lot of people like to talk about how hard of a worker they
are because of what they do in the gym I don’t really think that that’s that
really that I don’t think it’s that hard I think it’s fun when I go to the gym
and I’m pushing really hard which I’ve done for over 30 years now I actually
enjoy it I get a lot of satisfaction out of that I don’t particularly consider
that hard work there are a lot of other things that qualify as hard work you
know having to work 60 hours a week in a job under stressful conditions you
know single mom’s been working two jobs I don’t want to go off on the tangent
here but I just what I think of as hard work and what some bodybuilders think of
as hard work it’s just two different things so to me I would go to work I
would work through the week on Friday I might take a half day I’d go to the
airport I’d fly somewhere I’d weigh in Friday night for the national show I’d
compete Saturday morning Saturday night I’d fly home on Sunday Monday I would
show up at work they’d say how’d the show go and I’d say oh whatever I got
fourth place and they’d say ok back to work that was it that was it so I was doing all
these pro qualifiers doing pretty well in the bodybuilding
world but it was just almost like a hobby but as long as you’re getting your
meals in and as long as you’re training hard that’s all that matters it doesn’t
matter what you’re doing the other X amount of hours through the day so I have two
twin boys that are now 10 years old been married for a long time since 2002 and
you know for me I’ve seen a lot of relationships and families break down in
this sport over the years it’s kind of a sad thing to see there’s there’s a
selfishness that comes with trying to be the best body builder for many people
that consumes them being completely consumed in every aspect of their life
they think about nothing but bodybuilding and I’ve been there
I’ve been there in my 20s especially everything I did was is this gonna help
me become a better bodybuilder and I don’t think it was necessarily a bad
thing I think it was just being passionate but when you have a family
and you know your mindset has to adapt you have to you have to understand that
you’re no longer the center of the universe if you have kids your kids are
the center of the universe at least they should be for you so for me I really
wanted to make sure that I didn’t become one of these people that were so
self-consumed I forgot about the people around me and I know a lot of you out
there have families and you work a lot and it’s tough and it’s it is a
balancing act there is no magic way to do it you just have to prioritize and
say I’m gonna do this this and this with my family and just gotta make it happen you
just got to be well-planned you got to be organized and got to stick to
it and be disciplined just like in bodybuilding kind of go into some of the struggles
of prep and getting to that conditioning because that’s what you’re known for
right well a lot of people ask me about conditioning and what it takes
I’ve been kind of known through the years for being one of the competitors
that’s in better condition low body fat and still maintaining a lot of
muscle and the truth is it’s not very pretty you you really have to suffer and
you could be eating 4,000 calories or 1500 calories but when you get down to
sub 4 percent body fat it’s just painful you’ll have you know periods where you
have a little bit of energy and then it’ll fade and the smallest of tasks
will seem monumental if you’re sitting on the couch and you’re watching TV and
you have to use the bathroom the thought of getting up and walking 20 steps to
the bathroom seems like a cardio session sometimes you get so tired the thought
of even talking you know just even having a conversation seems exhausting
and you really don’t understand it until you’ve lived it but I bet you there are
many competitors that are watching this video that are nodding their head right
now going – yup I know exactly what he means it’s it’s a brutal place that you
have to take yourself I hear people say you should feel great through a prep
through the whole prep and I do agree with that to a point you should feel
great your training should feel awesome you should feel your training but there is a
point near the end if you’re looking for that next level of conditioning where
it’s going to get painful and at that point man it’s just it’s almost like a
battle of wills it’s like can you can you just take it can you take the mental
anguish can you take them I mean all you think about is I need to go to sleep I’m
so tired and when’s my next meal like that’s all you think about it’s kind of
like Maslow’s hierarchy right remember at the bottom of that pyramid it was
food shelter clothing things like that where you go back to the bottom of
Maslow’s hierarchy and the only thing you think about is food like that’s all
you think about and it turns you it turns you into a
really primitive person but it’s tough it’s very tough and not many people can
really take themselves to that level and you know it’s a little different now we
have you know all kinds of if it fits your macros diets and flexible dieting
which is something that I practice but people take that stuff as a way to make
diets they think it makes a diet easy but again there’s no there’s no way to
make it easy to get to three point something percent body fat like it’s not
easy so if you want to get to that conditioning you just got to be prepared
to suffer alright I appreciate you all watching thank you very much I hope you
enjoyed the conversation and last but not least don’t forget to subscribe

