Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[Music] today’s my second video and show you what I’m eating for my contest preparation so today we are exactly at seven weeks out it’s my idea I will show you every meal for today but first I’m gonna do my cardio so 45 minutes and I’m back to you thank you so guys I just finished my 45 minutes of cardio I hope that I look a little bit more awake than 45 minutes ago so now that this is finished I will take my breakfast I will show you what it is but just before that I gonna talk about my cardio experience just to tell you I started a fitness and competition in 2014 so I was training over it only three months and after three months I did my first contest in that time you have to know that I knew absolutely nothing about it I was eating 2,700 calories that they cared you I prefer to skip them to do it so now we are in 2018 everything changed my food change my career change my training changed and I think that this result is much better also to explain to you I would like just that you know that my first contest I was at 79 kilos my second contest I was at 81 kilos but I did it the same way than the first one so decreasing my food a lot and almost nothing cardio but now in 2018 I am like 2,000 calories more than my first preparation so now I’m around three thousand seven hundred calories and I do a lot of car which means that I’m not losing as much weight then before but my cardio helps me to burn a lot of fat so I still keep my my shape and when I see my first contest I was really flat the day of the contest I couldn’t have any bump and at a lot of grams so this year I try to change it all to keep my weight and to have a lot of pump so now I’m doing my cardio daily today was the first time I did it at 45 minutes I did it for three weeks at 40 minutes then the three weeks before that I was at 30 minutes a day and before that I was 30 minutes every other day so I think that in seven weeks I will be above one hour without changing anything in my diet and to be shredded so now let’s go to my first meal I will show you the right thanks underground then 60 gram of weed [Music] charity English shaker iris to eat my breakfast weighed 400 grams of yogurt but now at 7 weeks I decided to remove every new product so now I’m gonna add some water on it and just mix it and drink it and yes it would be much easier with a blender but I don’t have any service [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] unless you see it works perfectly so this was my breakfast so welcome back this is now my second meal I will need some chicken and rice and some vegetables i cook all my rice at the same moment so I cook 400 grams of rice for my old day and I eat this with 200 grams of chicken and some vegetables the vegetables are don’t count I just needed to fill my stomach and that’s it so I’m gonna show you so this is how it looks like you can see that one meal is around 640 grams of food so time to eat and I will eat this meal 2 times today so I should eat only once and I will show you the other meals a little bit later so this is my fort meal of the day it’s beef with tomatoes and rice I use the same amount of beef then I use for chicken so this is also 200 grams of beef so time to eat so now this was my fort meal my fifth meal will be exactly the same so there is no point to show you but most of the time I change my meat I use pork or I use fish I just eat a little bit more fish instead of 200 grams I eat 300 grams my fat is quite low so I also take six omega-3s a day and for the rest year I drink minimum 2 or 3 liters of water a day but I’m also addicted to coca-cola zero so I drink a lot of coca-cola zero and a lot of coffee and before bed I drink also one cup of green tea so that’s it for my diet for today my other days my lower days are exactly the same except that I use only 300 grams of rice instead of 400 I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to subscribe thank you you

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