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If you win the Olympia once, you’re
immortalized. There’s 13 champions in 53 years and we all know them by first name.
Chris Cormier could have been that guy. Chris Cormier is the perfect hybrid
bodybuilder. I mean he had the crossover between all the size and the
conditioning factor. He’d be remembered for the guy that didn’t quite fulfill
his potential. If he applied himself, he would have been one of the greatest of
all time. I was averaging 10 shows a year on the professional stages and no one was really pulling off something like that. He won 11 shows. You know, never finished out of the top 10. The consistency was amazing. He beat a lot of the top guys…
But he definitely never really was able to nail it a hundred percent to be at
his all-time best at the shows that mattered. No one has ever placed second in the Arnold Classic, what, six-seven times in a row. Six fucking times? Two times I
really thought he had won it, not that he should have won, I thought he had won.
Some people that get second place they wind up in the gym the next day. Chris
would be out all night on a bender. That turned into me isolating myself for three months at a time. He masked the pain of not being the Arnold Classic champion with whatever drug of
choice that he would use. I felt like I needed an escape — I want to escape my life. It was a lot of pressure to handle. And I think that’s really what
driven Chris to go to the dark side of the things that he did. He had fans around him that we’re not trying to keep him disciplined and that’s where the
party mode kind of took over. Girl’s were Chris’s biggest weakness. And my
mother walked in at 7:30 in the morning there were naked people everywhere in my house and she was like what the hell is going on around she did’t rate the world he was
in in Venice Beach my problem was I was winning competition I was averaging
three mil a year cocaine is pretty catabolic so how good
could it look if that wasn’t a factor yeah if this is true I can’t be friends
with him I can’t condone what he’s doing it’s like a computer and has a virus I
was taking more and more coke and I overdosed and that’s that course I can
even die it wasn’t what I wanted I wanted to be that champion and I want to
be that guy who beat everybody in the world and dominate everybody no matter
what the outcome was you know it’s a good like a man
just continue to move on I think that takes a lot of strength to do that when
he talked dr. Weil with you well everybody said that a real deal he fully
pushed me to my limit competing and we brought the best and worst in each other
kind of kid from Palm Spring that came out for a dream and I started the title
but had them hewn card I should say what I’ve opened to people and done my upside
and downside he’s one of the greatest of all times you have to be written down
that way he competed with some of the greatest of all times I just support us
ever handed out and did hell about other artists you

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