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I’m bi as f*ck. You never heard anything about “gay”… Gosh, it’s so quiet! Today you’re coming to my world. Keep your eyes open for number 96. OK. Do churches have street numbers? Oh Jesus fucking Christ! Florina, I’m at the Natural Body Building Swiss Championships! I’m totally excited and I think who I’m going to meet is going to play along. In the case of women I think it’s cool because women seldom go on stage to show off how strong they are. Men who like to have the focus on themselves and their muscles I can also meet on hetero dates. That’s why I no longer go on hetero dates. In my experience, those are often the men who don’t respond to you, don’t respect boundaries, don’t respect me as a woman. Careful not to be kind, careful not to be nice, anything that might appear soft is forbidden. Hello. OK, Mr Fitness one and two. Look, it’s quite brown! Oh, Jesus! Hi everybody. – Hi. I see the number 96! Hi. Hi, are you the number 96? – Yes. May I shake your hand? Sure. Hi, happy to meet you. What’s your name? – Valentin. Pleased to meet you. – How are you? I’m a WNBF Men’s Physique professional, two-time Swiss champion, reigning overall champion and vice world champion. He’s painting you! Crazy, is that hairspray or special muscle… That’s special muscle… Mus… muscle juice, wow! May she too? – Yes, sure. Paint him? – Yes. That’s really strange and a bit embarrassing. I’m director of the Swiss Lesbian Organisation. But we also stand up for bisexual women. I myself, for example, am bi. Politics is my life. Everything in my daily life is policital. Masculinity is an invention. Femininity is an invention. You can be as masculine, feminine, or anything else, as you like. Irrespective of the body you have. She’s president of the Lesbian Organisation. – Wow. The complete opposite of me, of us. You never heard anything about “gay” in the Balkans, my first contact with gays was here in Switzerland when I saw life here. I work at a shop for custom-made suits. I’m employed at my colleague’s: gentleman look. We also market a sports business: Adonis. It’s called Adonis? – Yes, and … there we sell dietary supplements and advise people with our experience. With the Gentleman Club we want to represent a specific kind of masculinity. Welcome to the Gentleman Club. I’ve always wanted to be a gentleman. We have oil paintings and a gentleman’s codex. The gentleman is always neatly and suitably dressed has good manners, treats ladies with respect and discretion …” Here’s the Gotthard Mail Coach. Finger Adam. And also Royal Hunt. The cabins where we measure the clients. Every gentleman needs a suitable scent. We created our own gentleman’s scent. Cigars and whisky. That’s the humidor. It really is a man cave. I think it’s really beautiful. But how do you treat a woman with discretion? “A gentleman enjoys and keeps silent”, they say. He is … You do something because you like to do it rather than to show off. Today, men treat women like objects. That’s not how it should be. We think that’s wrong, that’s why that’s one of our concerns here. So I simply place my lips like this? Where do I put the smoke if I don’t inhale? – Out. Where do you think we’re going? I have no idea at all. Do you see the little bar there? What’s that? – A gay bar. Really? Here in Zurich? Yes, here. – Are you kidding me? They know that? Hi love. I’m at a gay bar in Zurich! You didn’t realise that there are gay bars? – No. Crazy! Are there no gays in the body building world? Not that I know of. Maybe covertly, but … – Covertly? I’ve never thought about it. When I came into this bar I thought: “What’s Vali doing in here?” Hi Sibylle! – Hi! Hi. – Hello. Cheers! Valentin’s not only for the 1st time in a gay bar, he didn’t even know that such a thing exists! I don’t believe it! Damn crazy! Now I know how a woman feels when going out, the looks and all that. People have really narrow ideas of what male and female is. These ideas are completely outdated. There’s so much more: People are much more diverse. When I saw Anna for the first time I thought she was a hardrocker. But when I saw her background I realised that she’s the type of person who pays more attention to others than to herself. He’s really beautiful! I’m not much of a dancer. – Try it! The principle’s the same as with you: You say: “Dare to go ouot the way you feel fine.” We provide the courage and the community for men to dress elegantly, that they go out together proudly, as gentlemen. He’s very kind, almost gentle, I think that’s very beautiful contrasted with his hard appearance. She’s very cool, very open. OK? – And tense up. And laugh. I also had a slightly different image. When your girls came and celebrated you so much. You’re doing something really, really good. Anna, cheers to you, to what you’re doing, to how you’re helping people. We warmly welcome you to the Gentleman Club. The winner is … Valentin Marjakaj!

12 thoughts on “CLASH – Ladies vs. Gents E01

  1. Da hätte ich gerne mehr davon gesehen. Beides sehr sympathische Menschen, toll geschnitten und allg. produziert. Dürfte aber gerne noch ein bisschen kritischer sein.

  2. Sehr schön gmacht… 💯💪🏻 #teamAnna 🤩 und ebefalls toll zXeh im Video – our talented friend: Evalyn Eatdith 🥳👠🦄🌈

  3. Schön, endlich einmal etwas, das Grenzen abbaut, anstatt neue Grenzen zwischen den Geschlechtern zu bilden. Freu mi uf die nechscht Folg

  4. Hatte sich Swisscom keine besseren Geschichten ausdenken können, als über psychisch Degenerierte und gar Verwirrte noch Kurzserien zu erstellen? Schon der Teaser zeigte klar in welcher fantasievollen und „progressiven“ (nach linkem Verständnis) Richtung diese Kurzserie ablaufen wird. Schade für das Konzept an sich.

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