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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys welcome to beautiful Jasper National Park I’m standing here in super cold weather but I’ve got a abs challenge for you today this is going to be a 10 minute challenge full core workout its a challenge because its going to be really tough and what i want you to do is to try to make it all the way through and you’re going to do that everyday and then where ever you stop and each each day you go further and further to a point to where you will be able to do the whole routine twice or three time through so if you’re ready..your not going to need any props just yourself and a mat lets do it and your done awesome you guys stretch it out stretch those abs out baby cobra and then get yourself right up to your mat thank you so much for joining me today on our abs challenge if you’re up for it do this video again and forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos and follow our adventrue through our social media such as Facebook and instagram and if you haven’t had a chance to check out feel free to check out our new DVD and Downloadable program called boho beautiful in 10 days thanks again bye!

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  2. Had to stop after the first excersize because everything after that hurt my lower back. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. I really love these winter videos. Don't get me wrong, the beach ones are beautiful but this one is so unique and sometimes winter is just not appreciated enough!

  4. Hands down the most challenging ab workout I've ever done. And in such a short amount of time too for those of us who find it hard to squeeze in workouts before work. Love this video!!

  5. i love your videos, i live in Minnesota and i though i was the only one who would go out in a snowy day to do yoga 🙂

  6. Love this workout! A question, though – If I do this workout every day, how long will it be before I can visibly see abs?

  7. What I love about every video in your channel is that she smiles every now and then. They both just radiate so much happiness, and the background is always so amazing. It kinda makes me feel like I'm somewhere else. Thank you so much for making yoga more peaceful and amazing, keep up the great work!

  8. I am also very grateful to this channel as other people! I was having some bad experience when going back to my home country and confronted with lots of failures and frustrations. But this channel makes me always realize there is nothing that could really hurt me. The past is in the past, the future has not come yet. We only have this present moment. All we need to do is to be present and pleasant with what we have right now. This tool is so powerful and I am so amazed by how I reacted to setback this time: no more self sabotage, no more finding excuse to not do my routine, just move on and keep on searching for opportunities around me and always be grateful to what I have! Thank you very much! Keep on doing it! And I also will be a person that convey this positive energy to the people around me. 🙂

  9. Yay! I made it through! Well… Sort of LOL You're a machine! Love thee ones in the snow, nice and more modest so I can do pilates with my kids around and not be worried about what they see, they have even joined in 🙂

  10. Holy crap, this kicked my butt. Had to take little breaks throughout, or else slow the pace down. But that gives me something to work up to. 🙂

  11. Been doing this along with your other work outs now for around 8 months.. I just finally made it threw 2 times! <3
    I can also do push ups now 😀

    Thank you so much. x

  12. Ah! This was the perfect challenge! Your energy is so beautiful and encouraging. Inspiring me to do my best! Thank you 🙂

  13. I couldn't do the side to side motion because of my lower back but I proudly made it through this vid and 6 minutes of another ab video. I took some breaks, which I would like to work on, but I am glad I could push through. Thanks for the video!

  14. Awesome workout again! I pushed myself day by day and my abs -core have completely changed, as well as my coordination and balance!!! I am so fit now than never. Thanks a million for your videos, amazing channel, congrats!!!!!:)

  15. who are the 119 people who don't like this video?!?!?! this video is EPIC!!!! all of them!!! 🙂 xx

  16. This is hard work but I’m sure it’ll help shift my baby pouch. Did this workout after the fat burning workout!

  17. Thank you SO much for helping me get my dream core. This is easily the most effective ab workout I've ever done! Namaste. <3

  18. Hey Juliana! I love your classes, but there's something that's driving me nuts! Haha –

  19. Nice video, but it's crazy to do yoga on the snow 😲 on other hand,
    Maybe good warm up,strech for winter sports pro, after couple miles running 😁.
    Only Ukrainian girl can take challenge like this 🙃!
    Namaste ❄☃

  20. Wonderful! One of my fav thing about this video and some others of yours ive watched is that their mostly on the ground haha i hate when ab videos switch a lot from plank to crunches etc. I like that you group it 🙂

  21. I absolutely love this workout but i have trouble with a lot of the ab workouts because it is hard to for me get my legs straight. I am a moderately fit woman I am 130lbs (idk if this has anything to do with it) but i just cant make ly legs straight. And when i try they start to shake uncontrollably. Is this a flexibility thing? I want to beable to improve this so i can complete these workouts. I find myself stopping half way because i cant fully do the exercises because my legs just wont straighten 🙁 any advice from anyone would be amazing!

  22. I follow your videos but problem is I m over weight sometimes it’s very difficult to finish whole video can u help me by giving any advice
    Can you make video of exercise with bad knees?
    Thanks a lot and love u soo much u r soo beautiful 😍

  23. Its my hips that hurt way more than my stomach doing this. But i have pain everywhere. Hit by a car and pinned under it with my bike years ago. Ever since my legs and hips and booty are in constant pain. God help me! But your workouts are what i do EVERY morning for my pain and weight loss. Thank you. I lost 25 8 months. And thats good for being as old as i am i guess.

  24. I did it once..l’ll be back with updates cause I’m becoming super consistent with your awesome videos! I feel better already!

  25. Am I the only one who gets obliterated by the around the world part? I can do the others, at least badly, but in that one my body just shuts down ahah

  26. I've gotta say, I have been 'working out' for a bit. But I felt like I haven't been seeing changes or progress. I am going to start doing your yoga channel every day to chart my progress. This video was hard to get through once. Can't wait to read this comment in a couple of weeks to see how many times I am able to do it then! Who else is going to take this journey with me?

  27. I always saw comments saying “this saved me!” But I didn’t get it. Now, I’m in a crazy stressful and slightly unhappy time of life! However, I miss exercising. Your videos excite me and make me happy to get up and get moving! They brought joy to my routine again. Thank you from us all

  28. I've been doing your yoga videos for two months almost every day and I can barely do this!! So fun❤️❤️❤️

  29. Today was the first time I did the workout full out TWICE. To be honest the first times I did them, I thought she was a little crazy saying to try it twice or three times and I never thought I would be able to do it twice. Eventually I notice the workout became easier and easier, and I thought I would give up halfway during the second time but I made it through ! 😃 my arms are so weak and I always gave up to quickly while doing anything that involves arms like a plank, and since this video had planks at the end, I thought i would give up but I didn’t. I tried hard but eventually made it through. It took me a couple of MONTHS to do this, but it works ❤️ thanks boho beautiful ☺️😊

  30. Bloody hell doing this after this after 10 min ab challenge and cardio workout for you core is killing me!! Loving it!!

  31. I am currently doing a 6 week pilates challenge and filming the whole thing with weekly result updates for people to see the effect of pilates. Currently on week 2. Will be posting the video in 4 weeks on my channel! So far already lost 3lbs and 2cm off my waist! These videos are so good I love them!

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