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Hi Bold Bakers! So I’m assuming a lot of you have showed up
for Gemma Eats, now I really hope you enjoyed this series, we made around five episodes,
they really were a lot of fun to make and be a part of. If you didn’t see them go and check them out,
we will be doing more in the future, I promise you. As of right now, next Monday is going to be
a live Q&A, so in the comments below, get in all of you questions, for me, for Kevin,
even for Waffles, he might make an appearance. Anything you want to know, write in the comments
below and we’ll answer it all next week. It’s the same time as my video launch, 8:30,
so make sure that you’re there to check it out. Now, considering that you’re here, and everyone’s
ready to see something, I’m gonna show you how to make this lovely, simple little chocolate
mug cake. In a microwaveable mug, I’m going to mash
some banana until it’s nice and fine. Once your banana is all mashed up, I’m gonna
go in and crack in an egg. Now, if you do not eat eggs, don’t worry about
it, you can always add in extra banana, to substitute for you egg. Now if you haven’t already seen it, I’ve got
an egg substitute chart on my website and it helps you substitute eggs out of any recipes,
so download that and always have it to hand when you’re baking. The next ingredient we’re going to add in
is peanut butter. Now this makes it a high protein mug cake
and it gives you lots of energy and it keeps you full for hours. Then, just take your fork and mix them all
together. So this mug cake is gluten-free, which is
great, but it can also be Paleo if you change the peanut butter into almond butter. Lovely. Okay, so now it’s all mixed up, next we’re
going to add in some cocoa powder, and a little bit of sugar. Just to give it extra sweetness. If you don’t want sugar, you can leave it
out. And then simply go in with your fork and bring
it all together. So as quick as this little ale was to mix
up, it cooks in no time at all. I’m gonna pop him into the microwave for roughly
45 seconds to a minute. So while my cake is in the microwave, I’ve
got one minute to tell you about my microwave mug meals page. On my website, I’ve got a whole page dedicated
to my most popular mug meals recipes, my pizza, brownie, mac n’ cheese, it’s all there. So the next time you’re looking for my recipes,
you go to that page, and they’re all laid out ready for you to go. The link can be found in the description box
below this video, and make sure you head over there and check it out. [Ding!] So in no time at all, my mug cake is out of
the microwave, it’s lovely and warm, it’s ready to be eaten. So I’m just gonna lay a few slices of banana
on top, just for a little bit more natural goodness, and then while it’s still warm,
I’m gonna take a nice spoonful. I love this mug cake because it’s kind of
like a bit of a cheater’s brownie, it’s got peanut butter, it’s a load of like lovely
sugar in there from the banana, mm, it’s absolutely delicious, and I recommend eating it warm,
so it stays really soft and moist, mm. make sure you check out all my other mug recipe
videos, come back next week for my live Q&A, get your questions in to me in the comments
below, and I’ll see you back here really soon for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

100 thoughts on “Chocolate Banana High-Protein Mug Cake

  1. Hello Mrs. Stafford! I have a few questions for you! What was your old bakery in San Francisco called? Does it still exist? I would love to go!

  2. I just made this for breakfast.
    As usual, very easy to follow and easy to make.
    I used chunky peanut butter since that's all we had at home. I'm pretty sure it doesn't affect the taste and there was peanut pieces in it, adding a nice crunch and texture.
    Taste wise, (purely my opinion) I didn't think it was sweet enough so I would've added more sugar.
    Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  3. I really want to make this tomorrow for breakfast but I have no banana's available πŸ™ is there any substitutes I can use while still keeping the rest of the components in this recipe?

  4. Hi Gemma I don't know why but my mix didn't come out at all properly. I had a medium banana and a egg and the 4 tbsp of peanut butter and the cocoa powder and sugar but my mixture was very goopy and didn't rise took 2 minutes to cook and tasted just like I ate a spoonful of cocoa. Please where did I go wrong

  5. Hi Gemma, really love your channel, i have tried some of your recipe, and the result is awesome.. sending love from Indonesia..

  6. I went to Ireland couple of you ear ago and ever since I came back I have been wanting to find fish n chips but they don't taste like the Irish. I saw you had some fish chips on your trip, so could you please share a delicious recipe? Thanks

  7. Thank you, Gemma for yet another wonderful recipe. I am recovering from major surgery and not very hungry. I'm going to make this for my main meal. I love that most of your recipes are so effortless. You definitely make baking such a joy for me!
    I love all your videos and enjoy the wonderful places that you have visited and have been inspired by. It's a real treat that you share these with your subscribers/ You Tube Bold Baker's "in training! " Lol.


  9. Hi Gemma just baked the mug cake and it was awesome !!!!
    Though it took more than 4 minutes to bake on a 1150w microwave.
    Did I do it wrong?

  10. Hi Gemma 😊 that looks sooo gorgeous 😍 πŸ˜‹ Can you creat low carb recipes pls ? πŸ˜€ would be awesome πŸ˜„

  11. You are the best Gemma.. thank you thank you soooo much for the egg substitutes chart. Coming from you I know it's all tried and tested 😘 I love your recipes.. looking at the title makes me feel ooohhh that's difficult but you make everything so easy to understand and your explanation is so eloquent that it seems less overwhelming πŸ’ͺ.. lots of love πŸ’ž

  12. hi me and my sister tried out one of your mug cakes and it came out perfect. but this mug cake did you put any baking powder in it?

  13. I hope people know that they will need to hit the gym after consuming this bad boy. In that one tiny mug there is over 600 calories and 40 grams of fat! It is definitely high protein but you're already over half of your daily intake of fat and cholesterol. I am sure it is delicious and filling but I feel like sometimes people don't realize that a food that is small in size can still be very heavy for you.

  14. hello Gemma… thanks a lot for your recipes…I have a question…in some recipes we use yeast, how should I know the yeast quality is good and after some hour my dough become bigger.but if it doesn't work and the dough size still small..what should I do?? I'm waiting for your answer.. thanks a million for your attention

  15. Tastes great! This is similar to a pancake batter I make so I decided to make it again subbing the cocoa with oat flour and add chocolate chips. Turned out great, kind of like banana bread.

  16. Do we have to divide the batter in 2 mugs or just go with a large mug?
    I'm currently making this it'd be really great if you could reply.

  17. Just made this and it turned out great! It’s nice to find a low added sugar and high protein vegetarian breakfast! I️ have some leftover batter, does anyone know how long it will keep for when covered? Honestly I’m just hoping to make this again for dessert!

  18. So the written recipe says it serves two mugs, do you split it in half to make one mug or is the whole recipe for one mug?

  19. Can we make it in regular oven? Like in mini loaf pan or like cupcakes? What duration and temperature would you suggest?

  20. Hi Gemma , I went to your website for the banana protein mug cake , it says to add 3 Tbs of cocoa powder , is that actually correct? I added only 3 tsp and it was bitter, is it really supposed to be that amount ?

  21. Dear Gemma I made the chocolate protein cake . I made a few changes like I had ladies kisses dough and chocolate from churros waffles recipe.So I added a teaspoon of dough and 2 teaspoon of chocolate sauce. I added a teaspoon of cocoa only.The taste was nice.Thank you.

  22. I made this recipe. It was very bitter. I also made the blueberry pancake (without the blueberries) and it was this eggy texture.

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