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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, If you’ve got smaller biceps, or lagging
biceps and you want to do something about it, I’m going to show you today exactly
what to do. Now, I know that it’s not just biceps. A lot of us have multiple muscle groups that
are lagging and a little bit slow to grow. So that means I’m going to cover all of
them. I’m going to make sure I do a whole series
on this, on how to get that lagging muscle group growing, and to make sure you don’t
miss any of these, obviously you have to subscribe. But do me a favor and also turn on that notification
bell so you can make sure you don’t miss any of these videos in the series. Let’s do this together, okay? I’m going to make this an interactive video. I want you to feel this right away and see
what the problem is, so you can become more aware of how to fix it. First thing I’m going to do, I want you
to take your arm right here and put it at your side and squeeze. Now I want you to flex your bicep as hard
as you possibly can. Do you feel any discomfort here? Just make note if you have any discomfort
in your bicep. I could tell you that I actually have some
discomfort here. Now we can make it more intense. Bring that arm out in front of your body a
little bit more, and then supinate the wrist. Now, when I squeeze, you can see this thing
is almost ready to pop, right? The fact is, you may not be feeling much. I want you to actually feel a contraction
discomfort. Where you really don’t want to hold this
that much more. If you don’t feel it here, you’ve got
problems. They’re worse if you don’t feel it here. Some guys won’t feel it here. If you don’t feel it here you’ve got problems. We go to stage three and I bring it all the
way up as if I’m going to flex my arm up, here. Again, I’m twisting, I’m supinating, and
I’m squeezing as hard as I possibly can. This is very, very, very uncomfortable for
me. If this is not uncomfortable for you, to the
point where you have to stop because it’s starting to cramp up; I’ve identified your
problem for you. What it means is, you do not have a good mind-muscle
connection with that muscle. You might have heard that term thrown around
before, and some guys have referred to in PubMed studies ridiculously. The fact is, it actually matters. It matters a lot because if you can’t feel
the muscle contract, then what is the additional work going to do? Go back to a scenario where someone might
have told you “Do specialization work”. Do an extra, bicep specialization day in your
training. What good is it? You can do all the specialization work you
want and additional bicep curls, and concentration curls or whatever. If you don’t have a good connection with
the muscle, do you think it’s going to respond? You would have been better off doing more
volume in the form of another pull day. Maybe a lighter pull day where you can get
some side benefits for your back by doing extra weighted chins, or underhand rows, right? But not through additional specialization
because it’s not worth it. But it doesn’t mean that specialization
wont work if you first develop that mind-muscle connection. So, here’s all you have to do. Follow along with me here. What you want to do is start, again, two or
three times a week, and I’m going to explain why you can tolerate this kind of volume without
any repercussions. You’re going to grab a pair of dumbbells
and you’re going to put them, and mimic that sequence once again. You put them at your side here as if you’re
doing that mid portion of a curl. What you want to do is squeeze as hard as
you can for 45 seconds, and go through a small, little, pulsing contraction, up and down. An inch up, and an inch down. With the goal being to see if you can intensify
that contraction, to start to feel some discomfort in there with the use of the weight. Now, the weight doesn’t have to be heavy. You can use very light weights here. It’s just to put yourself in a position
to mimic the same action I had you go through before. Now after that, you do that two times for
45 seconds. The next thing you do is, you want to get
into position, or an exercise that mimics that secondary position, which is the arm
out in front of the body. A little more supination. We can do that with a spider curl position
that you see here. The same thing applies here. I’m going to get up into that position,
get to a contraction, have the forearm supinated, squeeze as hard as I possibly can, hope to
feel more discomfort, and pulse a little bit in that top position. Up and down, up and down. Just an inch up, and an inch down. Again, the weights are secondary here. They do not have to be that heavy. You’re going for that connection between
your brain and that muscle. In this case, the biceps. Again, 45 seconds, twice. Then finally, we’re going to go and grab
either a band, if you’re going to be training at home, or a cable machine if you’re training
in the gym. You want to mimic that same, last position,
which was basically that bicep flex position. We’re going to do the cable curl, down to
a flexed position here. When you have it there, you want to pulse. Once again, up and inch and down an inch for
another 45 seconds per arm. Now, if you do this whole thing it only comes
out to be six minutes of activation work. I know I did a sore in six minutes series
before. Let’s call this the Size in Six Minutes. Don’t be confused. This is not a size building activity here. It’s not. We’re talking about isometrics and light
dumbbells. What this is, is the activation necessary
to unlock the size. So, if you do go back to doing specialization
bicep work it actually might work now. If you do decide to do more of a pull workout,
you’re not caring as much about aesthetics as you are about function, at least the secondary
pull workout will now start to get more contribution from the biceps. Instead of letting the back dominate every
move you do. Because you have more activation an awareness
between the mind and the muscle here in the biceps. You do this as the gatekeeper to the size. The key is this: you’re able to do it two
to three times per week additionally. Number one, because it’s short. Number two, you don’t have any eccentric
overload here. Number three, you’re not getting a whole
hell of a lot of metabolic buildup. So, these methods that might cause some soreness
and prevent you from doing this are not in place. This is literally a neuromuscular reeducation
activity that can be done more frequently. The way you can retest is, from week to week,
do the contraction sequence and see if you start getting sore. Ideally, to the point where when you’re
even down here you’re feeling some contraction soreness here as well. Some discomfort. Guys, if you’ve found this video helpful,
make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. If you’re looking for a step by step program
that puts real science – not just PubMed studies, but real science – in everything
we do, it’s all available over at Remember, like I said, you don’t want to
miss any of these in this series because I’m going to try and help you with every, single
muscle group. Regardless of which area is stubborn for you. Turn on those notifications and subscribe
to the channel. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again in just a few days. See you.

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  17. Man I ainโ€™t got money for your training but please try to reply.
    I am working out and my bicep is increasing and I am able to lift heavier weights but my bicep doesnโ€™t pop out like yours, itโ€™s just that my arm is getting bigger and I donโ€™t want that

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  25. biceps of my left arm is bigger harder and peaker ( non dominant arm) than my right arm how can i overcome this suggest any excersice with dumbells

  26. Hey, Jeff! Can you do a similar kind of video for different muscle groups? I'm curious what ways there are to test, check, or become more aware of the level of mind-muscle connection for other muscles. For instance, I don't think I would know what to do to be aware of my mind-muscle connection in my shoulders (any of the heads). Thanks!

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  28. Enchi kurthel biceps ya saaw ninna punk…adittha beejada lekka undu bvc….steroids detthondu punk da biceps ah aw ninna….bonka thollare undu ninna bvc

  29. Sorry me ye likha raha hu….mere liye bhagwan hai…. guru sir….sab mana karte hai Wight genar ke liye me bolta hu lo par protea lo aor sab se dighte nhi ho pati aap Wight genar lo par one fort schop

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