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-How old is she?
-Right now, she’s 11. The way her sister discriminates
against her makes me think something odd
is going on in that house. It’s better
for a father to show up, even if late,
than not showing up at all. COMING UP Bodybuilding has always been
a priority to her. She’s risking
a baby’s life. And the baby is hanging
in front of her. He’s five months old
and looks like a ten-month-old. She gave him whey protein. -I’d never endanger my son.
-Sorry, but I think you are. The worst part is
you can’t see it. Here I am again Bringing my roots
For all my people It doesn’t matter What rhythm you feel Listen close Your race or sex don’t matter Let’s not talk about it Not even where you’re from Whenever you need it And you’re blinded by a problem The light
At the end of the tunnel Helps you get out
Of the dilemma That’s my motto I’m always here Listen Don’t live life
With so much misery Life is a gift! Case Closed Here I come again, again I have spoken Spanish writer Albert Espinosa
once said, “What you hide the most
reveals the most about you.” Hello and welcome
to “Case Closed.” Today, we hide from everyone. We’re so concerned
with social media… I think that’s hiding,
absolutely. Let’s see how it reflects
on our first case. Mr. Director,
send the parties in. I just want to get my daughter
out of the hell she’s in. That’s funny, now he remembers
he has a daughter. Good afternoon, welcome. -Good afternoon.
-Hello. Jose, please, tell me
who Marina is, why you’re suing her
and what your demands are. Marina and I used
to be together, we were in a relationship. We lived in San Cristobal,
in Venezuela. We had a daughter. I was married but separated
back then. Well, I left, I abandoned her. I got back together
with my wife. Now, well, I want to make up
for lost time with my daughter. -How old is she?
-Right now, she’s 11. And you want to reunite
with her now? Yes, I came to this country
and they stayed in Venezuela. Later on, I found out
they were here. Thanks to my son, my eldest,
from my first marriage, through social media,
I tried to find out more about my daughter. And I found
some outrageous things I’ll describe now. Okay. Well, first, I found out
my daughter suffers from a special condition,
which makes no difference to me. -She has Down syndrome.
-Okay. And she has an older sister,
from Marina’s previous marriage. My son had the idea to use
social media. That’s how I found out
they were here. I knew
her daughter played tennis, and my wife and I sent our son
to the same tennis school so he’d befriend her daughter
and we could approach them. What did you find out
that was so outrageous? They have my daughter locked up,
like in medieval times, when, if a child had
that condition, they’d put them in the back room
and wouldn’t… They tried to hide them. Geez, Down syndrome nowadays is
nothing controversial. It’s something… They’re kids full of love,
special. -That’s right.
-There are many organizations that work with them. They’re kids with great skills. -How old is your daughter?
-Fifteen, ma’am. Fifteen, okay. So, I started looking into them
and I found out her daughter posts pictures
of her sister… And I thought something odd
was going on. She’d never be facing the camera
or her face would be blurred, or she’d have an emoji over it. I printed some of them.
They’re here. -Let me see them.
-If I may. So, I was surprised,
why were they hiding her? So, my son kept looking into it,
he befriended Sophia, her daughter…
-Well, before your plan with your son, let me ask you…
-Yes, ma’am? -Did you try talking to her?
-No. Why? Well, because I felt… Look, I know I made a mistake
when I left them. When I abandoned them. On the other hand, I didn’t want
to contact her out of respect for my wife. Mainly, because I was scared
she’d reject me and move away,
and I’d lose track of my daughter again. I told my son
to invite Sophia over so she’d bring her sister
and I could meet her. I want to meet her. I’m asking to recognize her
and be in her life. I want to meet her,
for her to know about me. That’s what I’m asking for. Be it custody,
no matter what kind, shared or full, you decide. The things I discovered,
which are outrageous… Look, what’s outrageous?
In addition to the pictures on social media. Did your son find anything? -Yes.
-What? When we invited Sophia over
and asked her to bring her sister, she said,
“What? No. Are you crazy? Why would I bring that monster?” Can you believe the words
she used? “Monster,” “mongoloid,”
other terrible adjectives You didn’t ask her why she said
that about her sister? Why she thought that
of kids with Down syndrome? -No, I didn’t, ma’am.
-Okay. I was overwhelmed
with outrage and grief. Well, so you want me
to recognize you as the girl’s father,
declare you her biological and legal father, and of course, considering
the way her sister talks about her…
-The way her sister discriminates against her
makes me think something odd is going on in that house. And that it’s not
the right place for a kid with her condition.
-Perfect. Marina, you’re in some
of the pictures with your daughter’s face
covered, right? So I assume you are okay… You’re okay with covering
her face in some way in every picture
that’s posted on social media. -Do you agree with that?
-No, of course I’m not. -You’re not.
-No. -What happened?
