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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s going on Nation? Today I’m going to talk about a very important subject for the beginner or an advanced athlete But before I do I want to remind you guys that I’m launching the follow-up to my lean muscle system Program now the first four-week program was focused on lean gains Which is building muscle with minimal fat and the new 6-week program also it’s going to focus on muscle growth But places much more emphasis on building strength, so if you’re looking for more power This is going to be the program for you, and I’ll toss a link to [that] down in the info section below now mind muscle connection Command your muscles to grow is this something that we like to say for fun out loud Or is there some hidden truth to the statement? It’s no secret that beginners have a hard time feeling Specific muscles when they exercise and the most common question I get is How do I feel a [benchpress] in my chest when I only feel it in my arms Now the reason why many [people] have a hard time feeling specific muscles being engaged has to do with their mind muscle connection And we’re going to call it the MMC, and I have a newsflash for you guys It’s not only beginners that have a hard time with this The mind muscle connection occurs at the neuromuscular junction, and what happens is your brain releases a chemical neurotransmitter called acetylcholine to communicate with the muscles in the body Once to release at the Neuromuscular junction. It crosses the synapses Which is the tiny space that separates the nerve from the muscle where it binds to receptors on the surface of muscle fibers This is what causes the muscle contraction, [and] it’s a mouthful But this is important guys now if you think about how a single muscle head is made up of many individual muscle fibers you are actually Increasing the number of muscle Fibers being recruited when you perform a lift by improving your mind muscle connection This will result in more quality muscle contractions which means more strength and growth resulting from your workouts while the [majority] of us believe [in] the mind muscle connection There are still those who believe that if you just focus on proper form when performing an exercise the right muscles will do their job Automatically now this couldn’t be farther from the truth nation and I’m going to explain why Let’s take a look at some of the big compound lifts such as a squat deadlift or bench press There’s much more [going] on here then I pick things up and put them down on deadlifts and squats for example You need to push through your hips with a massive force to complete the exercise But you won’t lift nearly as much weight unless you learn how to contract your glutes during this portion of the movement the same can be said for the bench press You’re not just lying on a bench and lifting a bar you need to plant your feet flex your glute retract your shoulder blades and then learn how to drive through your feet to press the bar especially [when] lifting super heavy weight Now all three exercises also heavily depend on activating your internal belt as well Which is a whole other story, and I’ll post a link to that video over here somewhere But don’t feel overwhelmed guys targeting muscles gets easier with practice a great way to get started would be to spend some time Flexing your muscles in the mirror to learn how to activate them independently of each other You must understand that until you can improve your mind muscle connection You are at a significant disadvantage when compared to an advanced lifter as we can manipulate various exercises to Target specific muscles without having to significantly alter form One of the easiest ways to improve your mind muscle connection Is to work with light weight a slow tempo in a lighter grip of performing various movements for example try performing a skull crusher or barbell bicep curl with a super loose grip in a [two] to [two] tempo an example of this would be let’s see a bicep curl tempo would be [one] [two] on the way up hold for two at the top one two on the way down and instead of Squeezing the bar as hard as we can we’re just barely holding on to it with enough strength So that doesn’t fall [out] of our hands And you’ll notice that this almost instantly takes away the majority [of] the form engagement that would naturally occur during these movements and allow you to really focus and isolate your Triceps or biceps now the same can be said for the barbell bench press Aside from form issues a lot of people have a hard time feeling their chest activate because their arms fatigue first By reducing the weight and slowing down the reps your body will now Finally have time to focus and by having a light grip you will not be distracted by muscle contractions in your arms So what is the main point being taken away from here? It’s that focus is key and focus is something that cannot [be] rushed [as] you become a more Advanced lifter you will soon realize [that] once you learn [how] to focus on contracting Individual muscles that the next step is learning how to contract them in proper amounts and in proper Combinations during specific movements for optimal performance and these ratios will change whether your goal is to develop maximum strength Endurance or Activation, but don’t overwhelm yourself just yet guys one step at a time Have you ever gone to the gym and seeing your fellow lifters just kind of going through the motions [for] example using momentum to swing? 