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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello fitness fans Steve Twomey here with
Mike Porter and we are Real Fitness Reviews. Right now we are 11 weeks out for Mike’s next
NGA Natural Professional Bodybuilding show. Mike right now is doing a carb cycling diet
to prepare for his next show. I know a lot of people have heard a lot of buzz about carb
cycling in order to get lean. We are here to show you what a carb cycling diet is like
and its real world application for you to get ripped, get ready for beach ,the gym or
if you have a competition get ready for that. Mike can you tell us a little about that?
Sure, basically what it is, is a carb depletion diet. So basically we start at day one, we
slowly decrease the carb intake over a four day cycle. We start with our protein and figure
out how many grams of protein you need to ingest based on your bodyweight.
Typically 1 gram per pound of body weight. Some people will tell you 1.5 per grams per
pound of body weight if you are trying to build muscle. Then, we are going to play with
our cycle your carb intake. We are going to deplete down to the point where your body
is almost consuming muscle. Day one of the four days will have more carbs,
then we will taper off where we are consuming less carbs every day until the fourth day.
Then we are going to bring all these carbs back in. The sugars and the carbs get reintroduced
to the muscles. The goal of the carb cycling diet is to lose
just a little bit, if we lose more than two pounds a week, then we are worried about losing
muscle. So basically we are trying to slowly take the fat off, burn the fat but hold onto
as much muscle as possible to get ready for a show. That is basically what I do.
I take anywhere from 12-14 weeks to step down as slowly as possible to get the granular
muscles, the separation of muscles that shows up on stage during a competition. That is
essentially what a carb cycling diet does and what it does for you. What else are you taking, because I know you
are a natural pro bodybuilder? Can you tell us a little bit about which supplements you
are taking and why you are taking them? Sure, another thing that we (wife Susan Porter,
a Bikini competitor) take is MCT oil. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride.
It is a fat that your body does not think is a fat. As soon as you take it, your body
thinks it is a carb of some sort, and your body uses it for energy. Your body never stores
it as fat, but on a low carb diet there is low energy. Which is why MCT oil is great
as it gives you fuel to convert to energy. It is also a clean calorie which is great
for when you are dieting or in the off season. Another supplement that I take is amino acids.
Amino acids help in building or retaining muscle, repairing the muscle when you are
sore. Protein powder is a huge part of working out as you break your muscles down when you
work out, your body needs protein to feed those hungry muscles and recover.
We use Beverly International protein. It is a whey and casein protein, which is a fast
and slow digesting protein. I use C4 by Cellucor for my Pre Workout supplement. I really like
C4 because it gives me the tingling feeling, it just gets me ready to workout. It helps
when you are tired and you need to push harder, it gives you that extra focus and energy to
push through. That is really all the supplements we take.
If you work hard and diet right, take a few of these supplements, it should get you there
and push you through to the next level. Mike is going over posing routines here. He
is 11 weeks out. He does a front double bicep pose. Then a side chest pose. Next is a back
double bicep pose. I am leaner than I have been in the past I
have held onto more muscle. We will see how it goes as we diet down.

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  1. working on the sound, apologize comments were coming to an old email for alerts. be fixed shortly.  Thanks all cheers.  

  2. Can anyone help? My biggest difficulty with this is reaching my calorie goal each day. I cut the carbs to 50 or 60g and suddenly I'm in starvation calorie levels. Are there zero carb foods that have a ton of calories? Please don't say, just eat more meat bro. The amount of meat it takes for me to reach maintenance daily calorie level is a lot. Is there just no other foods? Or do I really just need to eat more lean meat?

  3. I hate people you use test but maybe not go crazy with it feel they need to lie about being natural? Dude I mean really … Say you swear on your children you have NEVER done any enhancers… I have been in the bodybuilding scene for 20 years… I mean whatever helps you sleep at night…. BTW add some Tren to harden you up 10-14 weeks out stupid. you would look better.

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