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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

(comical music) – I do love my doughnuts. (door clicks) (footsteps) – Ian! Put the doughnut down! – You all right, Jonny? Don’t worry mate, it’s the magic hour. – Mate, what the hell is the magic hour? – You know, the hour after
you’ve been to the gym when you can eat whatever you want. – You’ve gotta be kidding me. – No, have you not heard of it? – Have I not heard of it? No, I haven’t heard of it, Ian. It’s complete bull (beep). – Well. All right mate. Fancy a doughnut? (upbeat music) – What’s up YouTube and
welcome to today’s video. It is Wednesday the 14th of August and it is awesome to have you with me so thank you for tuning in. If you haven’t already make
sure you subscribe to my channel and turn on the bell notification, so you don’t miss out
on any future content. I want to talk to you about
the importance of free meals, also commonly known as cheat meals and the important role they play in the success of your diet. But before we get to the
nitty gritty of free meals I’m gonna go to the gym and kickstart this Wednesday in style
with a whole body workout and I wanna take you with me, so, (thuds) let’s go to the gym. (coffee machine churning) (whoosh)
(milk pouring) (slurping) (door clicks) (whoosh) The weather is absolutely terrible. For anyone that cares to
know, welcome to England. (beeps) (relaxed music) Honestly, it drives you mad. It’s August and it’s raining,
which is kind of fine. But it’s also really cold. Just thought I’d share that with you. Let’s go to the gym. (upbeat music) (inspiring music) (plastic tearing) (plastic crinkling) (relaxed music) (plastic crinkling) (liquid shaking) I am feeling pretty good,
all things considered. Obviously I’m in a calorie deficit. It’s Wednesday, it’s three days since I’ve last had my free meal on the weekend. But, I feel pretty awesome. I’m always very strategic about where I place my workouts as well. So Mondays and Wednesdays are reserved for my most challenging workouts. Because that’s when I’m
gonna have the most energy, ’cause that’s the closest to the weekends when I’ve had kinda like
a re-feed or a free meal. But come Friday, I’m
guaranteed to feel depleted, energy deprived and I always save Fridays for my chest and back workout, which is a little bit easier. Like I don’t really fancy
squatting or dead lifting on a Friday when I’m most depleted. So, my point is, make sure you reserve your hardest workouts for the days when you’re most likely
to feel the greatest. If you’ve got a long day of work and perhaps you don’t get an opportunity to have enough food and you’re going to the gym after work. You’re probably going to
be a little bit fatigued, so save those moments for workouts that are your favourites. Workouts that you can really do well at. The last thing you wanna
do is have a bad workout because that can leave you
feeling quite demotivated. Set yourself up for
success by being strategic about where you place your
workouts during your week. I wanna talk to you now about my diet and let you know how it’s going. But, it might take a minute
so let’s go sit over here. I am feeling pretty good. Like I know I can keep going on about it but it’s quite amazing
what a positive affect a workout can have on your mental health. And I’ve kinda got this
post-workout dopamine rush at the moment. My diet’s going really well. I weighed in this morning at 99.9 kilos. If you remember last week, I
was getting pretty demotivated. My mood is drastically different
to how it was on Tuesday. I guess it’s brought on by
being in a energy deficit. I’ve got a bit of cold as well, which isn’t helping the situation. I’m a little bit sleep deprived. Come Friday, I was
pretty down in the dumps. My weight wasn’t moving. I was sleep deprived, like I had a cold. I almost actually quit on my diet. But, I managed to stay on track, kept going with it, and
I’m happy to say that this morning I weighed in at
my lowest which was 99.9 kilos. If you remember I started at 104.9. So, I’m now down five kilos in five weeks, which is a pretty good
rate of weight loss. One of the reasons why I’ve kinda got this refreshed motivation as well is because I had some
free meals on the weekends where I increase my
carbohydrates a little bit. I wanna talk to you about
the importance of free meals and why you need to be having
them in your fat loss diet. See you in a sec. (upbeat music) Everything I’m gonna speak
about regarding free meals I learnt from a guy called, Lyle McDonald and his book, “A Guide
to Flexible Dieting”. One I highly recommend you check out. A free meal, also know as a reward meal is essentially a
