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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, The Sore in Six series continues and this
time we’re hitting the chest. Once again, we’re out to prove that if you
can trade in a little bit of workout length for intensity we can get any muscle to respond
because no muscle is safe in the Sore in Six series. We’re going to start with a single pair of
dumbbells that you can do right here on the floor. So this makes it available to everybody. Home, or at the gym, regardless of where you’re
training. The first exercise you’re going to do is a
floor fly, which provides us with two big benefits. First and foremost, you know that I care about
the integrity and the safety of your shoulders and joints. We’re going to be able to do that with this
version here because we have the safety net of the floor which allows us to do the more
critical thing here, and that is using heavier than normal dumbbells for this exercise. We want to overload the eccentric portion
of the lift. In other words, we want to have as much tension
as we can with elongation of the muscle without jeopardizing our shoulder. So we can do that here. As you see, I’m going to move my elbows in
to press them back up to the top, to basically get myself in position to perform the next
rep. We keep doing that for a minute straight and
then we move onto the next exercise, which is the dumbbell pullover. You’re probably thinking “Jeff, I thought
this was Sore in Six chest, not back.” It is if you change the way that you do this
exercise. Instead of allowing your elbows to flare out
and leading, and initiating the contraction with your elbows on the way back that would
target more of your back. Here you want to get the upper chest. So instead we try to keep our elbows tighter
together and more importantly, you’re almost trying to squeeze your biceps together here
on the dumbbell. When we initiate the contraction and focus
in right here, on the upper chest, pulling from there by contracting and adducting our
hands together as we pull the dumbbell we can increase the tension even more by performing
it in one and a half rep style, as you’ll see us doing here. We move on, again, with no rest after doing
that for a minute to the next exercise. Again, with one dumbbell. Now what you want to do is grab the ends of
the dumbbell. You can see me doing it where I’m hooking
my thumbs underneath. I have a nice, secure grip here. If you’re not comfortable with that you can
do what I’m showing you here instead, which is a crush grip. The bottom line is you want to squeeze the
dear life out of that dumbbell so you can activate the chest – again, the adduction
component of the chest function – we’re going to squeeze the end of the dumbbells
as I’m doing here and then rep out as many reps as we can. We’ve got to go a little bit faster, we want
to increase the volume here, we want to basically take an exercise that normally would be a
lot easier to do. But because it’s third in line after doing
the other exercises we’ve used the mechanical drop set here to make this much harder than
it is. So we’re going to continue to increase the
volume here for that one, final minute. Then finally you get a break of one minute. Then you go right back into the next three
exercises. Again, we’re going to work our way out again. One and a half rep on the dumbbell pullover. One more time on the dumbbell flies, and then
finally we’re going to finish with this variation here with the Spiderman pushup. You don’t have to do the Spiderman where
you’re picking up your leg, but what it does is, it allows us to increase the rotation
because look what we’re really focused on here. It’s the rotation of our body away from one
shoulder, or the other to increase the eccentric stretch on the chest. So if I’m rotating to the right as I go down,
leaving the left pec more stretched and under tension. If I rotate the other way we’re doing the
opposite. You want to go as slow as you can alternating
your reps here. See if you can finish this out. Maintain it for one minute straight, alternating
reps if you can. Now, as always in this series I promise to
put myself through the torture, too. Here it goes, for your enjoyment. So there you have it. Another Sore in Six in the books. Guys, remember, as I said, no muscle is safe. Especially if you’re willing to put a little
bit of science back in what you do, and secondly if you’re willing to trade in some length
for intensity because intensity is going to be the key whenever you’re trying to illicit
a response out of a muscle that maybe you’re not getting to respond for you now. In the ATHLEANX training program we do all
of that. I try to manipulate your training intensities. I try to get you to put the science back in
strength and more so, I’m just trying to get you the best results that you can get from
your hard earned effort because I know there’s nothing more frustrating than wasting time
in the gym and seeing nothing for it. If you’re looking for a program that will
put the science back in strength and lay it all out for your step by step head to
and get our ATHLEANX training program. In the meantime, let me know what you want
me to cover here on this channel and I’ll do my best to do that in a future video. All right, guys. I’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Chest Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

