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I wanted to go through that struggle .. .. To climb from the bottom all the way up to the top. It was really a challenge because everyone said it can’t be done. So because everyone said it can’t be done I was motivated then to get it done. People perform better in sports and everything else If you don’t have a PLAN B. I’m telling you I’ve never ever .. Had a PLAN B. I made a full commitment that I’m gonna go and be a bodybuilding champion. No matter what it takes, I would do the work. I would work over and over and over. Until I get it. So as soon as you set a goal, and you have a clear vision of where you want to go.. Then you go after it, and THAT is what creates then the enthusiasm . And that’s what creates then THE PASSION. Everything I ever did The thing that I heard out of people’s mouth was .. ”That’s impossible.” ”That can’t be done.” Everything is always impossible.. UNTIL SOMEONE DOES IT. I’m not talking about wanting to win Mr. Olympia.. NO.. We’re talking about just DO YOUR REPS. Pump up the body you know and get some blood in there. Whatever you can.. THAT is what creates kind of life in you. And therefore more enthusiasm, And you have a much more positive outlook on life. So you got to WORK HARD. I don’t start counting until it hurts. THAT is WORKING HARD. I was gonna be the one I said to myself. I’m gonna DO IT and I’m gonna show it to them!! To me it’s a way of life and I don’t even know what life is like without training. I train everyday. Young, old, women, men, it makes no difference who it is.. Everyone should be disciplined. That is what it’s all about. It’s in my blood and I will go to my grave with it. It means everything to me. What is not OK, is.. That when you fail you stay down. Whoever stays down is a loser. You ALWAYS GET UP. That is A WINNER!! HAVE A VISION. You gotta have a purpose, no matter what you do in life… You GOTTA have a purpose.

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  1. I don't give a fuck about ppl saying Arnold is arrogant or cocky or whatever… he always speaks the truth and he knew exactly what he wanted in life and he when for it and that y he has the right to be cocky, because a lot of ppl want something big but they turn away from it because they might fail… and when u've done what he's done u can't call it arrogance u call it talking

  2. А ведь я бы тоже мог так накачаться но к сожалению дрочкой не проработать всё тело:-(

  3. I wish bodybuilding would go back to the "Arnold" look. I just think it looks so much better and better for the sport.

  4. I met Arnold on the set of the Terminator. He is such a gracious person. He was in an interview on set and he included my former husband and myself in an interview. I wish I could find that interview. Please like and subscribe to my channel. I am losing my eyesight but have a beautiful vision. Watch me go thru my trials

  5. Arnold your chest is really mind-blowing and your muscles are really really very giant you are a very extremely giant man I am enjoy enjoy

  6. That double biceps in his backyard is the best ever… throughout time… No one can compete with that, not even himself later years. That pose right there, that angle, that moment in time, is just the best male human double bicep camera shot ever.

  7. Mind blowing motivation from a guy that is the walking image of what he preaches. Work hard and never give up.

  8. Dude had the worst ab genetics and still will go down as the best bodybuilder bc of his pure symmetry. Dude was and is a god

  9. Don’t START counting UNTIL it hurts(reps),that just revolutionized my entire motivation when working out!better than stopping counting once the pain really begins in your reps🙂 which is what I’ve done before I can’t speak for anybody else although I know a lot of others do the same lol

  10. 全盛期の記録があまりないからこの手の動画はサムネが違うだけで同じ動画ばかりだな


  12. i dont think the steroid of tha time was as potent they all had a more natural looking physic but just bigger. now when u see them they have a different type of body more square blocky type physic

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