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Hey everybody, it’s Wonder Woman, I mean Doctor
Jo. Just fighting injuries here across the world. I got an email from my
website asking about some chest stretches, so I’m gonna show you some very simple, but
very efficient chest stretches. Here we go. So the first stretch, you need to find a nice
empty corner where you can get really close to it. Your gonna step into the corner, put
one foot in front of the other, kind of like a staggered stance. And then you’re gonna
put each hand on one of the walls. So you’re right going forward into the corner. You’re
gonna bend your front knee forward, and lean your body into the wall like you’re truing
to put your head into the corner. You want to squeeze those shoulder blades back, just
like if somebody had their hand right on the middle of your back, and you’re trying to
squeeze them together. So you lean in, lean forward. And you hold it for 30 seconds, and
then come back out and you’re gonna do that 3 times. If you want to get your arms, your
upper arms involved a little bit, you can bring your arms a little higher up and then
again, lean in, bend that front knee forward, squeeze those shoulder blades back. Hold it
for 30 seconds, and do that 3 times each. The next one you want to take your hands and
lock them behind your back. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna push your arms down, and
push your chest outwards. So it’s a combination move. Push it down, and push your chest out.
And hold that for 30 seconds, 3 times each. Alright the last stretch is gonna be on the
ground. So the last one is a nice relaxing stretch for your shoulder. You’re gonna lie
down on your back and then you’re gonna cross your leg over. And the opposite shoulder once
your knee gets over here, it’s gonna be the one you’re gonna stretch. So you’re just gonna
relax your body, put your arm straight out. And you’re gonna take a deep breath in. And
then relax. And if you can see my arm when I breath in deeply, it actually goes off of
the floor. And that’s how you stretch out that shoulder. So same thing, you can do that
for about 5-10 times, just nice deep breath. Back down, and then switch sides and do the
same thing on the other shoulder. So there you have it. Those are 3 simple chest stretches.
If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section. And if you’d like
to check out more videos, go to And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope
you feel better soon!

100 thoughts on “Chest Stretches for Tight or Sore Muscles – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. hi, can u help me I had chest barbell chest press of 40 kg just fell on my chest and my chest is extremely painful when i sleep and i cannot get up from a sleeping position but it is okay when i sit or stand

  2. I don't know if you check/respond to comments but, my inner right pec hurts ONLY when I do dips… I can bench press all 3 ways no problems same with dumbbells I can even do cable flys no problem (dumbbells bother my shoulders) but on dips I get a severe stabbing pain in the inner right one, no loss of strength though. I even was on vacation for 3 weeks and the pain still presists when I got back. if would be awesome if you responded with your thoughts.

  3. felt good on my tmj…. still clicking hope it stops after awhile… don't feel pain just tightness thank you dr jo!!!

  4. thank you i always have a pain on my left chest and i think its my heart muscles it sometimes feel pain there when i take a deep breath or inhail deeper

  5. is it correct that if you want to "get at" your pecs minor that are rotating the shoulders foward and down into a rounded position, you should do the corner stretch with your arms in the higher position? I know I need to do mid to low trap exercises and I found some good ones, but the "flip side" of strengthening that part is stretching the correct piece in front, right? Thanks- Slump Girl.

  6. are these exercises for a chest wall strain. do u have any suggestions of any exercieses to help ease the pain?

  7. Hi doctor thnx for the video , and i need ur advice , One year Ago i went to gym and without warming up i took two dumbles and i was standing and i start to do chest work out , dumbles was really heavy till i got horrible pain in my chest's right side , till i though its a bone got brocked , i been three times in doctor and everytimes he tell me the same thing that i need relax and i cant make xray pic cuz maybe its muscles and muscles cannot shows up in xray , i relaxed a long time and i took long holiday from work , i work in construction and its heavy and hard work , after this long holiday i back to work so the pain back again , please can u advice me what to do

  8. thanks but if the the chest is fat what we will will do we now that it is good but it only work by stretching not by not by big and big thank u bte

  9. Hey doc, I've been having chest pains in between the 2nd and 3rd ribs and also on the same spot in my back for 3 years while an injury suffered during lifting chest weights in the gym because of not warming up properly. I've been to many doctors and concluded that it's only muscle and just gave me lots of pain killers. Everytime I lift a bit of weights it hurts. Pls help me and recommend something to me like Thai massage or physiotherapy or acupuncture. Oh and It hurts everytime I get a massage from a family member. Thank you so much

  10. +AskDoctorJo my chest feels like something is on it but at least I don't feel no pain would these stretches help ?

  11. Doc thank you so much as soon as i went in that corner and listen to what you said POP thank you so much!!!

  12. I got the wind knocked from me at cheer and my chest hurts and its been about a week. This helped a little bit but time heals. Thanks!

  13. hi doctor jo.. was wondering if you could help me with a shoulder problem… my left shoulder feels like it doesnt work.. if im doing shoulder press with weights or and form of exercise that involves the shoulder, i find the left one doesnt get pumped but the surrounding muscle do, even if im doing physical work it feels like theres no shoulder muscle working, like theres no blood getting in there to pump.. i don't have any pains, i did have a shoulder injury ten years ago, but it was only clicking when i moved my arm, never had any pain.. can you help? .. thanks

  14. I was having chest pain a minute ago quite bad pain,came across your video did what you show & you what, it worked :-), thank you very much i feel a lot better now pain has gone away.

