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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Rip Right body type, talk to the people man. Let ’em know what’s
getting ready to go down. Man y’all already know we in the grit with That’s Good Money, and today we’re gonna be doing the chest and arm workout without weights and I got the crew with me man. Yo what’s up guys, Bam Baam! You already know what time is. GoldenArms in the building, GoldenArms1, So y’all already know what
time it is, we gon’ have Golden Arms set it off man. First routine, dealin’ with the arms only. Mm hmm, bicep, let’s get it. So what he’s doin’ right now, is the alternate chin ups, or one side, five chin ups on each side, That’s five, one, two, he’s hittin’ those biceps y’all, three, four, money! You already know, so we got Bam up next. Groundhog, he ’bout to show
y’all that chest work man. Mind up man. Right here is good for chest and arms, doing the diamonds, The diamond, Spider Man push ups! Check it out! One, two, three, four! Five, six, seven, eight, nine, money! Money! So you already know your boy Rip Right, ’bout to get right. So we gon’ go a little further down. We’re gon’ take y’all through the grid, and we’re gonna get straight on this bar to hit that arm work. The view good right here, Good Money? Mm hmm. Okay. So, Korean dips, one, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.
Nice. I wanna be like you when I grow up. So we got Golden Arms next. Regular chin ups hittin’ the biceps y’all, check them out y’all, watch those biceps! One, two, good form! Three, all the way up! Four, five, look at the form, it’s clean! Six, back straight! Seven, eight, nine, money! We takin’ it straight over to Bam. So what we gonna do here, more focus on the chest that we just did, He just showed the triceps,
we just showed biceps. More focus on the chest, Watch him y’all.We going wide. And this is good for the fingertips, it’s going to help your
fingers get strong for things like the handstand push-up. Nice work, Bam. You see that, he’s shaking, that’s the struggle man. Shout out to BurnHard
man, if it burn, it works man! Y’all already
know what time it is, So we gon’ keep it right
here on the triceps to get those arms. We’re going right back on the ground. Groundhog, y’all. So we gonna do the crosshand which is also named as the snakes. So we’re gonna try ten reps y’all. Tough, if you think I’m lyin’, try it. One, two, three, four, I’m feelin’ it. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, one more y’all, if it’s hard, do it on your knees. Struggle, if it burns, it works, man. Now, you got Golden Arms, he about to get that bar work Headbangers, tricep. Just the
straight leg, straight leg. Just the straight leg. You want him here or here, the lights pretty good. Oh, you wanna go up higher? Yeah he can go up higher,
Golden Arms is a big boy, man. What you a buck 93 6’3. Straight leg? Ten
straight leg, let’s get it. Yo, let me tell y’all, when
you’re holding that leg up, you’re also hitting what? – Yeah, your core. One, two, three, four, five, forearm, six, seven, eight, nine, and
look at the squeeze there, its almost like he’s
also hitting the chest, That’s one thing about
about calisthenics man, is compound movements. So when you think you
just targeted one muscle, no, that’s probably the primary target, but you’re also hitting the other muscles. So check my boy Bam
Baam, and watch him work. Another close. Son, these right
here, nothing like them, knuckle close push-ups. It’s almost like the diamond form. They say, “Diamonds are forever”, these knuckle push ups, in a diamond form, is a whole ‘nother monster. Try them on the decline. Good money! All chest compression,
you see the activation, pectoral major, as well as the minor. So we’re gon’ go over here to the rings, I was gonna do low rings. I’ma try to give y’all ten ring dips. Now, there’s nothing like these dips here, on the rings, ’cause you
need your stabilizer muscles. Up, you need the stabilizers, ’cause if not, you’re gon’ be like this. So you have to have
them stabilizer muscles, in order to do these dips. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, (exhales) ahh, ten. Good work! Money. So we’re back on Golden Arms. Let’s go get these bicep curls. Bodyweight bicep curls.Easy bicep curls. We call these Australian chin ups. What’s good about this
is with the Australian, he can do ’em a one arm at a time. He can alternate, however
he like, he gon’ hold on, hold on that side. He’s got a big fella
here, look, straight legs. The further you go out,
horizontal, the harder it is. Two, three, if it’s hard for you, then what we want you to
do is put your feet flat, so that the pull is easier. And then lift the bar a little bit higher. You got to start from somewhere. If it’s hard
actually, I would say, yeah, like you said,
put the feet flat, and Demonstrate
it Bam, demonstrate it. Demonstrate
Bam, put the feet flat, to make it easier y’all ’cause this Instead of going straight like this Bang, bang! And, worst come to worst,
still hard, lift the bar up. Make sure
you’re using your bicep, and not your back. You always going to use
the back too, as well, but try the primary, yeah. Here we go, we back with your boy Bam. He’s gonna end us with
a tucked planche dip. Now I don’t know if y’all ever– This is advanced though. Advanced! A little bit. No, a lot a bit! Don’t let him lie to you! The most advanced planche would
be actually a full planche. – So we gon’ hold this down
’cause we got a big boy with us, tuck planche, and he’s hitting the chest, the
anterior delts as well, And you know, like right
here were focusing on chest and arms, you know, if you was just only focusing on arms, you would do a regular, strict arm dip. But you know what they say, when you’re trying to focus on
chest, you lean forward more. Mm, nice. But now, we’re leaning
all the way forward. Look at that! Y’all, look at that. It looked easy! And this is after four
different workouts y’all. You think we come to shoot one video? This is what we call rip right! See that man’s shoulders? Get down there again Yeah, let me see that. Yeah get back in that
push, if you can, look at it! Look at it! It’s also good for
shoulders, definitely. Also good for that anterior delts. Yeah, and delts, definitely. Okay, so we’re gon’ go up
last, and we’re just gonna keep it real basic, with the dip. Just real basic, with the dip. Real Rip Right. So what we said, its a mindset, right? Here we go. Rip right, get right! Oh, I’m too light, got a whole lot, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten. That boy ripped, man! That boy ripped man! Damn, man! (laughs) Look at these tri’s
behind me Good Money! Check those out! Check those out, those
might be illegal in the US. Sliced up! Sliced up! I think it’s
just illegal, period. Yeah, get ripped right man, Like we said man Don’t get ripped wrong! What they supposed to be smashin’ Bam? Yo. What they supposed to be smashin’? Y’all should be subscribed
to Good Money already, man. Y’all getting content from
different type of gains man, we got the Golden gains,
we got the rip right, no, not rip wrong, rip right! And you know, we just got Bam Baam listen, it’s all good money, alright? Smash that subscribe button, make sure y’all subscribe to Good Money. Like this video, share this video, and guys, leave a comment below, let us know what you think, man. No steroid comments though. Chest and arms! Don’t worry, we ’bout
to travel the world so. If you put a comment
and you from Russia… Listen man, we’re tryna travel
the world with good money, and give y’all some good
money man, so listen man. – Chest, and arms! 143 pounds, soakin’ wet
with bricks in my pocket. Haaah!
Listen man… I’m with the
vegan monsters, y’all! 200 pounds, all kind of pounds man. Come on Bam. Come on Bam, don’t let ’em
show you up like that, Bam. Come on Bam, don’t let him do that to you! Come on Bam, there you go! There you go. Shout out to Giant as
usual man, we in the Grit, 381 Canal Place, 144th, If you’re from New York, get a membership! And look at this place, beautiful. We in the Grit, baby! Yo guys we’re having fun, work
out, have fun, stay healthy, y’all know the vibe, movement
is medicine, let’s get it! Mind up.

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