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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– [Chris] Perseverance:
steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or
delay in achieving success. If I could sum this whole
30-day body transformation into just one word, it
would be perseverance. (intense montage music) I started this 30-day
challenge because, well, I definitely felt like I had a dad-bod. I was at that point, you know, we were doing a lot of traveling and stuff like that with the THENX crew. I wasn’t on my normal routine. Back then, when we used to
train, we used to train so hard. Every single day we would
show up to the THENX gym at like 9:00 a.m., we would
train nine to 10, 10 to 11. Like kill ourselves, and then after 11, we would basically start work after that. So, back in 2017 and 16, I literally, like, trained two
hours a day, and as of 2018, the business has grown a lot,
a lot of things have changed. I definitely have a lot
more responsibilities, so I’ve been training a lot less so I wanted to push
myself back how I used to, and basically get 2018 back to how I was, and take it to the next level. (hip hop music) Every year I feel like I
must be stronger, faster, better than the old version of myself. So, this is mainly why I do it, and that’s why I’m doing it
at the beginning of the year. It’s the perfect time to do it because it’s gonna set
the tone for this year at the beginning so that I
really hold myself accountable into becoming the best
version of myself this year. In 2019, I’m gonna do it all over again. Basically when I first started
the 30-day transformation, we had just gotten back
from L.A. not too long ago, so I wasn’t back into my workout routine. I’m used to training in hot weather. We had just come from really cold weather, and Miami itself was, like, the coldest its ever been
in a really long time. So, the first couple
of days when I started the 30-day body transformation, I definitely needed some time
to get back into the groove. (hip hop music) Basically, I just needed to
shake off the rust, you know? A lot of things that you’re used to doing that you haven’t done in a long time, you try it again and it’s, you know, you’re definitely rusty,
so I felt like super rusty. When I first started the
30-day body transformation, I think like day one, I weighed, like, 160 pounds, 161 pounds,
something like that. Now, at the end of this
30-day transformation, I weigh about 165 pounds, so yeah, I gained like four or five pounds through the whole 30-day transformation. Well, normally when my
training isn’t on-point, other things as well suffer, too, like diet and stuff like that. So, my diet at that moment
when I had first started, it wasn’t exactly on-point,
I mean I don’t eat unhealthy, but I mean I just wasn’t eating as best as I could in other words. There’s a lot goes into
nutrition, you know? The time of what you eat,
what it is that you’re eating, and also which day of the
week you’re eating it, so– This is what I’m eating for today. All of these things, I
started to take more serious when the 30-day body
transformation kicked in. I think that’s what’s really
cool about a challenge, or a 30-day body
transformation in general, is that you really hold
yourself accountable, at least for a consecutive
amount of 30 days. (notification ping) Oh, just got a notification, guys. It is time workout! Check it out. There is a workout for the day. Using the Heria Pro app has really helped through this whole entire transformation. You can just go in
there, create a workout, and then you can schedule it, and it will send you a push notification of the time that you scheduled it. So, I scheduled my workout
now for one o’clock. The workout I had scheduled and created earlier just came through, it’s time to start the
workout of the day, guys. To really make a change in anything, you have to do something for
a consecutive amount of time. So, I think, like, doing
something like this is definitely, like, a good booster when you’re trying to
take it to the next level or when you feel like you’re
just like stuck somewhere. Other parts of my routine
suffered because of that as well. You know, so having a
30-day body transformation to basically hold myself accountable, at least for consecutive amount of days. I knew that that was not only
gonna change me physically, it was gonna help build
my cardio endurance, everything else, bring it back
to where it was, but mainly, it was gonna bring my mental
state back to where it was. You know, getting used to training again, and getting used to basically going hard as soon as I wake up in the morning. The thing I found hardest about
this 30-day transformation, honestly, was just being
able to stay consistent. And I really think that
that’s probably most people’s struggle when they’re trying
to get in shape anyway. You know, the working out
part and the nutrition part, it wasn’t anything that
I haven’t done before. They were very doable, I mean like, I shoot videos for a living, so even though I wasn’t on
my normal workout routine, I was still shooting and filming videos on a daily-weekly basis, you know, so I was always staying active. Definitely trying to stay consistent was probably the hardest thing for me. You know what they always say, “You don’t find time, you make time.” (hip hop music) I had to make time because
every single minute, every single day, every
single hour of the day, I’m doing something for work, I don’t exaggerate when I
say I work every single day. On Sunday, I’m literally editing
from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. That’s the day I upload the THENX videos. Same thing for Thursday, when I upload the HeriaVlogs
and stuff like that. So, that’s why it was such a
big struggle to stay consistent was because trying to make that time as well as taking care of
my son, dealing with work, and everything else in between, trying to fit in a
two-hour workout session, you know, with how full
my plate is now in 2018. That was super hard, so I
definitely had to lose sleep, or I would have to wake up extra early, or I would have to stay up extra late just to make sure that I got
that training in that day, but that was the whole point of the 30-day body transformation. It’s like normally on
any other normal day, you would just be like,
“Ah, just do it tomorrow.” But on this challenge, you know, I really, really did not
let myself go through that because I definitely felt
that at the beginning of the 30-day challenge,
like the first week, I was already like, “Ugh,” you know like, “I’ll just move this workout
day to the next day.” But I knew if I was gonna allow myself to do that at the beginning, then I was just gonna
start accepting, like, being a person that
makes excuses, you know, or a person that falls
to their own excuses. I had to set an example or
set the tone right there and be like, “You know what?
