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Hi guys from FIBO 2019 we are here with the Man himself Cedric Mcmillan after 1 year. Hi Cedric, how are you man? Good to see you again Good to see you again for changing your life during this year Nothing changed in my life man. It’s just you know the same as always working kids and bodybuilding You still bodybuilding as much as you did in the past? I always love the sport. Passionate… I always love the activity, you know, that’s never gonna change. I have to put everything in perspective and understand that winning and losing shows There’s only a part of the sport, you know, but it’s not everything… where do find your motivation? My motivation is in the love and the passion for it. You know, I think even Even if i’d never compete I was still train try to be better, you know until I died probably or… I am too old. How old are you actually? Yeah, I’m 40 but I say I’m 39 and I’ll be 39 until I’m 50 yes, and then I’ll say I am 40. That is the best attitude. Yeah Do you thing that you achieved already your potential? No No, you still have some reserve than. Yeah man, I’m in it for the long run,you know. Sometimes you see a lot of guys They come out and they go straight to the top and they come down just as fast And for me, you know to do something that I love I will want to do it as long as I can. so not really trying to Burn myself out or do things in an unhealthy way that can shorten my career, you know So maybe the way I do this sport? it’s not satisfying for some people because you know they want to see me be better or win more be bigger or whatever, but you know I feel like I have to take it, you know a healthy approach take a healthy pace, you know and Slowly make progress over time and that’s what my goal is Is there something that you would change if you have the possibility to go back like 10 years and you will do something differently? Absolutely not! Nothing? yeah… I think… You know in Not just this sport but in everything in life you have to you know, have a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish. and… you have to also have a clear understanding of who you are and try not to lose yourself in the process of reaching your goals or attempting to reach your goals, you know, so, you know, I think if Say I won mr. Olympia five years ago and my career is over now I think I would want to go back and change that and have a longer career Do you still believe that you are gonna win the mr. Olympia title? Yeah, well honestly It has never really been a goal of mine to win any particular show my goal was to represent, you know a style of bodybuilding that is gone now and You know that may involve winning shows sometimes losing shows sometimes But it has no effect on my motivation because again, I’m here my mind. My dream is to be able to represent a Certain style of the sport and I feel like you know, I feel like I’m accomplishing that Over the years, you know regardless of the show results, you know Gaining more and more support every year The style of bodybuilding that I represent is becoming more and more popular again, and that’s what makes me happy so if me losing shows can make That style of bodybuilding popular again. It’s worth it for me, you know, so That feeling, Yeah, yeah, because what I what I want is, you know ten years from now When I’m done with competing That there’s ten guys that look like I used to look and they’re competing and they’re actually winning And if they can win later because I lose now then then it’s worth it, you know, yeah When are your fans are going to be able to see you next time? Next show? Yeah, I’m done for the year now I have, you know some army work to do this year and you know try to catch up with everything back home with family and kids and stuff and I want to make a real strong push for in our honor classic 2020. So, you know, I have some some progress I want to try to make with some of my body parts So instead of you know, I think I was really happy with you know, how I looked at the Arnold in Australia However, I see where I need to make some progress So I worked this year to make that progress Come back next year, you know, I really don’t want to get back on stage You know in such a short time if I can see where I need to make some progress, you know so let’s go home and make the fucking progress, you know and come back, right, you know, do that is what I really want to try to be. Okay, let me ask you a last question If you’ll be able to give advice for beginners for guys who started lifting what it would be? Yeah the same thing I just told you you have number one. You have to have a clear understanding Of what you’re trying to accomplish a clear vision for yourself what you want to do? You also have to have an understanding of who you are and what you are Sometimes we want to try to be something that we’re not really capable of being And you have to understand that not meaning you can’t try or you can’t go towards that goal But just you know look man, I probably could never be you know a gymnast. I probably could never be a ballet dancer I could try and I could become better But that may not be the thing for me and you know getting into sports sometimes, you know we want to be a bodybuilder or whatever and you know, maybe sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way we wanted to and sometimes we We may take things to the extreme We may do some unhealthy things pushing trying to reach a goal that may not be for us, you know So understanding who you are and what you are and what this goal is you’re trying to accomplish is important You know, what is your goal to be a pro? I like what is that? you know what I mean or yeah, I want to be a bodybuilder. Okay. What is that to you? What does that mean? Why is it important for you? Yeah because if your goal is to win a show what happens when you don’t and and in understanding that, you know, Sometimes winning and losing the show. There’s a matter of circumstance. Maybe it has nothing to do with you It’s about because these other guys just better. It’s not necessarily about you So that doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t reach your goal because you didn’t get first place, right? And also the second most important thing I think is being patient, you know Not trying to take things too fast not trying to go too far or push your body too far You know, but being patient and understanding that progress comes over time You know over time you make that progress and slowly but surely things get to what you want You know in this society now with social media and everything. We want everything instantly But you know It’s possible to build a body almost instantly, but I’m not sure if that’s the best way So you need to be patient and let your body grow over time. That’s your body progress over time Sometimes we can create progress too fast and it takes away the balance for my physiques. Yeah, and the third most important thing for me is consistency, you know There’s so many ways for us to make progress improve body parts or whatever So many different ways and they all work, you know So what you have to do is choose a method and be consistent with that, you know and because consistency brings progress over time no matter what even if The method that you’re using is not the best way for you If you’re consistent with it, you will make some progress and every year you’re always better right, you know but we always look for what’s the best way what’s the best way was the best way no way is the best way You know if somebody tells you this is the best way then it’s bullshit. That’s upon what you have to find what you feel works best for you And you also have to find a way that you’re able to be consistent with maybe this method You know could work for you, but you’re not able to be consistent with this method, you know? Depending on your lifestyle and what you have going on? For example people tell me I I Should go away And just focus on bodybuilding My lifestyle wouldn’t allow me to do that consistently I wouldn’t want to do it anyway, so even if I was able to be consistent with it I wouldn’t enjoy that I wouldn’t want to do that, you know, so that’s not something I could be consistent with, you know? But you know trying to find a balance between my life and bodybuilding is something that I can be consistently So yeah, I might not make progress as fast as some people think I could but I do make progress So that’s what’s important to me Yeah, okay. Thank you very much for your kind words and everything. I appreciate it very much thank you Take care

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