135 pound Barbell bicep curl for reps or just bouncing the barbell off their [chest] on the bench press or off the floor for deadlifts or maybe you even catch those few people who utilize the rubber stoppers at the bottom of the weights stacks as a Bouncing Pad so they can lift the whole weight stack that one actually just drives me insane Because I look at these people and I’m like How do you not realize [that] you’re not doing anything, but that’s a whole other story So if this is you or someone you [know] you are not only running the risk of a serious injury But your mind muscle connection is decreasing Daily too many people get obsessed with how much weight they’re lifting rather than how much work Their muscles are actually doing your muscles Don’t grow because of the weight moving up and down They grow because they’re forced to contract when isolated [to] break the sound even more just because you’re moving more weight Doesn’t mean that your target muscles are doing more work so if you’re doing dumbbell bicep curls and on each and every repetition you have to swing and contort your whole body just to do a dumbbell curl and then once you get to the top instead [of] Controlling the weight on the way down You’re letting it Just drop and your body swings forward not only are your target muscles getting the short end of the stick but this obviously Increases your risk of injury [now] if you consistently train like this your brain will never learn how to properly Communicate with your muscles and your mind muscle connection can actually begin to get worse which will lead to zero gains therefore, you should always focus your mental energy on contracting your target Muscles rather than moving heavy weight if the Above didn’t drive home the importance of the mind muscle connection. Let me leave you [with] one [last] thought in order to understand Why the mind muscle connection is so important and you have to understand the difference between primary and secondary? Movers the primary Mover is the muscle that is intended to do the most work During an exercise and the secondary movers are the muscles that [support] the primary mover for example when performing a pull-up your lats would be the primary Mover the targeted muscle And your biceps would be the secondary mover and your goal should be feeling each and every rep in the targeted muscle Which is your lats So if you feel like you have to prove something And you don’t check your ego at the door you might be able to crank out 30 pull-ups in a row But how much work did you [actually] do in terms of targeting and growing your lats Now let’s get down to what matters guys and talk about some tips on how to improve your mind muscle connection Number one practice flexing in the mirror this will help you visualize your contractions you can also try flexing your targeted muscles in Between sets during your workout this will force more blood into the area giving you the pump feeling which will in turn make it easier to focus on that muscle group during the exercise to Change the focus of [your] workouts once you have acquired the pump during your regular workout change your focus to Isolating the targeted muscle group for example if you have a hard time Targeting your chest once you’ve completed two to three exercises and your chest is beginning to feel pumped Immediately lower the weight and slow down the tempo of your reps so you can work on your mind muscle connection During your chest movements three Warm-up sets when training heavy try performing a few warm-up sets with lighter weight Working your way up to your working sets for example if your goal is to train in the three to six rep range Try a few sets of 12 reps [10] reps or even eight reps to help your body focus on contracting the muscles in the area working for better performance on the heavier reps. Four switch from heavy sets to light sets for example [if] you’re performing heavy deadlifts focus on proper form Once you complete all your sets significantly lower the weight still maintain proper form but change the focus to concentrating and Activating the Target muscles needed to perform the movement [5] perform slower reps You will need to use lighter weight and the goal here is [to] have a three to four second concentric and eccentric part of the repetition and a one-second pause at the point of Maximum contraction So for example if you were doing a bench press you would unrack the weight And you [would] go [four] seconds on the way down as soon as you go all the way down four seconds on the way up Pause for [one] second at the top and then complete the next repetition This slow tempo will give you ample time to completely focus on the target muscles for maximum engagement and improved mind muscle connection Number six everybody’s favorite thing to say check your ego at the door Remember nation its quality over quantity when it comes to increasing muscle and strength The most common reason why people have poor my muscle connection is because they become Obsessed with how much they can lift opposed to creating stronger muscle contractions the last tip get in the zone [the] gym is not a social club, and you guys need [to] be able to block out external distractions We all have the same things going through our mind, but you have to understand as soon as you get to the gym You’ve made a decision that you’re gonna be there for set amount of time so any problems you have at work Any problems you have at home or anything going on in your life is Going to get kicked to the wayside because you’re going to be in that gym for an hour Whether you think about those problems or not, so if you can just mentally focus on your workout You can take care of those problems when you’re done and this is something that I actually deal with when I go to the gym Because time is a huge factor We all have a lot of things to do so instead of me [and] stressed out about Having to mow the lawn [and] do this and do that and go home and edit videos and do all these things I say to Myself my purpose of coming to the gym right now is to focus on myself [de-stress] and make gains if I can’t properly Focus on my body because I’m thinking about all these things that I can’t take care [of] while. I’m at the gym It’s gonna ruin my workout and possibly make my mind muscle connections a lot worse, and that’s something We definitely don’t want to deal with so I hope this video helped you guys out be sure to hit [that] like button Subscribe for more great content and once again if you want to jump on the lean muscle system I got a link that down in the info section below Hope you guys enjoyed the video and as always more good stuff [coming] soon. See you guys You guys remember how weak captain Ginyu was after he took over Goku’s body? Poor mind muscle connection

