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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, we all know there’s a lot
of cholo workout videos out there, but this one, eh,
is gonna have you, like, “Damn, homie,
that’s what’s up,” you know? This is “CholoFit with Creeper.” The first one we’re gonna
get started with is cholo squats, eh?
Whether you’re locked up, or you’re at your homie’s
barbecue, and it’s time to represent with your clica
for a photo, then you go like this, eh? You go left foot,
point it forward like this. Right foot, point it to
the right in that direction. Feel how down you are
for your homies. And then we’re literally
gonna take it down. Okay, squat down,
bend the knees. Keep your back straight,
hands on the knees, chin up. Feel the power, eh?
Now we bring it back up. All right? Whoa, Mami.
Feel that burn. Represent. We’re gonna move to
Cholometrics, all right? And this one
is a resistance workout. I’ll need a volunteer. Hey, O.G.!
Come up here, homie. Right here, we’re gonna do
a resistance workout where you have pleito
with somebody. Like, “Hey, fool,” like,
“you been talking papas about my lady?” I don’t really
like that right now, so right now, I’m putting
my chest up on you like I’m ’bout to throw down,
and then you get the resistance right there,
you see? You already feel it,
you feel it down here in your gluteus
mas o menos or whatever, and down to the calf. No disrespect, O.G.
This is just a workout. You know I got mad respect,
though, homie, all right? You do that for about
maybe a minute, ’cause longer than that,
then you really start to fight. It’s a trip, eh?
‘Cause people come up to me, and say, “Hey, Creeper,
uh, CholoFit, eh? It changed my life.” One time this fool
came up to me, and said “Hey, fool, like,
I did CholoFit, and my gluteus, eh, is sore,”
and I said, “Hey, fool, like, don’t be
telling me, like, “that in public, you know,
’cause fools that don’t know “that I teach a class will be
like, ‘Damn, was that fool, like, ramming
that fool or what?’ You know?” All right, eh, now we move on to
the next stage of the workout, which is cardio,
homie, with running and getting
the heart rate going. And we’ll get that started with
a “Be trucha” workout, so be trucha, homie,
be on the lookout for anything that might pop out. La Jura! You know what I mean?
It’s really not about me, eh? I’m like a chosen instrument
of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, eh, and I just, you know, he guides me, homie. Life can be like whatever, eh? And a lot of times, people,
they–they’re dumb. Look at whitey. Hey, that’s
good technique right there, eh? You been locked up?
You been to Quentin or what? Hey, nah, just playing–
all right, hey. Bring it back up.
CholoFit really works you, eh? And sometimes it could really
take a lot out of you. I have these, uh, energy tamales
that I got, eh? It’s a special mixture
of masa and carnitas that helps with
your muscle recovery. And plus, we put a little
lightning bolt on it, eh, so that’s pretty fitting
around there, you know?

100 thoughts on “Cholofit Workout – Funny Drop

  1. If you ever make a movie you should play a relative of Cheech from β€œCheech and Chong” You should be like his nephew or son or something.

  2. My shrink (therapist) suggested I do the cholo work out
    I was mas Firme by the end of the week
    Mi ranfla was lowered mi Hina Cooks really good tamales and everything good homies

  3. That prayer is the real bizniz.. Gotta teach the kids how to pray… Life can be like wateva eh.. And alot of times ppl are dumb…. Amen cholofit.. Amen eh

  4. He should be a comedian his workouts are funnyπŸ™„πŸ’œπŸ΅πŸ“πŸ˜πŸŒˆπŸŽ„πŸŽ€πŸŽ‰β˜”πŸ³

  5. Frankie is even better LIVE! If you are in Denver, make you way to Comedy Works this weekend!

  6. Its beautiful when races compromise to love and respect each other and by gain mutual respect. After all. We all come from the same hole. Symbolically speaking. Because you never know homes. God bless you all who submit to God. El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.

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