  15. Hello Dr JoWhen I was practising my back bridge,I just over stretched and my chest muscles sounds like snapping.I ignored and did 5 days with that muscle snap but now since 4 days its paining at upper chest muscle and above solar plexus. Will these stretches helps me or any other suggestions to relieve from that pain.Thank u

  16. i injured my chest at rugby, and it feels really tight. these stretches work but only for 10 minutes and then it tightens up again.

  17. Thank you Dr. Jo! I am no longer unable to reach stuff behind me. I did not bother warming up properly, Lesson learned 😀

  18. Please come over to my house Doctor Jo, I have a frozen shoulder and a very bad tight pectoral muscle, had it three years now, I will fly you over here to England and pay for your ticket too, if you can sort it out I will pay you a bonus too, thank you.

  19. my chest musle pull one year ago.due to this I have chest pain and also pain in my left shoulder ,both ribs and in the back side.due to this my b.p and heart beat increase.can I do these exercise for it.which doctor select for couselt

  20. I just saw your video. I am suffering with severe shoulder pain for last 2 months. Going for Physiotherapy last two weeks. I am going to try your stretches as well. Hope it will help me to recover quickly

  21. yooo Dr Wonder Jo Woman! can i do these stretches if have the left shoulder operated 3 times for slap lesions and the right shoulder none operated but also with a slap 2-3 lesion??? thank you!!!

  22. Hey Joe, was wondering if this would help in treating Costochondritis. I've been suffering from it for almost 6 months now. Would also appreciate some tips!
    Thanks 🙂

  23. These stretches were effective, immediately. They helped me to "catch" my discomfort before it got worse and required me to call the Chiro. Thank you!

  24. Hey Doctor Jo, looking especially stunning stretching on this video! I'm wondering if any of these stretches specifically target the pec minor since I have a touch of pec minor syndrome/tos.
    P.S. Thanks for putting out these straight forward, very helpful videos!

  25. I have pain in the lower sternum and both lower ribs my doctor says no heart problem or kidneys took
    x rays , ekg, ultrasound everythings fine said it might be spasms of chest and ribs or costoconchritis do these stretches help with that!!!

  26. Cause sometimes spasms are really painful feels like I'm going to have a heart attack and I get anxiety and I start to panic and pain gets worse so I try to calm down and seems to help a like with the pain

  27. Hi Dr jo… in last month i got pain in my right lungs and when i did all checkup like ECG,X-ray and sonography so my doctor told me that all ok and it is only muscle spasm and gave me some medicine to get relief. and now its good but most of the time i feel sweet pain in my right chest so May these exercises help me to get rid of my pain and relaxing my muscle????

  28. Iam 22years old man iam saffer from pain of chest .ihave gone to hospita 2 time take some medicine but it couldn't work for me what can i do?please suggest me

  29. Hello Dr Joe this is Aashish here ,you saved my life I had a bad chest pain I thought I would come across heartattack but ur video saved my life the entire pain waived of in fraction of seconds!! God Bless you Praise The Holy Lord

  30. Hi Jo, another great video!

    I have an adhesion/scar tissue on my chest muscle – a lump on my pec due to re-injury. Do you recommend massaging it? If so, shall I massage along with the muscle fibres or across.. or both?


  31. Occasionally, I'll feel some pain or tightness of breathing in the middle of my chest. I have always suffered of asthma. I breath in all the way and push out my chest. I feel a popping sensation coming from my sternum. The pain/discomfort is gone afterwards. I could never figure out if this is muscle or bone related. And possibly having something to do with airway constriction? If you have any thoughts on this please help.

  32. Your stretches for pectoral muscles are terrific. Whatever you can say about running (min 3 miles/day for 40 years, it does nothing for the upper body 😉 I can barely do the #3 (relaxation), but the stretching I feel, gives me hope that I can get rid of sore trapezius/pectoral muscles for ever! Your enthusiastic approach is comforting.

  33. SIMPLE and FUN ! what not to like ! . My chest is so tight I can't even get on one floor… About 60 years too late, but I'm going to try this… All that being shouted at when younger, "!you've got round shoulders" didn't work, just made me feel like ** . Thanks, Dr Jo !

  34. Hello. I am 12 years old I had my first panic attack 3 weeks ago my chest felt tight for 3 weeks in a row! I went to the doctors and they said it's anxiety. Will this help?

  35. I feel Pain in my left side chest after carrying some weight what exercise should it do to get rid of it it's very old main I am suffering for it for 1 year I feel pain after carrying weight in my chest

  36. Hi doc, are these exercises ok with anyone having shoulder bursitis problem? Can it aggrevate the bursa further? Thanks.

  37. I did 8 count burpees and now my chest is sooo sore.Also my ribs is very sore also from the burpees I wanna know why my body feel soo sore

  38. I've had a lot of chest tightness from my asthma attack a couple weeks back. Any other stretches/ exercises I can do?

  39. Saved my life with the second stretch .. was getting a panic attack from the ache and making it difficult to breathe… thank you so

  40. Thanks for this video doctor. And can you explain how to cure chest tightness it is because of asthmatic problem or what? When I stress my chest sounds.

  41. Hello madam we have lots of chest spasm and very difficult to sleep early morning pls suggest some exercise to relief chest spasm.

  42. I am from India thanks a lot doctor whatever you have shown it really works on me thanks a lotttttttttttt………. long life AskDoctor Jo Channel.

  43. Purchase a printable worksheet with the Chest Stretches in this video here:

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