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Carl: Yeah. Tina: I am their fitness trainer, coach and mentor. And friend and family, to add to it. Carl: I’m the team motivator. I’m the team hype man We come together as a team. BJ: Hey Carl did you see that? Carl: Hi BJ. Tina: I had seen him in the gym before he always had a happy go lucky attitude. Tina: And when he came to me and said, I want to be a bodybuilder I literally just had to take a moment and say, Okay, are you serious? You know, I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. Tina: And I sat and talked with him. And he had this intensity behind his eyes. And he had this seriousness about himself and he’s like, I really want
to do a bodybuilding show. I’m like, okay, like, seriously, like, let’s go. Carl: Let’s do it. Carl: Next thing I know, Tina is on the computer every morning Googling,
researching cerebral palsy and scoliosis. I’m like, what’s going on? She’s
like, I’m going to do it. I’m like, Are you serious? She’s like, yeah, I’m going to train Wade. Carl: After Wade won,
that first bodybuilding show BJ, she came up to Tina and said, Tina, I’m going to allow you to train me Wade: Yeah, done. Tina: I’ve been training
Wade for four years and BJ for three years now. Carl: Their level of
confidence has just risen. It’s a beautiful thing. Carl: That’s it, oh, oh wait finish it up Wade: Yeah. Tina: Some of Wade and BJ weaknesses are still with their leg coordination, walking and stepping. We’re constantly working on that. In the beginning, his hands were so non-responsive to the weights and he couldn’t really hold on that well. But over time, he’s built
up his strength and now at some of his best lifts
where he can really hold on Tina: One more. Carl: Little more, little more Tina: So well where Wade is now capable of using a lot of the machines on his own. And then with BJ, I still
have to adapt some of the movements for her. But we’ve gained confidence
in what we’re doing. We do pushups now on the floor. And sometimes I’ll just leave her there and say okay, BJ, let’s get up. And she’s like, well, you need to help me. I’m like, No, ma’am. What if I wasn’t there?
What if I wasn’t with you? Carl: Come on BJ great. Tina: Through working with Wade and BJ and bringing into a whole new awareness of a community with people with disabilities. So my company called Normal to Be Fit started a nonprofit arm. And what we do is we volunteer, free of charge service for anything and everything in the gym. Tina: They are starting to come there and volunteer with us and sitting back and seeing the pride on Wade’s face when he’s helping someone else. He’s like, I help them. You know, he’s like, I knew what to say I could help them. And I’m just like, wow, BJ is talking to one of the ladies in the wheelchair and she’s depressed and she doesn’t want to work out. And BJ is like Come on, honey. I’m going to do it with you.
Here, you put it around my leg and I’m hold it for you. Tina: Look at that smile,
look at that smile. Switch it, switch it boom, boom Carl: There’s no stopping this there’s no stopping this inspiration. It’s meant to be, it’s meant to be Interviewer: Yeah can we do one of those? Can we do one where everyone is making, make muscles! Tina: Jonathan put your arms up I see you. Carl: Don’t block no one’s face. Carl: I don’t see Wade and BJ having, scoliosis and cerebral palsy holding them back from
doing anything at all. Tina: They don’t let it.

100 thoughts on “Champion Bodybuilding Couple With Cerebral Palsy | BORN DIFFERENT

  1. I already knew about this guy I and love watching his videos and it seeing him being a bodybuilder encouraged me to finally become a vegetarian which is something I wanted to do for long time. Thank you for listening

  2. Omg 😲 I love this beautiful couple determination to dream and have it come true.. Nothing can stop them!!🙏🏾❤️

  3. Bless this couple for not letting the physical problems they have stop them from living ❤! Also the other couple for being wonderful support and encouragement ❤❤Wonderful people 😍

  4. What a lovely couple. Their marriage, strength, and support for one another are what a great marriage is about.

  5. I have cerebral Palsy & just started a channel documenting my journey and a lot of what you two said designates with me. Your love is amazing and as a single woman I hope one day someone can look at me the way Wade looks at her. You guys are both Champions and winners in sport and in life, I love it! 💚💚💚💚💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  6. That's right, never put limitations on yourself nor let anyone else put limitations on you..Amazing/Inspirational!💪🖒

  7. Just beautiful !!! This is what life is about , this is what it means to live and walk in purpose ❤️

  8. I cried watching this because their love is so beautiful and watching this in the morning motivated me to want to run out there and get back into shape. Wow, wow, wow!!! This is the greatest motivation video I’ve ever seen.

    And TINA, amazing are an angel to them both and so many more! 😭😭😭😍😍😍 May god continue to bless you all!

  9. This is a amazing video I love how the couple love one another and how the trainers are helping others as well as the couple helping others 💪💯

  10. First and foremost they are the most adorable looking couple! "The motivation they have for each other is awesome!! This is truly a story of inspiration!!!

  11. This actually made me cry…May the universe bless both couples wade and bj also their trainers melt my heart…its still great people out here in the world and because of them thats what make the world go round🖤✌🏽

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  16. They're just like everyone else, inside! They have goals, desires, and talents; just like everyone else. It baffles me that we have to still "humanize" humans, with different bodies.

    Thank you for being "normal", despite others forgetting that. Y'all keep rockin'.

  17. For someone like me who is a stoke survivor and a TBA/TBI survivor. They make me want to get back in the gym and prove to people that you can recover from what I’ve been through.

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