opportunity for you to take a temporary break from your diet and treat yourself to something that doesn’t necessarily
conform or fit within your diet. What I mean by this is, a free meal is entirely different
from the amount and types of foods that you’ve been
eating during your diet. For example, if you’re
on a ketogenic diet, which is a low carbohydrate diet, then a pasta dish would make
a fantastic free meal for you. If you’re on a low fat, high protein diet, then a burger and fries would be a great choice as a free meal. Now, the term free meal is
often referred to as cheat meal. However, I tend to steer
away from using this word because I feel it has negative
connotation attached to it. And, I don’t consider a free
meal as cheating on your diet. For most people a free
meal should be considered just as important as the diet itself, as it plays a key role when it comes to long-term diet adherence. Caloric restriction and
restricting certain types of foods that we love and in most
cases are highly delicious can really negatively
impact us psychologically. Free meals help prevent this. If you saw last weeks episode then you will have seen how
much of a state I was in the day before my free meal. And the effect an extended
period of caloric restriction was starting to have on my mental health. This is the main benefit of the free meal. And it’s important to understand that a free meal isn’t enough of a diet break to have an adverse effect
on you physiologically and it won’t impact hunger hormones, such as leptin and ghrelin. Dieting consistently for extended period of time can really become a mental grind. And having two to three
free meals per week, can really give you
something to look forward to. Please note that this isn’t an opportunity to see how many calories
you can eat in one sitting. Or a chance to spend the entire day just grazing on loads of food. You must still recognise
why you started dieting in the first place and
the goal of your diet. Be considerate in the terms of the amount of calories you eat for your free meal and the foods you choose to have. Try to get foods high in protein and also include some vegetables
or a salad where possible. Don’t go undoing all of your hard work and push yourself out
of your caloric deficit and into a caloric surplus
after just one meal. When it comes to picking my free meal I like to go out for
dinner and almost celebrate the progress I’ve made with my diet. This also restricts me as I’m never going to order multiple meals and
desserts if I’m out for dinner. Instead I stick to the plan,
perhaps have a burger and fries and maybe a cheesecake for
dessert, as an example. But if I was at home, like
I’d probably make twice as many fries and instead
of having one burger patty, I’d probably have two. Eating out for your free meals is both a great way to give
yourself a pat on the back for your awesome progress
and also it creates some form of restriction on your free meal. When it comes to deciding whether or not you should have a free
meal, I always tell people to consider how they’re feeling and the results they’ve achieved so far. If you’re already seeing some
fantastic fat loss results and perhaps you’ve been in
the caloric deficit for three to four weeks then it could
be time for a free meal. However, if you only just
started your first ever diet and it’s just been 14 days,
then I would suggest avoiding a free meal quite yet. You need to get over those foods that made you gain
weight in the first place and not already be reminding yourself of how delicious they really are. Be smart when choosing the
timing of your free meal. Try to base it upon how you’re feeling and how far you’ve come. If you’re being honest with yourself then you should know if
you’ve earned a free meal. And with that in mind, I’m
gonna skip forward to Saturday for my next free meal. Which I think is gonna be a barbecue so, I’ll see you in a bit. (relaxed music) (whoosh) (swish) (upbeat music) (buzzing) (door clicks) I hope you found today’s video useful. The whole topic of free meals is, I think often interpreted poorly. People either overeat for their free meals or don’t eat at all because they feel so terrible
about cheating on their diet. You’re gonna benefit from it. Just make sure you’re ready for it. So, be honest with yourself. Have a look at the results
that you’ve had so far and if you’ve earned it or not. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. Give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it. I’ll see you on the next video where I’m coming to the end of my diet, so I’ll give you the final results of my six week mini diet. I’ll see you then, bye-bye. (upbeat music)

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