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  1. i don't know why Scott… but i always have more MMC in my right side alot more than the left side…. yet the left side is stronger.

    i always FAIL at contracting that brachioradialis in my left side without some weight , yet …. it just pumps up slightly a bit unlike my right arm… same thing with my left chest and lat and legs i feel the MMC with my left side but not as much as my right side at all… some times the left side is even stronger !

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    (Also what you would do in those situations)

  3. so many people just lift the weight, here ones advice I can give you. don't just lift the weight , control the weight.dont just lift it up , while you lift it up feel like your controlling the weight so ur mmc automatically activates and also always proper form is always superior than larger volume

  4. Having issues when deadlifting.. lots of low back pain. I'm unable to get tension in my glutes or hams at all. I feel like my back is doing all the work. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to use quads in the deadlift, but I've just tried to use glutes and hams and I just can't seem to get them activated at all….

  5. 6:17 – It is incorrect to say "how do you not realize that you aren't doing anything". They are bouncing off heavier weights and that means they are lifting fewer reps – which adds "strength". You cannot call it nothing. It creates strength. Otherwise the whole video was very informative

  6. In my experience as long as you work your ass off in a smart way at the gym and your body is always active (Muscles) and you eat healthy you will normally always get results. Regardless of your genes.

  7. Mind muscle connection is irrevelant all you need to really do is fast reps and automatically it will target the muscle, the trick is using lighter weights fast reps

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  9. fantastic video! been slowly building connections since started hitting the gym regularly a couple months ago. my worst connections are with my lats. having hard time building that connection. chest was an issue but slowly getting that worked out, upper chest still a struggle though.

  10. So like 5 pullups done right (activating all your muscles) would be much better than doing 20 nonsense pullups? I ask because I can only do like 5 right now (I'm getting back into shape…)…but I'm pretty sure I'm getting hella activation in my lats cuz they get sore af the next day. Also, I do try to focus the muscles for each exercise.

  11. Thanks for sending me the link this Scott! Your explanation on execution is exactly what I was seeking. You truly are an amazing mentor. Happy to be a proud member of your nation!

  12. Decided to revisit this video and wanted to say, great tips! One that I personally used with my training partner who suffered from poor muscle connection was to press into the muscle that is supposed to be targeted whilst he's doing his first couple reps. This then allowed him to focus on that muscle 10x more than before. I tried it myself and it works well, because sometimes when starting out you know what muscle should be working but you just can't feel it when you put weights in your hands.

