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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Clean bulking versus dirty bulking. I think the question really is, are we muscle
building or are we fat building? You often hear people say when they’re putting
on muscle or they’re trying to bulk up, that they’re going to bulk up and then they’re
going to rip down. In fact, I even have a lot of clients and
others who will ask me, they’ll tell me they’re afraid to put on muscle, because they’re afraid
that the muscle, if they stop working out, it’s going to turn to fat. Muscle doesn’t turn to fat. A lion can’t turn into a giraffe. An apple can’t turn into a banana. They’re two completely different compositions
in your body. I think what’s extremely important is to understand
that no one, I think, wants to put on muscle at the expense of even gaining excess body
fat. It’s ultimately going to slow down your muscle
building process. Your goal should be to have clean calories
throughout the day, and to put on lean tissue and hold back your body’s growth in adipose
fat tissue. And the way you do that is by making sure
that your foods are healthy foods. I know some people, when they think about
dirty bulking it just really gives them a license to eat pretty much anything they want. They’ll spend their days eating, wolfing down
cheeseburgers and pizza. That’s only not going to give you the nutrition
you need to build muscle, but it’s also going to put a lot of adipose fat tissue in your
body that you’re going to have to lose ultimately. Most people don’t only want to be muscular
and maybe big, but they also want to have that muscularity be vascular and well conditioned. You want to make sure that you’re having clean
calories, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, smart fats. Stay away from hydrogenated trans fats and
so on. You’ll be sure that if you follow clean eating,
spacing your meals properly, you’ll be able to clean bulk which is put on lean tissue
without putting on a whole lot of fat at the same time, which is what everybody wants.

21 thoughts on “Clean Bulking vs. Dirty Bulking | Bodybuilding Diet

  1. I have a tip for you because I used to think the exact same way (and I sometimes do). You have to be consistent! If you're eating 4000 kcal one day, and then the next day you're eating 1500 then you are not going to gain weight! Start using myfitnesspal and track your calories every day. Start with 3000 kcal, and if you haven't gained any weight 2-4 weeks later, increase the calories by 500. Continue to do this until you see results. Be consistent!

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  9. You need fat for strength to lift big !
    if you dont lift big you dont get gains .
    Why do you think power lifters are so fat ?
    Eat big, Lift big, Cut !

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