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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

lifting isn’t just a hobby it’s a journey and that journey often begins with feelings of inadequacy and ends with feelings of inadequacy but now you can’t wear jeans and you sink in pools frankly a lot of guys think they’re going to be more attractive to women but it turns out the only people you end up impressing our other bros who also enjoy looking at half naked guys on nevertheless if you want to get started it’s important to start off right and I’m going to tell you the three steps to success so the first step is obviously to make an Instagram account now the second step is your actual routine but before you make one you need to be aware of the standard rep range guidelines for different goals if you’re going for strengthen size update reps per set if you’re going for mostly size eight to twelve reps per set and for endurance go for 14 or more reps per set now you might be wondering what about 13 reps per set and this is really the holy grail of lifting and what we call the tone zone be careful though because one time my sister MS counted her reps and accidentally became a five-time mr. Olympia champion and Governor of California thankfully she did fifteen minutes on the elliptical and it’s back to normal now but anyway another important thing is to constantly expose your muscles to new stimulus which is called muscle confusion for example legendary bodybuilder Dorian Yates used to confuse its muscles by altering rep and weight schemes whereas I personally prefer murder mysteries but whatever works for you so now that you’ve got a better idea of how to structure your routine you need to get all the other stuff right – I did two cycles of starting strength and now that I’m an expert I’d say you definitely need the following if you want to be a power lifter the first thing is some chalk you should put some of this on your hands to help your grip but put most of on the gym floor and surrounding equipment some weight lifting shoes these are great for making you taller a weightlifting belt this is how people can tell you’re a power lifter not just a regular fat guy lastly never talk to anyone and make sure to always wear a loose hoodie to hide your power level okay but let’s say you want to be a bodybuilder so here are some of my pieces of anecdotal advice that I just made up make sure to wear a stringer or the tightest tank top you can find the goal here is having the edge of the fabric oscillate back and forth over your nipples you do each rep is a great way to naturally increase testosterone production a shaker cup with your favorite branched chain amino acids I don’t know what they are but the more fluorescent the color the stronger the superpowers you’ll get and lastly video camera to record your motivational vlogs and I also make sure to have a grapefruit on hand just in case so the third and final step is proper nutrition and all food is made of three primary macronutrients which are protein anyway the most important thing is getting sufficient protein and there’s a lot of debate over exactly how much you need but I like to play it safe and go for one chicken breast per pound of body weight now if you’re finding it difficult to eat that much it might be easier to make a protein shake that you can drink instead I usually go for two cups of whole milk two scoops of whey protein one and a half bananas and a picture of Steve cook now the real key here is nutrient timing to maximize muscle growth which means it’s essential to hit the 35 nano second anabolic timing window that occurs immediately after training now you might not be able to drink your whole shake in this time so I recommend taking whatever you need and going to the bathroom to get steep I mean the protein inside you as fast as possible and that’s all there is to it now get out there and start your own supplement company I’m gonna call mine cloud fitness because that’s my goal physique and for a quick note on that no matter how long you lift you’ll never actually look how you want to a lot of people start lifting to get back an X after breakup or look good on the beach but sooner or later they all realize that those things don’t matter and their only real shortcoming is still being able to fit through doorways man this guy’s jacked Betty is a huge dick no homo though

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  1. As a guy who works in the weight room in community centers, I really want to put this clip on our TV or mirror with iPad build in on regular basis, so the amount of sarcasm this short portrays would make people follow gym etiquette more, and seek out better weight training advice.

    Good video!

  2. This guy sound like he dont be getting gaings and never got his ideal body shit boi i did n i was hella happy talk for urself pussy boi bitch

  3. Lifting is like religion and politics:
    – There isn't only one proven clear-cut way to do it while all other ways don't work at all.
    – Not all ways work as good for everybody.
    – Most people absolutely swear to the training program they have and will barely ever consider something else.
    – Huge profit is being made from it by the top of the industry that fools everyone below them for money.

  4. The 2.5k dislikes are those stringer tank top dudes. But seriously though are you fucking poor? If it’s illegal for girls to wear them without bras it should be illegal for guys too.

  5. It only impresses body builders and heavy women. Honestly think of yourself with what I call the three bears theory. You don't want to be too big, you don't want to be too small, you do want to be just right

  6. “One time my sister miss counted her reps and became five time mr. Olympia champion and Governor of California” 😂

  7. Actually last I lifted heavy I was doing super sets. This works out well but takes a long time to get to. But most of the body builders I know like the really dynamic exercises like muscle ups and clap push-ups. Just monsters. With me being so light there's no need for me to build out of that.

  8. It is actually true that some guys who workout think they are impressing girls but all they impressing are other dudes

  9. The day you start lifting is the day you become forever too small, because you'll never be as big as your pump. – The Brofessor

  10. This whole "you're just going to look attractive to other bros" is a lie. I'm not a bodybuilder but I love doing sports and being athletic and in good shape is definitly attractive to girls and I do think there's a factor besides your face and character girls look at. Those are obviously the most important ones though but ur looks and body plays a role too. You also gain alot of confidence by being in better shape than you used to

  11. It’s true about the gains and it does make other dudes look at your physique. But for women I can definitely say there’s a difference (I’ve been very skinny before) now that I’m bigger than all dudes (in my age that I know) I’ve got to say that you get more girls looking at you. This is not to brag or anything but just my experience.

  12. I can’t relate to the not fitting in jeans because I have never done a leg day and I’ve been training upper for 3 years now

  13. Idk I feel like saying that women are more attracted to men because they live at the gym is just an attempt to justify all the wasted time spent trying to feel better about the way that we look

  14. Great video but I usually drink my protein 0.000000000001 nnano seconds after every rep to maximize growth and if you could add some kryptonite to your shake it would be very helpfull

  15. Why YouTube??? why I had to find out of this channel on facebook…..
    This made my day, subdued instantly!

  16. "Now that I'm an expert" hahaha yes, EVERYONE who entered a gym twice suddenly is a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, Endocrinology and/or Philosophy

  17. Surprised you didn't include the #1 tip of all time: take pre workout before going to sleep so you can get maximum active rest

  18. Actually, getting jacked is pretty uncomplicated as long as you follow a decent enough program. Sadly, most people at commercial gym are following arm blaster routines and their favorite bodybuilder’s bro split

  19. As a gym bro, there's no mis-information in this video.
    IG account – check
    225 chicken breasts – check
    String tight tank – double check

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