100 thoughts on “Can You Work Full-Time & Compete in Bodybuilding? | John Meadows | Table Talks

  1. Find someone who gets excited to see you the same way John gets excited to see orange-ish yolks.

    Time Stamps:

    0:20 – What's on the menu today?

    0:40 – Has your diet changed much since you first started bodybuilding?

    2:10 – Can you bodybuild competitively working full-time?

    4:40 – How do you balance family life with bodybuilding?

    6:20 – What're the struggles people face when getting to low body fat percentages during prep?

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  2. He is a lucky man, i can go to work the next day after the gym but i'm useless and it's not about laziness just need time to restore CNS and muscles.

  3. If you want something bad enough you will make time for it. If that means getting up earlier, then that’s what you have to do. You will put in the work and make the necessary sacrifices because your passion keeps you disciplined. This doesn’t just apply to fitness but it can apply to other areas in life. Starting a business, career, etc.

  4. I could not have thought of a better person MS could ask. One thing I learned from my experience is that if the job in question is a hard manual labor job, then I do not believe you can recover efficiently. I ended up getting a reality check that it is not about doing everything half-assed, but rather prioritizing what is important.

  5. John nailed this. I work construction management, and my job keeps me really structured more so than being off work. Im not expecting to be amazing at my first show, but the structure helps.

    Also I follow his opinion on if you have to train heavy first thing in the morning, a nice heavy carb meal for your supper and training is the first thing you do. It helped, ALOT.

  6. Well man I'm 20 years old and I work part time for a 40hour week of work to help pay my tuition and is in my 3rd year at college. It is EXTREMELY rough but I prioritize time management. I wake up at 4am and is in the gym by 5am. I leave the gym by 7:30-8am. and work starts at 9am. It's hard as hell because sometimes I doze off for like 5 minutes. Leave work by 5pm and school starts at 6 to around 9pm daily. It's hard brother but you've got to prioritize.

  7. So true about how you feel during the last few weeks of prep. I remember just getting up off the couch or walking up the stairs being a monumental task. Walking about all day like the living dead and the brain fog as well! People don't realise the toll it takes on you mentally and physically getting stage ready. Great video 💪🏼

  8. Loving the calibre of guests on your channel ! More of John Meadows pls ! Also can we get a John and Fouad collaboration one day 🙏 that would be epic !

  9. Been following John Meadows channel for a while now. Great guy, I have so much respect for him and there's a lot to learn from him about bodybuilding/fitness/diet as well as a good overall mentality in life.

  10. Other bodybuilders: 🗣I work hard- You can’t have a real job and be a successful bodybuilder.

    John: Hold my toast 🍞

  11. I learned really quickly that working out was the easiest habit to get into. Nothing is hard as long as you enjoy it.

  12. Tom Prince stated he only trained for max 60 minutes per day. So he had enough time to start a business etc. "IFBB Pro" is not a full time job

  13. Try doing bodybuilding when you are a truck driver. The wife and I are owner operator team. We are on a dedicated route. So I found gyms in our route to stop at everyday to workout. We meal prep for the week. Home on early Monday morning , head back out Tuesday evening. I have to do a double split on home days. Not easy, to say the least.

  14. Yeah you can , if you have super energy as a person and of course you dont have any life problems or a girlfriend etc.