  1. Congratulations Jeff on this wonderful endorsement of you by Sylvester Stallone on FB.

    "If you want to get Really cut and defined try this high protein diet! Kidding of course, but the truth is I believe in a very high protein diet with low carbohydrates and an abundance of natural fats there really give you serious energy. But no matter what you eat you cannot do it without proper supplementation, pre-workout supplements and post workout supplements are incredibly important. For years I worked out basically on an empty stomach thinking that I would eat after the workout. But I struggled with maintaining enough energy to throw weights around for an hour and a half. Back in those days everything was experimentation that usually was ill conceived in the gym .. insanely, What I was trying to do by not eating normally, for example, 3500 cal a day , I would eat 1500 calories and my body, requiring a lot of energy would cannibalize all the fat I had stored up over the years and my muscles became very defined, not so large, and the skin thinned out which showed vascularity… Afterwhile I look like one large walking vain. I think I even had veins in my hair !!! I am exaggerating, of course, But it was a foolish way to train. That's why so many bodybuilders from that era or walking around with a multitude of injuries and internal health problems…The truth is, everyone had their own theory, and some were truly insane and quite often life-threatening.… Now The guy the probably knows more about it than anybody is Jeff Cavaliere @athleanx an amazing trainer with an extraordinary amount of knowledge and videos on YouTube, to learn from. He is truly the real deal. I do his workouts and my body burns for a week! It's a good pain because you know things are growing The right way… @athleanx #bodybuilding

  2. Lobe your videos respect what you do. I would really like to know how old you are and how long do you think out would take for a person that does not work out at all tho get a chest like yours?

  3. I really like the sore in six minutes videos..I try them every chance I get..Jeff do you have a sore in six minutes for shoulder and back…and forearms

  4. Hi all, I've been trying the sore in 6 triceps and over 4 weeks they have grown a lot, great results. I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what days to do certain workouts without over working certain muscles. So Monday I was doing shoulders and chest, Tuesday am doing biceps and triceps. Is this ok or am I getting it wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you. By the way I am solely using the sore in 6 series

  5. Just love the way you lay out thesr routines.
    Not everybody who wants a decent looking body have 4hours to spend in the gym!
    Intensity it is!

  6. These 'sore in 6' series workouts… Are they meant to be a workout by themselves? Or are these for after you've already done a certain muscle group workout?

  7. Anyone else feeling the burn moreso in the triceps than the chest?? I’m probably not doing it right.

  8. what i love about this channel is jeff putting it out there as he works out. he's not trying to look cool and composed, he looks like hes trying to push a tilting portopotty back on its bottom to avoid a year's worth of construction worker diarrhea pouring onto his face. this is the real deal. it's about gains for gains not gains for whoever may be watching

  9. I love to see an exercise do you in even tho you are much more experienced at working out. I assume if that's the case it'll definitely benefit ME

  10. I love the 6 min. work out series ! I do the abs , every day as Jeff suggested . It’s hard and it burns !
    However, the chest one doesn’t burn , I think I am doing them wrong . Has anyone tried these and perhaps have any tips ?

  11. This workout is absolutely no joke. I have solid chest development, and I have had trouble really getting my chest to be sore the next day after years of training it solid. I'm still sore two days later from this. You do it right, your chest is absolutely torched.

  12. What am I doing wrong if I felt most of that in my triceps? Luckily I was tight enough that I wasn’t straining my neck or lower back but I struggled to feel it in my chest 🤔

  13. My arms get more of a workout the my chest I can barely feel anything in the chest region just started working out last week maybe bigger weights ?

  14. Floor fly for 1 minute

    Dumbbell pullover for 1 minute

    3rd exercise 1 minute


    Dumbbell pullover 1 minute

    Dumbbell flys 1 minute

    Spiderman push-ups 1 minute

  15. Heyy Jeff, Quick question, I am considering adding my resistance band to some of these workouts, especially the crush grip press
    What do you think? I am looking to increase strength and activate more muscle fibers. Would be awesome if you did more videos combining resistance bands and weights btw 🙂

  16. @JDCav24, I was wondering. Those exercises, that make you sore in 6 min are they replacing longer period of training session. Because atm, after I've done that, I am out. Power at 0. Or are they just a part of daily session, that needs to be done?

  17. I was doing the first one wrong and it felt like i was inly working my triceps and after looking closely how you did the reps and i started doing the reps the burning kicked in instantly hahahaha

  18. I have tried it today and I mixed it with my chest workout, trust me guys it really works and doing push ups after workout to see if I worked hard enough is impossible because chest is so pumped. Thank you Jeff

  19. Jeff is the best ,a legend I only listen to his advice he knows his stuff to the T
    Going to do this routine ,followed by shoulders 6 minute
    Thanks Jeff

  20. Minute 1: Eccentric Floor Flies

    Minute 2: Upper Chest Pullovers

    Minute 3: Crush Grip Press

    Rest 1 Minute

    Minute 4: Upper Chest Pullovers

    Minute 5: Eccentric Floor Flies

    Minute 6: Twisting Spidermans

  21. I did this after 3-4 sets of Bench Press, making my overall chest workout 15 minutes long… and I am certainly feeling it the next day!

  22. Chris Heria: (After those 6 minutes of hell) "Okay and thats round one of four, that leaves you with three more to go"

  23. 5:45 "intensity is always going to be the key…" thanks Jeff for again reiterating this fundamental point that has guided me as I travel the path of body transformation. Oh yeah- more from you- "get comfortable being uncomfortable" and "revel in the burn" of a metabolic stress workout. Peace!

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