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Whenever life seem too hard.. Whenever you’re faced with challenges that seem impossible.. Seem to difficult.. Just remember this.. DON’T QUIT. DON’T GIVE UP. KEEP PUSHING. That’s what’s gonna separate YOU from the REST. Can you keep pushing? Can you keep moving forward.. When things seem impossible? That’s what’s gonna determine your STRENGTH. That’s what determines your CHARACTER. You know people look at winners ”Oh you got first place, you got money, you got success.” But you know what I see as a winner? Is a person that ain’t got money, they don’t have success.. They’re living a very hard life but they’re not giving up. That’s a WINNER for me. So be that.. KEEP PUSHING FORWARD. KEEP TRYING TO DO YOUR BEST. Don’t let NOTHING stop you. When you’re faced with your challenges try to find solutions. Don’t let this life defeat you. And if you can keep from letting this life defeat you… Then NOBODY can defeat you. Because your HEART is STRONG. And your MIND is STRONG. KEEP PUSHING. I wouldn’t trade my life for nothing. I wouldn’t trade none of my losses.. I wouldn’t wanna be in somebody elses shoes.. I wouldn’t wanna live the life that somebody else has. What I wanna do is take the life that I was blessed with.. And make it the BEST that I can. AND DO THE BEST THAT I CAN. So what I wanna say to people out there is Just create your own journey. And do it for your own reasons.. And hopefully that reason that you’re doing it is for the LOVE and the PASSION of what you’re doing.

45 thoughts on “Cedric McMillan – UNSTOPPABLE MINDSET – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. You know that the video is going to be a classic master piece when you see the title Cedric McMillan unstoppable mindset
    so you have to smash that fucking like button without even watching 🔥💪👏

  2. These " motivational videos " are fun to watch,but they should come with a disclaimer stating that most of these guys don't have to work,a great majority of them do gay shit to pay the bills and ALL of them do steroids… which are illegal boys and girls. I stay fit naturally,I improve year after year. I never peak,never have an off season,and I never have drastic weight fluctuations. My purpose is to constantly improve my physique and health. These guys are the exact opposite of what weight lifting is designed for. Stay natural,stay healthy,and stay alive! Not hating whatsoever,just stating facts.

  3. First time I saw Cedric he was guest posing at the 2008 S. Carolina State Championship. I could tell he had a great physique, and now it has become obvious what a great attitude he has.

  4. seeing this vid brought me back to the Arnold classic 2017, Cedric really did his thing with the classic posing it was awesome to say the least! i only train at home with my calisthenics and dumbbells so i will never be big like Cedric. even though, i stand 6ft tall 235lbs at 41 years old, i gotta say i don't feel like I'm in my 40's. i feel young and strong for my age, more like my late 20's! exercise is the fountain of youth!!! nice vid Nick. 😎

  5. Best 21st century bodybuilder.the spirit of shaka Zulu is in you.u are the king my brother. Viva king Cedric 'Zulu' MacMillan.

  6. This guy has so much potential to win countless shows. But i guess he lacks heart and hunger. Some guys out there with shitty genetics and proportions consistently place ahead of him because of conditioning. The same can be said of beyeke.

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