-Hold on. We’ll take a short break
and listen to you when we come back
so you can answer his claim. -Thanks.
-We’ll be right back. CASE CLOSED This man owes you
11 years of alimony. My problem is
I have a teenager, but that doesn’t mean
he can come and say he’s taking Daniela, why? You know what you want. Case Closed About 11 years ago,
Jose was married but separated from his wife. He started having an affair
with Marina. She got pregnant
and he decided to take no responsibility
for anything. He left her and never heard
from her or their child again. Then, he confessed
to his wife about his affair
and the pregnancy. They decided to look her up
and found out she was also living
in the U.S. with his daughter,
who’s now 11. They started looking into her,
and he found something that started to worry him,
that he found outrageous. He realized that on the pictures
posted on social media, you could see Marina,
her older daughter, but his daughter would always
have her face covered. With an emoji, big eyes,
she’d be looking away. Her daughter plays tennis,
so he decided to send his son
to the same tennis lessons to try and befriend
her oldest daughter. They sent their son to tennis,
he met the girl and became her friend. They invited her over
to their house. And then he heard something
that made him go, “There’s something wrong
going on.” He asked her why
she hadn’t brought her sister, and she answered
that her sister was a monster, that she was an ugly mongoloid He’s here today asking me
andto declare his paternityives. 11 years later. You were saying you know
the girl’s face is covered in those pictures.
-Right, ma’am. I’ve seen those pictures.
He’s right about that. First of all, I can’t believe
he waited 11 years. I begged him to stay
during my pregnancy. I got involved with him
without knowing he was married. I’d had a previous marriage,
and I had had Sophia, who’s now 15. By then, she was four, okay? I got involved with him,
I begged him to stay with me
when I found out I was pregnant, and he told me
he was married and left. Then and there, I decided
she was my daughter, my responsibility, like Sophia,
and that I’d move on. Then, Daniela was born
with Down syndrome. Both Sophia and I have always…
He doesn’t know about us. Why would he? How could he know if she lives
in a hostile environment or about the problems
I’m going through? I moved here nine months ago. Sophia, a teenager,
has had to adapt to a new country,
a new language, and new friends. She’s 15, she’s a teenager. She’s doing terribly right now. I’m the one dealing with that. Sophia and Daniela
have always been very close. -Sophia has helped me with her.
-Close? Quiet, quiet.
Let me listen to her. Sophia is being a rebel
right now. She didn’t want to move
and leave her friends. She’s trying to punish me
for that. -It’s hard to adapt.
-Very hard. -At her age.
-Right. This man doesn’t get that. I don’t know why he thinks
he can take my daughter away. He has no idea. I’m having to deal with Sophia, that’s my problem now. Yes, I know, I had to… What’s the problem?
Other than adapting, what’s the problem
with her sister? Sophia had
a public Instagram account. She started posting pictures,
yes. They’re very close,
they love each other. -I can tell.
-But what happened? Sophia told me she was getting
some messages. I have them here.
They’re very offensive. Bring them over. Put them up, Mr. Director. These are the comments
on that picture. Okay.
They’re so cute. Yeah, here’s
her birth certificate. “That’s your sister?
She’s really ugly.” “She looks like you.
I thought you were prettier.” “Pay no mind
to the hateful comments. People can be mean.” “Why post such an ugly picture?
You and your sister are ugly.” So I made her close
that account.HM -Okay.
-Right? But she opened a new one, she said she had a right
to open a new one. Even though I control it
and make her… She wouldn’t even take
any more pictures, with or without Daniela. Which is new to me. I hadn’t had this problem
before. So she started
pushing Daniela away, locking her in a room
when her friends would come. All so Sophia would feel
accepted. So, my problem is not
a hostile environment, my problem is I have
a teenager that’s going through a lot, but that doesn’t mean
he can come and say he’s taking Daniela away.
He doesn’t even know her. He doesn’t. So I’m asking you to deny
his claim, it’s crazy. Sometimes, the law says it’s
better for a father to show up, even if late,
than no showing up at all. In the end, he owes you
11 years of alimony. Yeah. Let me ask you,
are you with someone? Not currently,
it’s just the three of us. So you’ve dealt with this
by yourself, all alone!
-Alone. Right, I get it. We’ll take a break
and listen to the witnesses when we come back.
Great. We’ll be back with more. CASE CLOSED If I had had an affair
during a marital crisis, I would have at least
used a condom. Hi, Daniela.
How are you? -Fine.
-Can I give you a hug? Thank you. Case Closed Life can surprise us. People have to be patient
sometimes. I’m talking about you,
because, really, you… I know. I find
your argument infuriating. -Why?
