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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys Kevin Kreider more than just muscle this is the list of the top supplements for muscle building out there right now that are proven and effective to work and won’t ruin your budget for supplements because I used to spend about 300-400 dollars a month on supplements easily and I would go broke and wonder why I can go out or July some stuff in my life and now I barely expend anything and I know this can be all over the content version when I said sex they don’t take any supplements and I don’t take any to watch I don’t take anything like where I buy on anymore I just take caffeine which is number one for me right now I take caffeine and coffee coffee is something that you see a lot of the place sold sometimes people don’t consider it a supplement but I use it as a supplement to in addition to my working out and I use it for my intermittent fasting the reason I would use caffeine as a form of coffee because this because I first of all enjoy it blunts my appetite a little bit more on and a stomach I love the smell of it it becomes like a very healthy normal ritual for me and especially before I’ve worked out if he sensitized the lactic acid buildup you can do more reps it gives you that mental focus and a little more energy to to get that weight up gets the Noren Ephrem epinephrine your general and receptors going a little bit more and it just it gives you a performance enhancement period so it’s been proven there’s tons of studies on this and the best part is it’s legal and you probably do it already so you don’t really have to modify much to make this work for you so that’s number one number two for muscle building though is creatine creatine monohydrate increasing hydrochloride there are so many studies on this creatine just works and then all these supplement companies probably spacing things in it and make it taste really good and then these cognitive enhancers then becomes a little bit more addictive and that’s where the trouble comes in if you just take creatine in pure form not only you’re going to save yourself tons of money but a lot of simplicity so just get the regular creatine monohydrate and creatine what that does it tops out your creatine phosphate stores so we’re walking around with about 15 to 20 grams of creatine which is immediate energy useful performance in our body but most of us walk around with a little bit less than that maybe 10 12 grams of creatine in our body so as the workout goes on or the head sets get heavier we don’t want that immediate energy from creatine creatine in our body to perform those reps so a creatine monohydrate does and increasing hydrochloride is that it takes our glass some half-empty or wherever it is and tops it off so more creatine won’t do anything for us if we’re already topped off that our maximum amount of creatine that our body can hold so more is not better than this guys 5 grams before or after your workout will saturate your muscles with creatine efficiently and no more it’s not going to do anything for you so save your money Bega say johnelliott like it so crazy monohydrate or creatine hydrochloride before or after you’re done working out hydrochloride works for me because my stomach doesn’t get upset the next element this is something I take once in a while runs away when I’m traveling that is protein powders or protein supplement I’ll do that while I’m traveling and castings or something and I’ll have a quick protein bar I rarely do liquids because liquids just make me feel hungry and unsatisfied a bar at least be a little bit less hungry so that’s really good if you can’t get protein during the day through food sources nothing beats for us food sources I’d rather get a chicken breast or a big patty over a protein bar or protégée any day so that is it you don’t actually need all of these things though to get the body that you desire it’s just that these will help you enhance you getting to that body that so hope you guys enjoyed the video so most of my programs are like this there is very little supplement involved those supplements are involved in my programs and I’ll show you how to take it where it take it blended where to take it whether you’re checking your button that was weird anyway so take the body design tool it’s in the link below it’ll take you to that custom workout so I hope you guys subscribe to my youtube channel and I’ll see you guys soon

2 thoughts on “Cheapest and Effective Muscle Building Supplements

  1. Great video! I used to be a big BCAAs buff, but found I didn't really respond too well. Caffeine always does the trick though!

  2. I'm totally with you there knowing that most supplements aren't necessary to build the body you want. The only other thing I feel is kind of important but didn't hear you mention was vitamins. Are they not an important part of your over all nutrition?

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