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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

so we are currently at Gold’s Gym Venice
the mecca of bodybuilding OG gym we’re here training chest four days post Olympia
so body’s feeling a little heavy from my food yesterday obviously, but
hopefully at least get a good pump the pictures that are on the wall of everyone can’t find much more inspiring than that so we start off with nothing to intense
little bit of chest flies I always start off with that is warming up kind of the
shoulders in the PEC right here so when I move on to a press room in the bottom
of the movement there im not too tight so we warmed up with that and moved on to the
dumbbell press and we’ll see how heavy we can go they do they have heavy dumbbells but
like I said I’m pretty tired so we’ll see what we can do but typical chest workout
is warm up with that move on to a free weight and then probably they can
machine press or like a Smith machine something like that after always wanted to do that just drop the
weights my gyms are all like hard floors and
stuff when they get mad when your loud so yeah has gifts for me in car I’m kind of scared I
don’t know he’s like stay here I dont know if should be scared or what better get a pump before Next year from Russia with Love little mr. Olympia necklace one next year some sort of flat press machine I’ve
never seen it he wanted to try it out so this is when you go to new gyms just
try out new machine because you wont have that opportunity at your own gym so we’re
getting creative here having some fun we’re also lazy saw and done doing
anymore free weights yes that’s another meaning for “eh” is hey
you so we have sorry excuse me what was that hey you can all be replaced by eh all right you know the Frank Zane pose? well we went in there we looked at the
cables and there was like 50 people on them so we’re switching it up we’re
doing 100 pushups a hundred more until failure we’re just gonna do 100
as quick as possible as many sets as little as possible till failure yet I’m actually just tanning just
getting my glow back all right guys conclude our chest workout at the
mecca first chest day post show pretty damn good actually it is like what
people talk about training they’re looking up on the wall seeing all the
bodybuilders all the old-school physique see old mr. Olympius and all that all
the people you’ve looked up to like the pictures of them on the wall like the
better machines obviously the environment definitely much better
training atmospheres still got some strengths from all those doughnuts
before I get fat so we’re gonna head back probably explore the beach and
whatnot hopefully get some clean food in no more shitty food and yeah that’s a
wrap for now

20 thoughts on “Chris Bumstead’s Classic Bodybuilding Chest Workout At The Mecca

  1. Idk he just has this look on his face like he is on soooooo much fucking gear and hes trying not to laugh. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. classic?i never saw arnold, sergio, franco or ferrigno doing hammer strength
    those guys chest workouts were entirely barbells dips and flye

  3. No homo but GAH DAMN BO. I bet the chicks and jocks be ripping their pants off when you walk up in the club with a white T on.

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