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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[Music] hi guys and welcome on my new channel on this channel are gonna show you my progress till my contest now I’m 7 weeks out and you can see some pictures of my posing of course I’m really flat on it because this is in the morning when I just woke up without any bump this video will show you one of my trainees so my current weight is 93 kilos and today I’m training my shoulders and my triceps this is the first exercise I’m doing solar person the Smith machine doing this four sets between 12 and 15 us as you can see it’s very important to go low enough and manifests [Music] so for my second exercise I’m gonna do the natural uses for this exercise is important to concentrate on the shoulders so don’t take too heavy because you will put more weight on your back and do not really train your shoulders [Music] so it’s also important to take enough rest between the sets or exercises and as you can see now I’m doing my third exercise to sister France race services the flood waters this also you should really concentrate on the shoulders and not on your back I’m doing most of the exercises for four sets between 12 and 15 of course of amateur you are with us even fall asleep but keep in mind that this is for you and after that my training will change and our reps so this is the top right who knows thank you very important to concentrate on the shoulders and knots that take all the weight on your back and just a little checkup between the exercises and you can see that there is quite a bump in the shoulders so this is the lateral race but with the machine in this exercise I’m taking less weight but I’m doing longer perhaps and now I’m doing the rear delt race it’s also important to stay with your body on your knees and that’s the last exercise I’m doing for my shoulders so now we’re gonna start my triceps and the first exercise is the scope crusher [Music] this exercise I’m doing not for a few months I didn’t do it before this is really efficient and the second exercise is the reverse don’t pressure which is a little bit more difficult also the way you take it because in this exercise you really have the feeling that it will fall on your head so watch out with this and now we are moving on on the triceps extension machine oh this one it’s really important to be on the right angle and keep your arms down and concentrate on the triceps [Music] so this is the last exercise for my triceps this is the rule who stone [Music] then as you can see I’m starting to suffer so now this is the last checkup yes I like University in the gym and hello smashing myself and this was it for today so if you have any questions I will answer them and it might mix with anything about my diet thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more thank you

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