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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Welcome guys! Today we’re dealing with the topic “How to clean” We have dealt with a lot of topics until now. I also want to welcome two new participants today I’m curious about your clean skills! I certainly know Johannes
and Thomas too
Dori as well. Koray and Felix are also joining us today. I’m looking forward to teach you how to clean as an exercise of classical clean and jerk weightlifting You have already warmed up so that you should be good to grab a bar bell. Let’s start to clean in this area. Let’s go! Only one each Alright Pay attention to the width of the handle during the clean! Anyone know the width we go for? Johannes has an idea! My idea would be bead seat width or perhaps a bit wider Why do you think wider than bead seat width? Because we have to clean it afterwards and then move into the front squat Couldnt’ have explained it much better! It is important not to pinch your fingers. So this is also a reason for a wider grip of the barbell. But don’t forget that in the end it’s always down to the individual This means that you can also adjust after clean There are a few experts for this movement. But we start the exercise by taking the barbell a bit wider than bead seat width so that the barbell fits between shoulder and collarbone without pinching our fingers and worrying about being unable to move our elbows. Grabbing the barbell wider
is also better with regard to elbow mobility. ok, now everyone assume a position on this line! Today’s workshop topic is “clean”
and I want to give them an understanding of this exercise. It is based on olympic weightlifting
and part of the classical clean and jerk. We have a lot to do today,
especially because there are a lot of things to keep in mind, such as: correct waist position, working close to the body, don’t move the barbell too far away, don’t do additional movements and to get a reasonable dynamic to the whole motion! The major challenge today will be to accomplish the clean while being in deep squat position because doing it whilst standing the so-called “power clean” isn’t too difficult. Doing the clean in the lunge position, an older method, would also be a challenge. Because inexperienced people tend to do the clean while being in a lunge position. This is always interesting to look at But it would be great to work on the clean at deep squat position as the supreme discipline today Actually the clean is an exercise which comes from weightlifting containing multiple phases including the deadlift which is used in powerlifting I think the clean can be transferred to many other sports and it can make you get better, more explosive, faster, able to jump higher so it gives you great benefits in terms of your athletic performance. Just as you like! I personally lift with special lifting shoes
for over 30 years now. I could also lift without any shoes but it wouldn’t feel right and would not give enough stability. I personally like to grab the dumbell one thumb lenght from the blank patch …up to here. Considering that everyone is taller than me, everyone has to grab the dumbell wider than me. Alright? Otherwise you’ll get problems with your mobility. Let’s start by splitting the clean up into separate sequences To begin with we have the first pull…. up to here… than the knee phase and then the second pull from the middle of the knee. It’s a steady acceleration, starting at the bottom picking up the pace in the knee phase. Therefore no longer accelerated steadily. It’s important that down here… You can see I’m drawing myself closer You get the feeling of 100kg Moving upwards… this is the knee phase… It is very important to pass the knees safe and clean! That’s a matter of habit. If you can’t pass the knees you are probably holding your hands to close around the dumbbell instead of just using the hook grip. Next up: the knee phase… in which you open up your hip a bit more than your knees… to get to this extension. It is called “motion-curve”… but to keep it in mind it is better to imagine a vertical line, alright? Try to work as close as possible to your body And I can’t repeat it enough: The power is coming from your legs! Like in all weightlifting disciplines the legs are the strongest body part, so weightlifters have to rely on them and make lifts using their power. It is important to keep a high muscle tension in your back to transmit the power ideally onto the barbell. I use the metaphor of a bow which can transmit the power perfectly. As soon as I start moving in another direction the whole power transmission decreases So keep high muscle tension to let your back transmit the power. We don’t jerk at the beginning of the movement because we don’t win anything by doing so! Jerking at the beginning will provoke a counter movement which we have to compensate later. I know that some guys are excited like “Damn this is a heavy weight” and then you see this jerking at the beginning of the movement which is really bad because you will have said counter movement Just go in, strain yourself like a feather… and then explode! steady… And then bam! Really high. That’s how we do it! Basically it’s like a high straight jump where we transmit the power via muscle tension onto our back over the arms and upon the barbell. First lift! Let’s keep it easy, practically the same like a deadlift Lift it up a bit, we are already in the second phase, but practically i want you to lean forward with your hip so that afterwards we’ll be close enough with our hip Press your butt cheeks together and raise your hip to the front. This is the first phase which we will do with the barbell. I’ll show you again. OK? Come here! As you can see the barbell is in direct contact to my shinbone I pull it up, move myself up and move the hip forward This is all I want to see from you guys. Keep your arms stretched. Only now do you start to use your arms. Also common… There’s no extension so there can’t be any power transferred! Slightly move your hip to the front, as if you want to take a rest. This is the first phase – Let’s do it! Now it’s your turn and I will correct your mistakes. Keep standing on your whole foot and keep the vertical line in mind. Keep your body close to the barbell. Don’t put your butt too high, so you can use the power from your legs Stand waist-wide, your feet pointing outwards slightly, knees looking in the same direction and