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I’ve got a technical question for you about elbows position. This is one of the coolest questions, by the way. Dmitryi has some interesting liquid near the platform. I’m holding it and already feeling the power. Hold! Hold! There is a competition day. 3 days before the competition. What would you do these days? A classic snatch, of course. 2 times, 3 – 4 reps. 90% of training is touch and go. Let’s go! Hello, guys! My name is Oleksiy Torokhtiy and this is Dmitryi Chumak. In today’s video we’ll talk with you about the main stages of the competition preparation and Dmitryi will reveal his “backstage” secrets. I keep in mind that magic moment: When you appeared before my eyes. Like ghost, like fleeting apparition, Like genius of the purest grace. Exactly 5 weeks left before the competition. I will try to show and tell you in more detail the nuances of preparing for the competition in 5 weeks. In this training Dmitryi is performing a snatch. We have also a record of how he was performing a clean and jerk from the yesterday’s workout. I will do the squats. Sometimes we will have a little shortness of breath but instead, we’re in the working mode. Go! So, the squats. And the first question for you: do your knees crack during the squats? And how do you think, what is it? Ageing or your feature? Just 10 minutes ago Dmitriy told such a phrase, that having 50 – 70 kg in the warm-up makes him feel whether the training will be good or not. Therefore, now there’s a question to him: Will the training succeed today? – Yes, yes, yes! The workout is going to be good today. I repeat once again that there actually 5 weeks left before the World Cup. This is a crucial period. In general, this can’t be filmed, because it’s a very-very-very secret “backstage”. However, Dmitryi will show us his today’s workout. Yesterday he showed us his clean and jerk workout. Again, this period is very important, especially the last 5 weeks, because there is such a great intensity exactly during this period and the athlete is, so to say, at the top of his opportunities. That’s why we are going to see now how is it. Very often I see questions about warming up and directly, about the reps in a snatch. We spoke with Dmitryi about that. I think that now, if he can, he will tell us. You do a couple of reps with a bar, right? Well, I personally do like that: There can be approximately even 7 reps with the bar. 3 times maximum. For 50 kg – there can be also 3-4 reps. For 70 kg – 3 reps is the maximum for it not to be a kind of cardio. But anyway, in any case, you need to feel. If you want to have more of 50 kg – you can do 10 reps, it’s better this way. Anyway, you need to focus on your well-being, your weak points. They can be shoulders, back, knees or whatever hurts. I think, anyway, working with a 50 kg bar is the most important. At least, during the warm-up time. Do you remember your feelings in a month before the Olympics? Was it approximately the end of June? Yes, it was the end of June. The first days of July, right? You see, we had a slightly different situation. We had a team and there were people to choose from. We were doing the PR sessions. We did one PR session in the end of June and one more in the beginning of July. At that time I did 200 kg in snatch and 235 kg in clean and jerk. Despite the fact, that in competition I lifted 198 kg. So, when you were going to the Olimpics, you knew the reason you were going there, right? Yes. I can’t say that I did everything I planned at the Olympics, but it’s a history now. There’s nothing to discuss. Usually a kind of interest appears in 5 weeks before, doesn’t it? Yeah, one month before you understand that you are preparing for the World Cup. You don’t realize that in 5-7 months. It seems to me that in 5 weeks an additional pressure appears somewhere in your head. At least, I personally had it. Yes, I felt some tension. Well, definitely, it pressures and you realize that a special “day X” is closer and closer. So you start trembling. A very frequent technical question on the Internet, especially in the last time, connected with CrossFit, is the elbows position. I always tell at the seminars and in all the training videos that our shoulders and elbows take the correct position when we move the chest forward Not straight, but at 45 degrees forward. I see that you also have an elbow twist. To be honest, I have never thought about it. About how I’m doing my elbows particularly. But you take the barbell behind your head, right? Well, I don’t do it on purpose for sure. I mean, I don’t take it there on purpose. Do you feel that the barbell is lying here? Because when this part looks upwards, the bar lies on your shoulders, right here. When you turn around, you take it back more. Look, I can say here that I try to feel it to be in the center in general. If I felt it on my shoulders, I don’t know how long I would keep it in such a way. On the other hand, it’s on my shoulders anyway. That’s why I don’t even know and I can’t answer how is more correctly. I always feel it to be straight, so that it’s not here, not there, you know. I look at what you’re doing and I get it why you’re doing it, but for the camera tell me why do you do a Snatch Pull + Snatch? Very often the pull is done really good. There are the ones, who do the snatch well, but there are also the ones, whose pull is bad. But generally, the pull is easier to understand. I think it’s easier to understand how to do this, because it’s a half of the movement. That means, the goal is to feel the trajectory. You do the pull correctly, and you do the snatch for a second time in the same way. It added more sense to my technique. Ok, I’m not distracting you anymore. Such a little thing, just to add the pull, but I felt that I began to do the snatch better. That’s OK! You asked me, but I don’t even know how many kilograms I have just taken. 