  13. What if I do HIIT for biceps and chest? I guess the objective is too go as fast as possible but I wanna get in tuned with my mmc

  14. Can I ask a question? I'm hoping you would answer my question. So, Inorder for your muscles to adapt you must be aiming at one body part, meaning you must Do 1 exercise? for example i am aiming for my chest, I am doing a bench press and other type of exercise focusing just on my chest does it work? I dont know about workouts and stuff and certainly i am a beginner. Pardon me. Hoping for your response 🙂

  15. I would like to share you a hack available online for the trending yoga tips. All you have to do is type: "MindYoga4U" in Google. It'll be very useful to you personally.

  16. Tips to improve MMC:
    – practice in the mirror;
    – do some isolation work;
    – warm up sets;
    -switch to lighter sets;
    -slower reps (tempo);
    -check ego at the door;
    -block the distractions.

  17. I don't feel anything in my anterior, lateral, and rear delts for shoulders. Same thing I don't feel it in the chest.

  18. I know this is an old video, but meditation with body scanning really helps with this. I can't recommend meditation enough.

  19. Scott, I can never get enough of learning about this! I am CONSTANTLY trying to train my mind into making that mind to muscle connection as I work each muscle group! Today as I performed the bench press, I was trying my best to activate my chest more! I kept feeling it in my arms, and shoulders, and shoulder joints more than my chest! But, I don't give up easily! I will try this again!

  20. I need some help. Every time when I do Concentration Curls I never feel my biceps working, I've lowered the weight, increased the weight, slowed down, focused on the muscle but yet my biceps still don't feel like they have done anything. My muscles don't get tired and I can't pick up the dumbbell anymore after doing my exercise. I do 3 sets, 8, 10, 12 reps (each arm) using 7kgs dumbbells.

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  23. Some more gobbledygook… nobody knows what you're talkin about… bodybuilding isn't about moving the weight… that's called weightlifting…. using bad form is called ego lifting… that's what everybody wants to do… everybody wants to do a slam dunk workout!

  24. You're clueless when it comes to mind to muscle connection… You're using inertia to move the weight… that's called weightlifting… You're using excessive weight… there is no MIND-TO-MUSCLE CONNECTION! People would rather use the weight to feed their ego!

  25. You're so full of bogus information muscles don't activate, no more than you can activate your fat, you can't activate your synovial fluid, no more than you can activate your blood flow!

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  28. Why haven't you learned the Mind muscle connection… if you had a mind muscle connection you would know what every exercise does… all your videos are about is to move as much weight as possible… you're obsessed with ego lifting on every exercise!

  29. Great video!! This helps me a lot! Have watched mind-muscle connection videos before. However, I never really understood what they were saying. Your video really simplified things and I definitely had my “aha moment”!

    Also, need more Arnold impersonations immediately.

  30. So after this video I started paying attention to MMC, but I failed at flexing my lats, I was able to flex my 💪. But when it came to large muscles like lats I couldn't do it or probably didn't feel it. Maybe you can go into more detail abt large muscle groups. Thanks a ton. 🤗

  31. I have this problem with my back muscles… the only exercise that makes my back sore is the facepull. Anyother back excersice , any kind of rows , or pullups , just make my biceps burn and almost zero back activation

  32. I have perfect mind muscle connection in my right tricep but finding it really difficult on the left and it’s creating some pretty bad imbalances

  33. I can't feel my entire left side of my body when I work out. When i do deadlifts, I can only feel my right side doing everything. Right now there is a subtle bend in my lumbar that is keeping me from working out. I will try to remember to comment again later after seeing this video to bring in more firsthand info.

  34. This is all really good information, but why do all these lifting videos insist on yelling at me? This video can also be better digested at 1.75 speed.

  35. Don’t feel overwhelmed? I definitely feel overwhelmed after watching some of your videos today. I feel like I obviously have no fing clue what I’m doing and have no idea where to even start

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  38. He attempts demonstrate a 2/2 tempo but does it with a 1/1 tempo. Nearly every one of these guys preaching tempo do the same thing. They preach a slower tempo but then you watch them train & they're pumping reps out just like everyone else.

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