Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I worked on a farm with my parents, I always
go back, I’d work there, I’d have practice, I’d go to school, you know, I would just
have dinner that night with whatever my mom was making and you’re not going to be able
to get all the health benefits you need from just that dinner, you had a full day of activity,
you’re going to fill it with just maybe a high carb pasta, but you know, if you can
add in a high protein source to that, think how much better I would have felt at 17 years
old and just going non stop all day. For high school kids nowadays, the education
is there, the products are there, now it’s about making the educated choice. Whoever
is fueling their bodies the best, even in high school sports, are going to perform the
best, they’re going to win the games, they’re going to maybe get that college scholarship,
they’re going to get that opportunity that maybe another, another kid isn’t.

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