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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So we know that the pullup is one of the best
bodyweight exercises that you can do. But did you know that the chin up is one of the
best bicep exercises you can do? A lot of you probably do know that, but I
will tell you this: unless you’re focusing on the three tips I’m going to show you today
you’re probably not getting the most out of this exercise and for those that didn’t think
it was all that great for biceps, you’ll immediately start thinking differently because these three
tips are easy to do and you’re going to feel it a lot more. Firstly, what’s the chin up versus a pull
up? Well, the chin up is underhand grip, the pull up is overhand grip. That’s the end of
the beginner lesson here. Now, with the chin up what you want to do is focus firstly on
how you grip at the bar because a lot of us grab the bar and then do our chin up. We pull
ourselves up and down, okay? You can be more specific though. How do you be more specific? By focusing the
grip through just these two fingers: your ring finger and your pinky finger. When I
grab the bar, if I grab with those two fingers first and leave my thumbs off the bar and
then just wrap the other ones around what I get is the ability to pull down through
just those two fingers as hard as I possibly can. I get an increased activation of the bicep
because if I were to not have this bar blocking my way and blocking my ability to pull down
it would actually turn my wrist into supination. These come down, it turns my wrist into supination.
We know that supination here at the forearm is going to more actively engage the bicep
just by doing that. So we’re isometrically engaging supination
by pulling down as hard as we can. You’ll be able to feel the difference right away
when you do that. Next step, you want to make sure that you’re aware of how much you’re
flexing at the elbow because we know that the bicep is an elbow flexor, but do we want
to do our chin ups really tight in here like that? Or would we be better off having more separation,
more like a 90 degree angle here at the arm and the elbow before we do them? The answer
is: more of a 90 degree angle. Now why is that? Well, we know we have sufficient tension
here on the bicep, and yes, you can get a little bit more by closing down on it a little
bit more, but not when you consider the final thing I’m going to tell you here. That is, in order to get the maximum contraction
of the bicep and feel this chin up even more you can do something – a little tweak – to
get some additional shoulder flexion. We know the bicep crosses the shoulder, too. That
doesn’t just act at your elbow, but it also acts at your shoulders – the shoulder flexor.
We can get our shoulder into more flexion by dipping our head under the bar. Before you start saying “Jeff, behind the
head?! That’s terrible! You can never do behind the neck things! That’s terrible!” No. There’s
a big difference between doing ‘behind the neck pull downs’ in which the vulnerability
of our shoulder right here is really exacerbated, versus having our elbows in front of our body
and then getting our elbows up. This is a much more stable position for the shoulder
than this with our hands all the way back. We’ve done far less strain to the anterior
capsule in our shoulder. So what you do is, get in this position and as we’re getting
into our chin up, the head gets underneath. Now as we come up and squeeze we have more
shoulder flexion here relative to what we had before. Here my shoulders and elbows especially
are pointing down. Here, when I’m up at the top, my shoulders and elbows are pointed up
more with the flexion. So back to the point about the amount of flexion
you want in your elbow. By backing off just a little bit to 90 degrees you’ve allowed
for a really tight contraction because you have some elbow flexion, you do have some
supination force, and you do have some shoulder flexion, but you don’t have something called
“active insufficiency” where you go to full range on every single one all the way up to
here and then try to go to flexion. You’ll actually weaken your bicep contraction
a little bit just by virtue of the fact that this muscle crosses multiple joints and there’s
not enough length to allow for tension across all those joints. You back off just a little
bit, you do the three tips I showed you here, and you will feel the most intense contraction
you’ve ever felt on a chin up and I guarantee you you’ll get much more out of the exercise. So there you have it, guys. A bodyweight exercise
for your biceps that requires just a pull up bar. You can get one at any sporting goods
store for $15 and hang it up in your doorway. The bottom line is, you don’t even need
that. I tell you guys all the time. You can build muscle – a lot of muscle – with
just your bodyweight alone if you know how to train it. Our ATHLEAN0 program, 6 weeks
long, we show you how to do it without anything. Not even a pull up bar. Nothing. It’s called
No bands, No bars, No bench; nothing at all. You can find that over at If
you’ve found this video helpful make sure and give me a thumbs up and let me know how
many of these have you not been doing and when you do try them out, how much more do
you feel it? All right, guys. I’ll be back here again real
soon. See you.

