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I told didn’t I tell her white rice it
looks like fried rice to me alright I’m Brandon Hendrickson IFBB men’s
physique pro and we’re gonna go look at some good
clean options of foods to eat if you have to eat out at a fast-food
restaurant a lot of restaurants actually have a lot
of high-protein low-calorie meals so it’s not always necessarily a bad thing
when you go out to eat alright so we got two options to take you to two different
restaurants where I would go to eat clean if I had to eat out our first stop
is Panda Express no thank you can I get a plate with half veggies half rice and
double teriyaki chicken no thank
you I would normally get if I wasn’t trying to eat clean I would definitely
get a double orange chicken with fried rice thank you I told didn’t I tell her
white rice it looks like fried rice to me this is a plate from Panda Express
it’s half fried rice half veggies and double teriyaki chicken
there’s about 85 grams of carbs in this meal and then you’ll get your micro
nutrients from the veggies the 85 grams will definitely help fuel my workout and
help with recovery post workout so yeah it’s a lot of carbs and now offseason I
would have no problem eating this meal but this is just too much for me being a
few weeks out from my show I ordered a white rice but I was given fried rice
instead every day yeah yeah yeah well thank you thank you I appreciate it all
right white rice all right so like I said I ordered fried rice instead of white
rice don’t make that mistake make sure you go back in and switch out
what you actually need so I actually went back and ordered some white rice
I’m not gonna eat the fried rice do not eat what you’re not supposed to eat all right so round two
so there’s 78 grams of protein in this chicken to help fuel my workout the
sodium is pretty high so you’ll have to take that into account the rest of your
day with this being a high sodium meal the rest of my meals will not be your
high sodium so there’s three options for these meals you can either get double
chicken half rice half veggies you can get half chicken with half rice and half
veggies or you can get double chicken with only veggies so we are going to our
second option it’s a Panera Bread it’s more of a soup and salad like cafe a
whole lot of carbs at Panera Bread Can I get a half and half half salad half
sandwich ah the roasted turkey would caramelized kale all right I’ll do
the roast turkey with avocado BLT and then all the chicken cobb with avocado Oh
would you be able to take out the mayonnaise yeah no mayo what kind of dressing
comes with this salad okay can you put that on the side thank you all right so we got a half salad half
sandwich this is the Cobb salad with avocado there’s chicken in here as well so
you’ll have your chicken and there’s an egg in there for protein and then you
have your avocado for healthy fats and there’s some other vegetables in there
for your micronutrients so the dressing is on the side I’m able to control how
much dressing I want this is a baguette being only a few weeks out from my show I
won’t eat this there’s a lot of carbs and don’t really digest bread too well
being this close but if I were eight weeks out this will definitely help with
my carb intake and help fuel my workout so this is the sandwich this is the half
roasted turkey BLT the sodium is a little high so you’ll have to take that
in account throughout the rest of your day so you want a lower fat meal you’ll
take out the avocado from the sandwich and then the egg from the salad Alright we’re going to get some food in us go hit
this workout show you how to build a perfect v-taper
I’m IFBB men’s physique pro Brandon Hendrickson make sure you subscribe

100 thoughts on “Clean Fast Food: Panda Express & Panera Bread w/ Brandon Hendrickson

  1. She messed that order up on purpose knowing a body builder like him would be picky and come back for the right order , lol a married woman unaware she was on microphone and she is on the hunt for some D, go figure

  2. I work at panera it makes it easy to get healthier options quick but if you're cutting keep away from the bread. Southwest salad is great.

  3. Every time I watch a video about eating clean or healthy. Someone has to comment about if they think the guy is on steroids. Who cares? I know I'm not taking any so why would it bother me if he was or not. If the info is good then that should be it. J/S

  4. Which state they have panda express,, drive-thru is cool,,, I only see panda,, @ the Mall even panera bread don't have Drive-thru,,

  5. Panda Express is basically Chinese Food which is tasty yeah white rice … soy souce has a lot of sodium but makes rice taste better haha … Panera bread French Onion soup is tasty but has 2000mg of sodium, and bread is a lof carbs hehe

  6. I prefer the chipotle action. If i were having a post workout meal.I would’ve hit half scoop of brown rice black beans. Some grilled veggies aka fajitas. Half chicken or tofu or 100 percent chicken. Then hit it with some medium spicy sauce. No cheese or guac no sour cream either. Finish it with lettuce

  7. Why not get a grilled chicken salad from Panera? Why go for the sandwich options if you’re 8 weeks out? Personally I think better options are at Panera vs Panda Express. Even better than those two would be Chipotle. You can’t go wrong with lettuce, black beans and salsa

  8. If you want the staff to stop screwing up ur order, stop going through the drive thru. Park ur car and go into the store and order. The staff routinely screws up my order, which is why I never use drive thru anymore. I go into the store.

  9. Lmao these body builders know damn well they don't get lean eating fucking panda express or any fast food clean or not i don't care how much cardio they do even on gear the truth is u have to starve it off and dehydrate yourself

  10. I worked at Panera Bread for 2 years they are far from healthy and fresh…Soups come in a bag, bread comes already made jus have to bake it …They are very much a racist company

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