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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what up youtube? living proof fitness. you guys looking for a good protein meal that’s really cheap buy this shit check with Walmart this southwestern chicken breast strips this shit gets well just point the camera at it it contains two servings hundred and ten calories per serving so 220 calories for this chicken 22 grams of protein per serving which means it’s 44 grams of protein just for the chicken itself then course you can’t go wrong with top ramen now when it comes to top ramen I don’t eat both the salt packets the season and shit because it’s really really high in sodium I think just like if you were to eat two ramens a day with just two of those salt fucking seasoning whatever you want to call it you go over your sodium level for the day according to like MyFitnessPal I checked with my fitness pal and it’s like two of those little seasoning packets puts me over my sodium level for the entire day that’s with no other food whatsoever so i just use one a little bit of mayonnaise to Romans and the chicken that puts you at 44 44 before us 64 grams of protein with just that little meal these motherfuckers are like what made twenty cents a pack something like that like something really small means it’s really cheap so if you guys are like on a budget and you’re looking to buy something this hellish eat high-protein this chicken stuff was like sometimes on sell for like 25 bucks 349 is like a regular price for that bag and you get you a couple fucking Romans and there you go you got yourself a good amount of carbs some good calories and really high protein take that couple protein shakes for the day and make sure that she eats right of the regular meals and you get to go yeah what I normally do you know just get the ramen all nice and done then right after that go ahead and grab you soon mayonnaise the man is out there if you like managers I mean it just changes the whole taste of it so go ahead get the ramen is done draining out most of the water to sleep a little bit of water add like I don’t know i’d say like one good sized spoonful of the mayonnaise just the one packet for trying to watch your sodium of the fucking top ramen shit go ahead and add your chicken in there and you got yourself a cheap and high-protein meal which he can’t be if you’re really about your games and there you have it fellas quick easy man’s is simple so go ahead and give it a shot if you haven’t tried it already i have another video up where I actually do the exact same thing but I just mix it with tuna so however you want to do it just make sure that you get your protein for the day don’t forget to Like comment subscribe and become living proof i don’t want to go to war

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