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33 thoughts on “Changing Protein Recommendations?

  1. Vegans will never get so much protein if they eat only natural foods without any supplements and no soy. But I am not worried. No one has ever died of protein deficiency in developed countries.

  2. They would like us all to develop disease so they can sell us pills and eventually hospitalize us.

    Just saying is all I'm doing…

  3. I agree. I always challenge my friends to name the "protein deficiency disease".
    The name is Kwashiorkor, appears in some places in Africa in small infants too early changed to only cereals from breastfeeding . Not known cases in developed countries

  4. "Fruitairan" is a pretty widly used term with different meaningings. But when most people say fruitarian it's referring to their calorie source. Vegetairans derive their calories from field vegetables like potato's, grains, rice etc… Frutiarians derive their calories from fruit. That doesn't mean vegetarians don't eat fruit, and it doesn't mean fruitarians don't eat greens although some do.

  5. You're right, but Spirulina is basiccally pond scum. Its one of those so-called "superfoods" and its both unnecessary and expensive as hell.

  6. You can get a bottle of Naked Green Machine which has spriulina and chlorella in it for around $3.50. A lot of foods can gross you out if you think about them too much. Figs have a dead, digested wasp inside of them. I care mainly about the nutrition 😉

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  8. I calculated my vegan chili I just made, yep getting enough protein, AS I DO EVERYDAY! Protein is one thing you shouldn't worry about just EAT for god sakes you'll get it.

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  10. Please search for Dr Gregor's videos about spirulina and chlorella. He flags both of these products up as "red traffic light warning" products. They aren't recommended.

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  12. Except that there are populations of people around the globe who eat substantially less protein than we're supposed to need and do just fine.

  13. I noticed people commenting on insects.  Many cultures around the world consume bugs.  They are a healthy source of protein and B12, and also have hardly any saturated fats.  Low in calories as well, and extremely sustainable.  There is no studies of health risks when eating clean bugs.

  14. this appears to be outdated, I am getting a little irritated at the contradictory youtube videos, he should set it up to play the most recent videos first. and I hat that "and in my next video" and then it skips to some other video that has nothing to do with it, do a youtube search and I can't find the "next video", really abnoxious.

  15. You dont need much. Around 30-40 grams. You get that by any healthy vegan diet. Just eat for god sake.

    Number based calculating sucks. Bones dont need protein, neither do fat. Now you got muscle left, hair and such things left. Protein is important, but a thing to worry about if you dont do steroids and all that shit.

  16. How much for an Athlete or more specifically a bodybuilder, i know that most say .8-1gram per pound of body weight. I’m 16 145 lbs 12% bf and I lift 6x a week for an hour. But getting around even 100grams is quite hard on a full vegan diet. However, I feel I could keep all my muscle while gaining some with more around .6grams per lb as I have been lazy the last 5months and seem to have kept getting stronger

  17. it would be nice to see a comparison between animal and plant proteins in a long term trial, how they are absorbed. I suspect that contrary to the general believe, plant proteins are superior in that they don't acidify the body. I have experienced on myself the disastrous high (animal) protein diet and since switching to 100% whole plants my muscle gains are better, with proteins on the 80-100gr range. Not to mention the huge benefits on health, energy, etc.

  18. I eat about 65% carbohydrates, 25% fat, and 10% protein per day. It makes my workouts more invigorating, and I focus more on weight lifting, and secondary, I do elliptical. I have really built up more muscle, since doing this, and I have remained the same weight because muscle weighs more than fat. So I’m obviously losing fat when comparing to muscle growth. I’ve been a whole plant-based vegetarian for 1.5 years.

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