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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. If you are looking to absolutely punish your
pecs the next time you train your chest, then this is going to be the video for you. I’m going to give you not one but two ways
to finish your next chest workout to ensure that you didn’t just pound your pecs into
submission, but you pretty much left them for dead. So, we’re going to go about this a little
bit strategically here. At the end of your chest workout before you call it quits, I
want you to go back to the bench. And I’m going to show you both a unilateral
and a bilateral version of this. The unilateral version is going to be perfect for the guys
that maybe can’t feel their chest working as much as they should, or they don’t get the activation they feel
they want when they train their chest. By doing the unilateral, you’re going to have
one hand free to be able to touch and feel and make sure that you’re getting
the contraction that you want. But first off, we’re going to start with the bilateral version,
and you’re going to start with a compound movement here. So, we’re going to do an Incline Dumbbell
Bench Press. You’re going to do this to 10-12 rep failure as I’m showing you here. Push
yourself. Go as hard as you possibly can. This is going
to kick off your finishing complex right here. Now, you go to failure. You drop your dumbbells.
You come running right over. Now we’ve got to go and stretch out the muscles
that you just worked. A great way to do this is to do it in the bottom portion of a Dip. My feet are actually touching tippie toes
touching the floor here to support my body weight. You should be in a pre-fatigued state
already. You’ve done your chest workout. This is just the end. So we’re not looking to load your pecs under
stretch, guys. If you need your toes down on the ground to offset some of that, fine.
But get into that bottom position. Feel the nice big deep stretch. Spread out that muscle as large as you can.
Get the blood flowing in that muscle because we’re going to take advantage of that in the
next leg here, and in the final leg of this complex. And that is, as you can see here, a lower
third Cable Crossover. So now, with all the blood pumped to that muscle, we’ve already allowed all the blood to flow
in in that stretch that followed our compound movement. Now we’re going to get in there
and we’re going to work our Cable Cross. Right here I’m demonstrating with bands because
I want to show you that yes. You can do this at home guys. If you didn’t have a Dip Station, you could
just use the corner of a countertop in your kitchen. You get into that bottom position
there and you pump out the bottom one third of the reps. Do we advocate partial rep training all the
time here, guys? Absolutely not. We’re doing it for a purpose here. You want to basically create your own mini
occlusion in the muscle here by not allowing the blood to continue to sort of flow out
freely as we stretch the muscle all the way back out. So, we’re doing this by keeping the contracted
position going for higher reps. You’re going to want to drop the weight from what you would
normally use here, and pump away as long as you possibly can.
I think I get to about 20 reps here. And by the time I’m done, my chest is screaming and
I want to stop. And that’s great. That’s one set of your 3 set complex that
you’re going to do here to finish out your workout. Now, I mentioned before the guys that maybe
couldn’t feel their chest as much. You might want to opt for the unilateral version of
it. And if you can feel it, this is just going
to give you a second option. For the unilateral version, we’re going to go to a Single Arm
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press. And we’re going to do the same thing. We’re
going to choose a weight, 10-12 reps that fatigues our chest. Get that muscle working. Yes. You’ve already
done the work in the workout. we’re going to do one more round of it here to finish
it in our Finisher. Once you’re done with that, you’ve got to
get to a stretch position here. The stretch position for the chest to make sure that we
stretch both the pec major and minor is to get ourselves up against, as I’m demonstrating here, a Squat Rack or
a doorway, and allow your arm to slightly elevate up that rack. That way we can get
the pec minor stretched out as well. Here again, we’re going for the same thing.
Don’t let the front of your shoulder here migrate forward. That would defeat the purpose
of stretching your pec. You want to get your shoulder back. Make sure
that you keep your ball and socket set backwards by retracting your shoulder blade. That will get a nice stretch on the pec. We
hold it here, 30 seconds, and as soon as we feel like we’ve got as much exposure here
of this muscle stretched out to allow the blood to flow in, now we want to try to get into that shortened
range again and pump out as many as we can. We can do that with our Cavaliere Crossover. We’ve done a whole video on this exercise
before. It’s definitely one of my favorite exercises and you guys on youTube dubbed this
the Cavaliere Crossover because you’ve liked it so much. If you haven’t tried it, you’ve got to do
it, guys. It’s basically the inner one third of a Crossover, and you’re going to do it
with a single dumbbell, and just pulling up and across your body. It’s a bit of a shrug move, but you’re not
initiating the move with your traps. Try to initiate the move by squeezing or abducting
your arm across your body even more. So don’t think of it this way as a shrug.
Think about squeezing abducting the arm further across the body which will also elevate that
shoulder up and across. That’s your triple combo there, guys. Again,
no matter which one you do, you will definitely finish off your workout in a much different
way than you’re probably used to. And when you’re looking to progress and overload,
you’ve got to come up with ways to do that. Shock your muscles. Challenge them with things
that they’ve never felt before. This will definitely do that. If you’re looking
for an entire system, and if you’re looking for all the workouts before the finishers,
guys, head to ATHLEANX.COM. We lay it all out for you, all of our training
programs. We give you the how, the what, the when, the where. Everything you need to do to make sure you
get the best results from every single one of your workouts. In the meantime, guys, if you found this video
helpful, leave your comments and thumb’s up below. Let me know what you want to see on this channel.
It’s all yours guys. Whatever you want to see, I will make sure I do my best to bring
it to you. See you back here soon.

100 thoughts on “Chest Workout “Finisher” (BEST PEC PUMP EVER!!)

  1. due to having children I'm at home doing work outs, and my father gave me his old work our equipment and one was a duo push up thing. they make it so my elbows go past my shoulders and chest just barely hitting the ground can they injury me in anyway because I loved doing push ups till I broke my humerus and getting a bolt In it lol.

  2. hey I'm a big big fan of your workouts and your training method I just got this question on the bench press … I've been using a flat back method but I've heard that it's best to use s arch back method when ur bench pressing .. so my question is what's the best method to bench press and does the flat back benching not workout ur chest as well as it should?

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