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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, A chest non-responder. What is that? It’s somebody that tends to not get the chest
development that they want because they’re letting other muscles do the job that the
chest is trying to do in the first place. And when we talk about the chest we’re really
talking about the delts wanting to take over and do everything for you. Today I’m going to show you the number one
thing you want to do to try to get those delts to shut the hell up and let the chest do its
job. Of course, we’re breaking out the muscle markers
to help explain how this all works. So let’s draw some muscle marker action here. What we have is the front delt. Okay, the front delt is going to come off
the end of our shoulder here and it’s going to come down through here, insert in there,
and it’s going to come up and around here, and head down that direction. That’s the front delt. Now really close by is the upper chest. Really, the pecs in general are going to suffer
from this. I’m going to show you here today. But the upper chest is the one that fits right
in there, and that’s coming off the clavicle, coming down, and heads down toward the arm
that way, and of course, right up underneath here, and heads down toward the arm that way. So what we basically have are these two muscles
that are really close in proximity. So what does that mean? It means everything when we’re trying to determine
how to get the chest to actually respond and get the shoulders to shut up. What we do is we look right here, right off
the bat with a bench press. So with the bench we come down into position
here, the first thing we want to do is make sure the microphone doesn’t choke me. The second thing we want to do is look at
the pressing, how we do it. When we press up the major mistake you’re
going to make is allowing the shoulder to become the first line of defense and take
over. So if the shoulder gets in front of the pec
itself then it’s going to take on the brunt of the press. So what we want to do is make sure that the
delt stays behind and the chest leads. We can do that two different ways. One of them is sort of a “Cam Newton drill”
that I say. You take this, you open your chest up. The Superman. Reveal the “S”, right? By doing this we’re actually taking our shoulders
and putting them down and back – as you’ve probably heard many times – is a proper
position. It’s also lifting the sternum up, but more
importantly it’s letting the chest lead the way. You see what happened to the delt? It shifted backward and let the blue pec come
up in front. As opposed to this where now the delt is dominating,
coming in front of the pec. You can even see the pec give way and let
it take over. We don’t want that. So what we do is get up and press here. Let the arms come down, but the chest doesn’t
sink on the way. The chest stays up, the arms come down, and
then when we press we don’t let the shoulder take over. We keep it back as the arms come up. Down, keep it back, as the arms come up. You’ll feel, immediately, your chest do a
hell of a lot more of the work. Now this would work on an incline press as
well. But we can do more than that. We can do pushups. If I come over here and I get down on the
ground and do a pushup, I’m actually doing the same thing. We know that we need the chest to be able
to lead the way and be the first line of defense. Let it do the press when my arms are pressing,
and don’t let the arms start doing this. There is something called a pushup plus which
we do want the arms to protract when we’re working on our serratus, but that’s a different
deal. That’s not for those that are struggling to
build their chest. So we want to do the same thing. We don’t want the front delt to come in
front and then let that all cave in. you can feel this. You can feel the delt take over if it goes
in front. You’ll feel your chest – look – just give
in and give way. You don’t want that. You want to be able to do this. So in action it’s going to look like this. We come down, we’re right here, we lower ourselves
down to the ground – again, we want to open ourselves up. Boom. Down to the ground, here, come all the way
down. As we press up, lead the way with the chest,
keep the shoulders back. Down, boom. Here. Now your pushup count is probably going to
take a significant hit, but who cares? It’s about directing the work where you’re
trying to get it in the first place. If your delt is dominating it’s not going
to where you want it. Okay? Like that. Now, finally another chest exercise. Nothing changes. Everything’s the same. It can carry over to dips. We get up in the dip station here. Again, talking about opening it up. Here, drag, brings your shoulder blades down,
back, lift your sternum up when we’re in this position, grab on here. Now we come up, and again we don’t allow
the delts to jump forward and allow the chest to quiet down. Instead, what we do is keep them back, up,
dive down, and press up with the chest. Combining the fact that I’ve always told you
guys “Don’t let your shoulders shrug up either, to take away the work from the chest.” Keep them down, and depressed. Down, and back to get them to work the most. So something you can take to virtually any
of the big exercises on your chest. The fact of the matter is, forget this non-responder. What you need to do is you need to figure
out ways to force it to respond. There’s always a way. A lot of times it might take a little bit
less weight – just a little bit – until you learn the technique and you’re able to
let the chest start taking over and then start bringing back the weights that you were working
with. Either way, these will work or I think you’re
going to find them helpful. If you liked this, guys, make sure you leave
a comment and thumbs up below. If you’re looking for a program that puts
the science back in strength – we draw on ourselves here. We do whatever it takes to help you to understand
what it is we’re trying to teach you better. We do that in our ATHLEANX training program. It’s over at Again, tell me what you want to see here and
I’ll do my best to make it for you in a future video. All right, guys. See you soon.