3 reps, or 4, or 2, how many did I do? We can rewind the video and count. 4? 3? And now is the most provocative question, that we have come up with. Dmitryi has some interesting liquid near the platform. I’m holding it and already feeling the power. I’m going to squat. Do you feel its vibration? And you, meanwhile, tell us what is it. I’ll do the squats for now. It’s the most ordinary blood of a simple young dragon, that’s it. Of a young one. 140 year old ordinary dragon. It’s somehow nice to squat after a massage. It’s the time of my camp now, and very often the guys from the camp come in to see your workout. And one of the top questions in the first days was… Why do you do a touch and go snatch? There is no such thing as to put it down and then you’re stretched again, I mean, continuously. Do you always do like that? If so, what is the maximum weight? If not, in what periods do you mostly use such a technique? This is one of the coolest questions, by the way. I will say something interesting from the “backstage”. You know, when they say that everything ingenious is simple, so touch and go, with the snatch of 2 – 3 times, clean and jerk, or anything you do, is unique, because you will find the perfect balance anyway. At least, I think so. You did a snatch once, even if it was wrong, when you lower the bar, you won’t do it wrong. A kind of an automatic technique correction. With what weight? I believe, it can be any weight, up to 80%… Who do you recommend such an exercise? Can the beginners use it? Or what class should an athlete be in order for him to use it? Any class. The question is in weight. If it’s 50 kg and your record is 70 kg, that’s OK. If your snatch is 180 kg then, well, 170 kg … It’s especially unique for the technique. I consider it to be very important. If everyone starts doing that really seriously, the technique will improve a bit in any way. Just interesting, if we imagine an athlete with an experience of a year or two, and he does the same exercise in the touch and go with a hunchback, 3 times, pulling this way, then my personal opinion is that not for the beginners Because people don’t always know how to set their backs correctly, and don’t always do the exercises in the right way. Consequently, speed addition will not give them more kilograms, but will give the lack of coordination, and instead, the bar will go left and right. Today we have a leg day. Someone has a snatch day, someone has a C&J day, and someone has just a leg day. Let’s squat 60 – 80% What’s your height? And what is the weight now? Now it’s around 105 kg. Considering your practice and experience, what is the optimal category for such height? 102 kg is an ideal one. If to speak about 109 kg, you need to have a weight of minimum 113 kg in the preparation time. Even more. Yes, even more. What was your weight? 110? Well yes, 110 kg, it was rarely 111 kg, but mostly 110 kg and that was not enough. Because 111 – 112 kg would probably give more. That’s why 109 kg is somewhere 116 – 117 kg. And a height, of course. I don’t have the right height, I’m 181 cm. It’s enough for 105 kg, but 109 kg would be too much for me, I think. You know, I’m also frequently asked how many times a week I squat and how should it be. What do you think, how should it be? As to squats, the question depends on the purposes. If the legs are weak, of course you need to squat. Someone should squat 5 times, and someone should 3. I believe that it’s good to practice dynamic exercises with the strength ones. That is, to do, for example, the squats on the chest plus the C&J from racks, right? You squat, take it off the racks, squat 2 times and do the C&J 2 times too. Is it a work? – It is. As to C&J, you can do the power clean, squat and then do the C&J. This is especially good for the preparatory period, to build the basis. For example now, I snatched for one time, not for the 2 or 3. I feel that the first snatch was uncomfortable, it was very uncomfortable. So, I didn’t want to torture myself, in order to do 3 snatches. I follow the rule to snatch for at least 2 or 3 times in touch and go. One time is ineffective. I was doing and felt that it was uncomfortable, I would better step away, take 3 minutes to breathe, get myself ready and do 3 times more technically. By the way, a few days ago the camp guys asked about such a case, when in the time of workout your barbell falls down by 70%, what should we do then? Should we lift more, or should we lift it over again, or do we have to slide down? Yes, you should definitely give it up. But before giving it up, you need to try another rep. Yeah, 2 -3 more years to try… Just try to lift the same weight. In case if the situation repeats, most likely you need to slide back down, and to make a few steps back, 20 – 30 kg down. If it happens by 70 – 80%, it takes place in case when something really