-Because you waited 11 years to take responsibility
for something you should have taken
responsibility for from the start,
and you did it through lies. You lied at first,
you kept lying, and now you’re starting
this new stage lying. Anyway, the law is the law,
we have to accept it. Let’s hope something good
comes out of this. These two people
had an affair 12 years ago. She got pregnant
and then he left. Eleven years later,
he moves to the U.S. from Venezuela. She moved here from Venezuela
nine months ago with her two daughters. With his son’s help,
he looked for her on social media and he found out
they were here. He thinks his daughter is living
in a nightmare and all that, so he wants me to declare
his paternity, to allow him
into the girl’s life, and, if necessary,
to give him custody if she’s being abused. Okay, Marina just wants
this man gone. If he never showed up
in 11 years and she didn’t need him,
why need him now? Do you have a witness?
Send in his witness. -Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon, ma’am. -What’s your name?
-Camila. -And you are?
-Jose’s wife. -Okay.
-Well, ma’am… When did he tell you
about his affair and the pregnancy?
-About ten years after we went
through that crisis. Ma’am, my husband has been
a great father. -To your son.
-Right, but… -Look, ma’am.
-He regrets what happened. I think your husband is garbage. If I had had an affair
during a marital crisis, I would have at least
used a condom. Yes, we agree on that,
but he already made that mistake, and now
he wants to make up for it. Let’s meet the girl,
with Marina’s permission. Of course. Send in Dr. Geysha Menendez. Hold on, I have something else
to say. Don’t you even dare do any sort of gesture
or say anything about you being
the girl’s father. Remain quiet, in your podium. You too. Don’t tell the girl anything. Because you’d be hurting her. And I swear, I can’t promise
I won’t hurt you, okay? -Are we clear?
-Yes. Great, perfect.
Send in the girl and the doctor. -Hi, Sophia, how are you?
-Hi, fine. -And you?
-Fine. Nice meeting you. -You’re very pretty.
-Thanks. Hi, Daniela.
How are you? -Fine.
-Can I give you a hug? Thank you. -Yes.
-That’s great. Yeah. Okay, so, Sophie,
you’re having trouble adjusting to living here.
-Yes. Yeah, I left my friends
in Venezuela. I feel bad about leaving
Venezuela and being in a country where
I don’t speak the language. -I’m like, shocked.
-I know. One day, I posted a picture
with my sister and, as you saw,
people started commenting things that were…
-Cruel and nasty. I felt bad about it,
so I started discriminating against her
because I was tired. From the moment she was born,
it was all about her. But what about me?
I’m also her daughter. -I know, I know.
-What about me? -So…
-But your sister’s special. You know why, don’t you?
She’s special. She’s beautiful.
You both are. Are you adapting well?
How are you? -Fine.
-Fine? -Yeah.
-How’s school? -Fine.
-It’s fine? Yeah, I’m doing really good. I’m learning English. My mom helps me
with my homework and it’s all in English. -Look at that.
-She’s learning English. Yeah, she is. -Do you love your sister?
-Yes, I love her. -A lot?
-Yeah. Great. What about Mom? -Yeah.
-Okay, go with your sister. Okay? -She’s very…
-Sociable. She is.
Do kids with Down syndrome have different degrees
of the condition? Right, there are several degrees
of Down syndrome. There’s mild, the lowest. There’s moderate,
and then the highest, in which case they need
more supervision. -She doesn’t…
-It doesn’t seem to be a severe or moderate case,
I’d say it’s a mild case, judging by the way she interacts
and communicates, and her autonomy. How would the introduction
of a father figure right now affect this girl? If her father wants to be
in her life as a father figure, they’re going to have to do it
slowly… -Gradually.
-Gradually, to see how she reacts. Children with Down Syndrome
are usually very open, emotionally speaking. And that means
that we can hurt them. You don’t want anything
from them. No. What could I possibly need
from them? I’m actually worried
that Daniela might lose all the progress
she’s made so far. People with Down Syndrome
follow their own patterns. -You’re a very brave woman.
-Yes. -Very brave.
-Thank you, ma’am. You are the biological
and legal father of Daniela. You’ll pay alimony from now on, and you’ll pay her a rebate
since the date of Daniela’s birth. Now, about his reinsertion. I’m going to appoint
a therapist, a psychologist, to evaluate you and your family, and also the girl
and her situation. The contact
you will have with her will be decided
by the therapist, not me. If the psychologist says,
“We’ll start with once a week,” every visit will be
with a psychologist present. This is nice, isn’t it? Everybody gets a happy ending. Congratulations, Marina. -Thank you.
-I have spoken. Case closed. We’re going to a break. We’ll be back
with more “Case Closed.” CASE CLOSED -Look at that.
-Weights? -Eight months.
-It’s not that heavy, ma’am. It’s almost as if she didn’t
care about her baby’s life. He’s happy, ma’am. He loves spending time with me. What if one of those weights
falls on top of him? I compete professionally
on a national level. And you like this? Case Closed

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