100 thoughts on “Chest “Non Responder” Solution (PECS WON’T GROW!)

  1. yeah now i know why i dont feel no chest pain, i let my shoulders lead all the way up ( i'm a beginner in the house 😀 ), thanks

  2. Fantastic advice, especially for people who have naturally big shoulders… it was the only way for me to get a somewhat decent chest!

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  4. It's so frustrating! I push to fail beating my body, yet have an undefined chest ugh! This is exactly what I needed to see thanks Jeff! My delts are growing because they're doing all the work. I'm 45 and had given up on having a nice formed chest until now! Thanks!

  5. This makes so much sense! Back in high school I could never ever build my chest, but my arms BLEW UP way faster than anyone else. They were doing all the work.. I always thought I just had something wrong with me

  6. Thank you for drawing on yourself so I can see what I need to do to activate my lower pecs, I don;t seem to have any and would like to at least build them up so I don't look like a pot belly pig nerd!

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  8. I’ve really struggled with chest development over my training. I feel strong in every other area except chest – I’ve tried what you’ve explained a few times now and just on the first exercise this feels so much more positive – my chest is doing so much more work. Great work pal

  9. GREAT upload just done this method for push-ups, immediately felt the difference isolated just on my pecks, normally I bust out 80 with this method 50 and my chest is so much fuller tired and worked, thanks Jeff.👏

  10. Feels like even though I'm following the instructions to a T, my right delt always takes over. My left doesn't do that. Like I'm just broken or something. Super frustrating.

  11. OMG THIS IS IT! Thanks for making this video – I was frustrated today why my shoulders were getting sore while my chest wasn't getting pumped. I used to workout, but I broke a shoulder bone in my dominant arm so I stopped… I guess I lost the instinct to push with the chest.

  12. Thanks you I've been trying to taget that upper chest area for a while. Ihe muscles have been very sore and and and fatigued.. I though it was my neck, then I I thought it was my anterior deltoid. This video helps to clear things up. Keep doing good work. Thank you!!

  13. I started to do chest 2 days in a row then 5 days of rest and im getting huge chest gains…. someone else try this and tell me if its not just me lol

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  15. Didn't help at all! I still cant get the fucking chest to do the work been like this for months any help would be nice I have tried all the tips on the internet pull shoulder blades back Etc.

  16. Jeff im at standstill, ive tried ur pec routines like a mad man and nuttin! At least i think the way pecs should be by now, im 63, think anything could have something to do with age? As always thank you for valued input.

  17. it’s really aggravating when you put in the work but the next morning you don’t feel sore, makes me feel like i wasted a gym session

  18. Just tried working more on my chest and felt very little strain but felt alot in my shoulders and triceps so I thought I'd hit this video up, and wouldnt ya know I was making exactly the same mistakes that were demonstrated. Great advice. Thanks

  19. I have this problem. My right upper chest is almost not there compared to my left one. I am right handed. Can there be a bigger issue with my shoulder or something? Thank you for this video!

  20. Hi. So I’ve been on a push up craze about six weeks 100 a day. My deltoids are killing me. Thanks for helping understand the leading. In my brain I was keeping my elbows way out thinking of an extreme pull inward like a butterfly. Which is correct but was wrong shoulder positioning for the up. So adjusting my shoulders “shrugged” starting position has really fixed the whole problem of deltoid pain. Plus I have a steel plate and 12 screws in my left humorous. Ouch.

  21. For anyone with extremely tight front delts that won't release for anything.. try electrical stimulation (TENS) and active release using a lacrosse ball and working the muscle through the range of motion. From this point they'll be released and you can do effective stretching.
    Nothing else worked for me and I have messed up labrums in both shoulders and a popped AC in my right.

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  27. Hi, thank you for the excellent videos. I started training again after 4 years and I am struggling to keep my shoulders from protruding even when I am relaxed. Should I maybe work on Rhomboid and trap before I rectify my bench tech. I also struggle with shoulder pain when I bench. Plz help me. When I try to save my shoulders by keeping them back and low when doing the bench press I don't feel my chest at all. What am I doing wrong?

  28. That black area you highlighted is where i have pain ,especially after dips or pull ups … what to do ??? NOTHING on YOU Tube !!! Whats this world coming to ?

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