hurts. As my coach always said … (Maybe you just had too much fun yesterday.) … yes, no matter what time of the day you’re woken up, at 2 AM or at 4 AM, you should always be ready to lift at least 80-85% of your best weight. Now Dmitryi is doing one more rep and I have one interesting question for you. I think it’s going to be a really interesting one. What can you say? How good is it according to your feelings? How much time do you need to do the last Snatch PR session? Either going out to zone 95% and above? And how about doing the Clean&Jerk? Right before the main competitions, not before the ongoing competition, but before the main start. When I started my trainings with Markovych, my first two starts were the World Cup in Ashgabat and the Europe Championship as well. It was a little scary, but it lasted, maybe, for a half of the month. The last Snatch or the last C&J? Both of them. I did 170 kg snatch and 200 kg C&J. It was a little unusual, but we had some experience. Markovych saw that … Is Markovych a coach? Yes, Mykhailo Markovych. That’s why in the last time I do everything beforehand. It’s probably connected with some experience, you know. I have been doing this for a long time and if someone has been engaged in it for not so long, maybe he would feel more comfortable to do it in a month. Whatever you do, don’t do the PR sessions in 1 or 2 weeks. I find it wrong at any level. You know, as people say here , I’m “full” of it. For example, you were getting ready for 3 months, you’re really in a good shape. And in 2 weeks before you’re doing a PR session. Someone may have the feeling of “fullness”. Yes, I broke my record. You know what I mean. It’s impossible to pick yourself up in the same way for the second time in only 2 weeks. If to speak about the beginners, there is an exhaustion of not the strength indicators, but the thing is in confidence, the psychology. For girls the situation is the same. If you compare the girls and the men of the same class, girls need to be at the top more often, at the high level of intensity, because the psychology plays its part. They should lift the weight more often, because if they believe – they lift, if they don’t believe – they don’t lift. No matter how light she is. In general, yes, beginners need to perform a little more often. To do the PR sessions, to do their maximum. The Europe record is 229 kg, the World record is 229 kg too. Let’s come up to 220 kg. Something like that. This was the last Dmitryi’s rep. And now it’s the time to talk about the vital things. I’m writing in English, because we will be watched from different countries. In any case, those who watch us in Russian will understand this better. Let’s imagine that here we have the day of the competition. And we have 3 more days before the competition. What would you do with a training plan for these days? What’s the first? A classic snatch, of course. What is an approximate percentage? Let it be approximately 45 – 50%. OK, 45 – 50%. 2 sets, right? 2 sets 3 – 4 reps. Again, a warm up. Anything else? Yes, a classic C&J. How many? In percents … Let it be 45 – 50%. 1 + 1, right? Yes, 1 + 1, as close as possible to this. 3 – 4 sets. Back squat 45% 45% from what? From the best in the C&J or … Let it be 100 kg, for example. So, from the best in the C&J is better. Do you count 45% from the best in squats or in C&J? What do you count 45% from? Well, from the squats, of course. There’s also a classic snatch. 2 sets of classic snatch, 45 – 50%, 3 reps. The second exercise. A classic C&J. 45 – 50%. 3 sets. So, everything is almost the same, right? Right, but a 40-minutes workout will take those 45%. These 3 days the trainings are as boring as possible . They should be maximally saving. There is also back squat. And there are also 45%, 1 + 1, exceptionally for warming up. The 3rd day is most likely the day, when you arrive to the competition. This is the first training after arriving at a new location. Yes, yes. Jet lag, acclimatization … Here the task is to eat well, to eat well, to have a good sleep and 30 minutes of stretching. On the day of arrival (that’s my personal advice), don’t do the workout in any case. It won’t help, but you can be injured. In general, that’s how the picture looks like. I think it should be interesting for you. Again, I will repeat, here’s a competition day and these are 3 days before the competition. As you can see, this is what Dmitryi practices. It will suit someone, but it won’t suit someone as well. 45 – 50% he is in the snatch and C&J, the squats are the same. The first and the second days before the competition are the same. And after the arrival, he mainly has stretching and a little warm-up. Guys, here’s the question number 2. The one who guesses, gets a T-shirt! How many reps did Dmitryi do with 100 kg? I hope you liked this training. The last word is for Dmitryi. The parting words. Dear friends, of course, it’s just my personal experience. This is what I understood and what I came to after 15 years of training. In no case, I don’t prove anything and I don’t insist on it. In fact, everyone has his own experience and techniques, that fit him the most. Anyway, I will be glad if my advises will be useful for someone. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Instagram page, like and comment us, win the T-shirts! See you! Bye!

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