I basically made that promise to myself right there, like bottom line, no matter what, this workout,
this task is gonna get done.” And I just put that in my
mind, and engrave that into me at the very, very beginning so that by the time I was working
all the way out to the end, it was just like intuition for me to just (snaps) up-jump on the
workout, or up, like, I’m not going to sleep
without doing that, ya know? My main goal for this
30-day body transformation was really just to bring
back that attitude, like that motivation that I
had like I said back in 2017, back in 2016, I was training like a beast. Now that 2018 comes around, I have a lot more responsibilities. There’s a lot more things to
handle within the business. I have my own YouTube channel now. There’s just like so many
more things going on. There’s more athletes
that we’re working with on a daily basis, stuff like that. I definitely felt like
I was losing that time that I always had to myself to train and to improve and get better, and with that I felt like I
was also losing that motivation and that attitude where
I would always like, “No, no matter what, this is my day, I have to start working out.” You know, I was getting
more lenient with it. I was like, oh, you know,
putting it off more to the side, ’cause I was prioritizing
my work versus my workouts. So, what I wanted from this
30-day body transformation mainly was just to get
that mindset back again, because I know when you have that mindset, you know you’re like unstoppable. Those are the times when I
was deep into that mindset, those are the times when
I’ve advanced the quickest, the fastest, and the most efficiently. And those are the skills and the strengths that I still have with me today. With that mindset, anything
can be accomplished. (calm hip hop music) When you’re working out with your friends, or basically when you’re
working out with someone else, it’s a lot easier to get
through your workouts. You know, you have that
physical motivation where it’s like you see
somebody do something, and you’re like, “Nah,
I gotta do that shit, like I can’t let that person
do that and me not do it.” Or, “I can’t– I can’t be
that person that’s gonna quit. Ya know, if he can do it, I can do it,” or “If he’s still going,
I’m still going.” You know? Or “If he stops, let me be
that example to keep going.” – Working out with Chris was dope, man. His training style is definitely unique. Some workouts had me stepping
out of my comfort zone, and push myself harder than
I’ve ever pushed myself, so. – They push you to keep going, and you push them to keep going as well. (inaudible) Last one, bro. Last one. – [Bryon] Yeah?
– Maybe. (inaudible) When you’re trying in
that type of environment, it’s a lot easier to get
through your workout. – Chris is very
open-minded about training. We’ve even incorporated some
power-lifting techniques which was pretty cool to bring that back, and be able to adapt new
and different exercises. – It’s a lot more fun, and you tend to get the most out of your workouts. Now that I’ve finished the
30-day body transformation, I definitely feel stronger, you know, my cardio has gone way up,
I can endure a lot more, I can go a lot longer during a workout than when I had first started. But the most important
part is that I had gained that mental focus that I had before. Now, I feel like 2018 is mine, I’m definitely gonna kill it, I’m definitely gonna hit new PR’s, I’m definitely gonna
be hitting new skills, and I already feel like I’m
in the best shape of my life right now to start doing that. These 30 days have really
tested my strengths, but mainly my mental state,
and I can definitely say that every time now I
wake up in the morning, and I have that focus again, I’m just ready to kill my workout. If you’ve never done a 30-day challenge, a 30-day transformation in your life, if you’ve never done anything
consecutively for 30 days, you need to try that, that’s
like my number one advice, because for me, that developed
the habit of perseverance. I feel like everybody has an opportunity to take themselves to the next level, to push themselves a lot further, and to do a 30-day body transformation consecutively for 30 days. Train, and transform their life. Make a difference for those 30 days, pushing themselves to limits
that they never have before. I think that that’s
gonna positively change the rest of their life. It’s definitely not gonna be easy, but it’s definitely gonna be worth it. So, now I wanna challenge you guys to your own 30-day body transformation. Download the Heria Pro
app in the appstore. Start your day one today,
and take a day one photo. Then, start training every
single day consecutively. Hold yourself accountable, and send your before and after photos to [email protected] Thank you, guys, so much for
going on this journey with me of this 30-day body transformation. I can’t wait to see what
you guys are gonna do to change your bodies
and to change your lives. I’ll see you guys next Thursday. Mad love, peace out. (notification ping) Oh, just got the notification, guys. It is time to work out. (hip hop music) Smash that like button, guys.

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