  15. Manual labour jobs are hard to mix with bodybuilding I think. I'm an electrician and some days are more physical than others. Up and down stairs carrying heavy stuff up and down on your knees all day is absolutely not what you want before a hard workout

  16. I work my 9 to 5 every day and train 5 out of 7 day a wk in Hope's to one day compete as a pro bodybuilder… just is hard

  17. I still get the training in, but meals are so difficult with a full-time job (I work in IT and am on call as a sys/database administrator). It's not just the job, I spend 3 hrs commuting to work and back home. Pulling out a tuber ware container with chicken that has been sitting in there for hours and I guess you just gotta give no fucks what people in the subway say or think about that smell lol.

  18. that kids meal? use some kind of drug?he short…
    those vines pop out of his body…
    to me he to big..medium build is better..
    having a career put food on the table for your family..
    is better than body building?
    what do u get out of being a body building?

  19. Not gonna lie it takes a strong man to be able to work a job and body-build, I’m currently a structural welder working 76+hrs a week, active in the gym but from time to time I lose that drive to continue or just flat out don’t want to do it anymore. It’s a rough lifestyle but builds character

  20. This is great! Honestly the vast majority of individuals who make fitness their life have some type of mental illness and are typically too lazy to have a real job/ambitions. If they applied that passion to a career or being a good father/mother they would be incredibly successful. It’s always a certain type of person who just is incredibly self involved and cannot hold a job and instead pretend like this is a full time job it’s actually really sad. Let’s be real you see some of these people’s day in the life which is workout and sleep. That’s pretty pathetic and what bums do tbh.

  21. Combining a full time job and bodybuilding isn't the issue, the issue is how to get down the amount of food during the day, consistantly!, during your fulltime job. that's the hard part.

  22. Nearly died from a colon disease and had it removed I believe and went on to compete again and win his pro card while working full time and being a dad… major props… maybe a few videos of his workouts next please😁

  23. My breakfast is shake, 2 cups raw oats with banana. 2 cups of milk and handful of strawberries with 6 whole eggs.. I'm 6"3 and still have hard time putting on size. I can eat eat and eat but I'll get fat. Muscle takes long time to put on

  24. You will get tired and fatigued being on diet training before work. Is it possible, yes, but man the discipline and worth ethic needs to be on point. Fast working schedule etc 08-17 and gym needs to be close. Me working 24/7 any time at day, the Rhythm gets wacky and my sleep gets off the hook, especially working night shifts, couple hour rest then working midday and so on.

  25. Forgot to mention that your genes also affect how ripped (contest standard) you can get before your body starts burning muscle. It is no different than having great shape or potential to put on size.

  26. Great video!! Thanks for the content. I can't believe that people say that, I'm mean you and Ronnie Coleman are the first 2 examples that come to mind. It's very possible.

  27. that's a hero's call,having a family a full time job and doing bodybulding, I am nothing with just a full time job,workout and 6 meals per day.

  28. much respect to him, you can tell he's really a normal guy just like the next person when it came on to talking about hardwork

  29. I work in construction hard Labour 6.30 to 5.30 Monday to friday and sat 7 to 1.30 . I still workout when i can but bodybuilding and doing what i do its hard . Especially physical work all the time you dont get to sit like in office . So i think its hard to do bodybuilding and working maybe doing a 9 to 5 job sitting all day but not hard Labour.

  30. John giving emotional deep commentary on balancing his family life and his life’s passion, while that upbeat M&S tune plays in the background…seems off

  31. I work as a journeyman pipefitter usually do around 30,000 steps per day at work and a lot of it includes lifting heavy tools pipe up and down stairs ladders etc…..then go to the gym after work…..only way to put on size is to eat a fuckload……also gear helps lol

  32. Not a pro but i feel what he said about Family life and working, i work 12h days/Nights try to follow my foods as much as possible while looking after my Daughters while wife is at work , try to go to the gym as much as possible but somedays the body just says "Nope not doing that today way to tired " Its a hard life but if we want it we have to chase it. Great talk great Video 👍👍

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