98 thoughts on “Chinups: Best Bodyweight Biceps Exercise (3 STEPS!!)

  1. Every time I do a chin up, I can hear a click in my right shoulder. What's weird is that it only clicks in my right shoulder, left is fine. Do you know what could be the problem?

  2. When i do Chin ups my elbows go in, and squeeze the chest.

    How to fix that and does it happen to you 😀 ?

  3. OMG this is genious can't wait to test this out tomorow hope it works beacuse my bicesp just can't get sore hope tomorow is the day that changes

  4. I have a problem with the inside part of my arm, near the elbow part, that hurts when doing chin up. It started to do that a while back so I mainly do few pull ups. Just wondered if that is something you have ever heard of. I appreciate your videos, very smart.

  5. Hey Jeff, I am a model and I need to get bigger especially my arms… They seem to not be growing or rather really really slowly than expected… Wanna get big from home… Please help if you can… 😞

  6. This is just one of the easiest. There are many others than I think are better. Hefesto curls, Australian chinups, and one arm chinups.

  7. Such awesome insight about using the pinky and ring fingers! And as you know, their tendons are connected, too, so they're always working together.

  8. Will a wide grip pull-up target the inner or outer lats more? (A wide grip targets the short head of the bicep while a narrow grip targets the long head, but does the "rule of opposites" apply to the lats, too??) Thanks!

  9. I do chinups because my shoulders are weak as shit so my biceps et the brunt of the exerisce and curls hurt my wrists before I feel anything in my bicep

  10. If I remember first two fingers technique was used by Miamoto Musasi the unbeatable duelist … I used it almost everý where but did not know since behind it. Thanks as usual

  11. hey Jeff, pullups/chinups have been my nemesis since childhood as a skinny 10 year old. every time we had gym class, i was the only one that couldn`t do either exercise, no matter how many times i was taught. i would have liked to have seen you actually doing the chinup. thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  12. Can you do the next videos by wearing T shirts….. I m telling this because I can't understand anything what you say when I am staring on your biceps only….

  13. Does it need to do gym workout to become like you.
    How many months or years did it took to become like that?

  14. I know he saw his upper chest after he recorded this and knew it needed improved, the proof is in his newer vids

  15. Literally I built my biceps triceps and forearms with just pull ups/chin ups and push ups. Literally never done any arm isolation exercises and my arms have developed massively

  16. Could you please do a video about the use of rings? I think moving your head behind the bar position would be easier with rings but maybe there’s other things to consider – I’d love to hear your thoughts

  17. Is it possible to perform chin ups with a lack of shoulder mobility, for example, the raising the shoulder stop at a horizontal position.

  18. So…if I decrease my weight lifting and focus on ALL chin and pull ups for a month…WILL I experience hypertrophy in biceps/chest?

  19. Can anyone answer? I thought since the forearms are in line with gravity it doesn't work your biceps? Like the video you made with how dips don't work your triceps

  20. I could already do about 10ish chin ups before with just body weight, i decided to add 15 pounds to a back pack and when i did the "behind the head" variation, i got a pump ive never felt before. Thanks for all the wisdom and insight Jeff!

  21. I think the chin up is one of the best biceps exercise is cause instead of me using a 45 lbs dumb bell to work the muscle alternating. I'm lifting 180lbs better both biceps at the same time.

  22. Please help me! I can do maximum 4 pull ups, after which I don't feel any good pump in biceps whereas, there are skinny kids in my school with no muscle who can do upto 8 pull ups! Please tell me how to increase pull up count!

  23. Hey Jeff I'm a short guy. 5'4 actually. I have to really jump up to reach a pull up bar. I'm good with that if I'm doing pull ups. It's not a hassle. The problem is when I do chin ups on a bar the same height. My back starts to feel like it's gonna fall apart. Is that normal? And should I just avoid chin ups on a high bar and do my chin ups on a bar you can attach to a door frame?

  24. Oh my God! I had heard that chinup is bicep dominant exercise but earlier I had to end up my chinup sets die to other muscles not performing well enough.
    After this video my chinup max was halved if not even less than that and my biceps are the first to give in. They're screaming like never before.

  25. This single exercise killed my biceps! I felt it instantly on 3rd repetition. I never felt such sensation before no matter how heavy I curled. I could actually feel my biceps working.. Jeff you are bestttttttt!

  26. My wife just saw me watching this video and was like, “why are you always watching that naked dude working out?”

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