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WHAT IS UP IT IS YOUR CAPTAIN JACKED SPARROW AND I SUCK DICK We are in times square in New York City, and I’m picking up girls with my chest Alright, so we’re asking girls about like pirates. Give me your opinion on pirates. What do you think about pirates? I’m a girl standpoint? I love pirates – Gaby a you Wanna go like What there you like just girl? No way everyone’s injector. What about you, perry Perry? What don’t like pirates? You don’t believe in partners is she is she’s not like looking at me right now You don’t you don’t think I’m real she doesn’t think I’m real I’m too good to be true guys I like Pirates from any Mihaela the high respects women I actually have to came in to myself. I’m introduced What do you think of my pirate chest? It is beautiful. Yeah, I like your touch really do I really not by Oh you do you love it. Oh my gosh. That’s oh wow why I see sang what’s inside? Wow, I like the most girls. Don’t care about what’s inside usually care about what’s on the outside If she’s message, especially guys, I think you need a lot I need a lock on my yeah get a little bling going on my pirate chest I think I’d be good. Oh, I think my part should be small hello Darkness smile What I’ve been I’ve been working on it so hard I’ve come to talk with you again Well everyone says that that that really has to kind of hurt, and now I’m still conscious about my part Would you think of a lot of tyre chestful like how many girls or what? You think so. Yeah, probably maybe would you help me shine my card says Your husband here That’s good. That’s good. If there are surprises and sighs and maybe if you like surprises, all right So if you want to want to see my part that’s a little closer you guys want to get a closer look at it should Make a better decision Yeah, all right. I’ll tell you oh All right, what do you think my God yeah little cyrus a scary? Yeah, really? Oh Man, is it social small and rather make a bigger one Okay, oh yeah. Oh you wrote said that you wanted to shine my fire says did you for your son I? Don’t know So dumb. I don’t who came up with this joke bro who came up with this toaster? So since you like the fire chess. I think it’s only fair it makes sense that you know give me your number If you want to see what’s in it, but I’m not going to let you and that’s kind of I feel bad about that So Lisa you know even getting your number, and I like secretary maybe I’ll send you a picture of what’s better than sometimes. I don’t Really get you to bother efficient? You know we do blog and we also I take my shirt off put up well since you since you like the pirate ship And so you can meet my payments on let me give your number Okay I’m embarrassing myself, or you skip right now. You know what I embarrass myself or you-Tube every week welcome to the club I’m actually a Captain Jack Sparrow, brother Captain Jack Sparrow You want to know who I am and how I live Jack sparrow yeah, because I’m captain Jack Sparrow All right, the shit right there, sir Okay, like that. Oh, oh Shit, all right guys. Thank you so much for watching video. I hope you enjoyed it I love you guys, please remember like comment subscribe and I will

100 thoughts on “Captain JACKED Sparrow Picks Up Girls!

  1. Connor, you’re not Captain Jack Sparrow, you’re Captain Absparrow heheheheheheheheheheheheh

  2. 0:58 I actually have some sea men that I might introduce to you some time. Connor know how to get them ladies. lol

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  4. If you set subtitles on in First seconds you can see "WHAT IS UP IT IS YOUR CAPTAIN JACKED SPARROW AND I SUCK DICK"

  5. 4:34 – "Do you wanna cum in our Uber?" 🙂 Why, yes! Yes I do!
    Connor! You must get so much ass bro! So fucking jealous!

  6. 3:47 did he said u can meet my sea men……wait did he tried to say underwater sea men or

    Underwear sea men….🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨😜😜😜😜😜

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