don’t forget to raise your chest! Keep your head up high Dori! Well done! Felix, well done too! Okay, you guide them downwards the same way that you picked them up This way we intensify the movement as well. Lift it up rhythmically. Johannes: What would you say about the head position? I know why you’re asking! In contrast to other athletic sports weightlifters tend to keep their heads a bit higher. I’ve also discussed this topic with some weightlifters and came to the conclusion that professional weightlifters are not affected that much by this fact as the average sportsman. So pushing our heads too far to our neck can lead to a compression of muscles which can be impairing. But actually your are looking for a higher point of orientation and also pulling up in this phase. You also have to keep your head a bit higher because you want to pass by your chin. It already happened that I bumped the barbell against my chin while jerking. Any questions so far? Felix, everything ok? Doing well so far? You moved your hip forward propely? Ok, next phase is to get a bit faster. We also have to work with our shoulder muscles especially with the trapezius and let it do the so-called rest of the work. Keep your arms stretched at the same time. I call it the “no idea!”-phase Just pull your shoulders up to your ears But don’t pull to the front when doing so. We want to have an extension like that, always a bit rear-facing. We want to reach this 45 degress but we transmit it to the barbell to push it in a straight line and up. Let me show you how to do it! Keep your muscle tension in your back. Pull it up and move your shoulders at the same time. As you can see I push the barbell immediately back along my thighs… and they stay in contact. If you are doing this correctly you’ll wreck your pants! This is the reason why weightlifters always tape their pants when wearing their favourite ones. They’ll never bin their pants, instead they will tape them. And by the way we don’t have to shave our thighs because there is no hair growing anyway. Other parts you may have to shave to improve the sliding movement. Ok, everyone grab your barbells and do the whole motion up to shoulder height. But nevertheless think about keeping your arms stretched… as they will follow shortly after that. Move your hip forward. Felix could stand a bit wider. Ok, nice. Think about taking your shoulders to the back. You are all doing well, not much to complain about for me here! For me the difficulty with the clean is to keep the correct speed-up in different phases. While doing deadlifts at the beginning I always try to speed up as much as possible. But this doesn’t work with the clean and it’s certainly much more complex than deadlifts. We are now prepared for the next phase where we start using our arm power. The biggest mistake would be to use our arm power too early We don’t use our arms before we are in full extension and are using our shoulders A lot of people are used to lift a lot with their arm power and this is why they use their arms too early. But we want to work a lot with our legs, so we have to get to the full extension of our back and only then we’re using our arms. I showed you really slowly but is supposed to be a smooth movement Let me show you how to do it! I won’t do a hook grip so don’t pin me down to that! I pull it up! I pulled the barbell really close along my body. It is really important not to move forward or backwards. And always remember to move your hip forward to reach a maximum extension We can only transmit the power to the barbell coming from our legs if we are in maximum extension. Do I have to stand on the tip of my toes? Yes! In the next phases we will even jump a little bit. But we’re not quite there yet. ok? But the most important thing is to get into maximum extension! It’s like during an karate chop where you get the highest energy when your arm is stretched This is the same way we want to transmit the energy by being in full extension After being in full extension we just have to pull our arms to the top The barbell is like a second object or more precisely a second body. It is important to reach a certain height with the barbell during the clean This is why we have to pull the barbell as high as possible! In weightlifting we call this the “fast pull” Every object on earth has an inertia force Every object on earth has an inertia force This is the moment when we have to pull our body weigth around this second object But for now we just pull the barbell up. Ok, now grab your barbells Please think about stretching your back to the full extension! Use the power from your legs and don’t work with your arms too early! Try to control your back Felix! Stay upright! Remember the vertical line and don’t push the dummbbell away from your body! Koray, your motion stays in a vertical line that’s good! But you have to use the bounce out of your legs and combine it with the pull of your arms Keep it in one smooth motion otherwise you are slowing down the power. Johannes mind your upper back! Felix, you have to pull the barbell a bit closer to your body within the upper range. You are doing well with your legs though. Dori, you could push your hip forward a bit more. Ok, Thomas now you are doing better with your hip Everything ok Johannes? Yes, I get it in theory, but actually doing it is very difficult. What’s the biggest problem for you? You tell me! I think the problem is my insufficient hip movement and I find it difficult to keep the barbell close to my body. OK. So we agreed that the hip needs to be closer to the body. You have to keep the muscle tension in your upper back Muscular people often have… Yes that’s it! Now you got much more muscle tension in your upper back Try to build up a muscle pre-tension and carry the barbell down to the ground Hold it up! Yes you are right, that works much better! Ok? Try to build up a muscle pre-tension! Make sure to keep muscle tension in your upper back I often recognize that people with a lot of muscles have the problem that they rely on their strenght in the upper back. Yes “people with a lot of muscles” like Johannes… You can give me the 50€ afterwards Johannes! So muscular people often rely on their strenght in the upper back instead of being in a vertical line and keeping muscle tension. But by doing so we will lose power during the clean, so try to avoid it guys! ok, fine! Now let’s come to another important point: Lower the barbell fast to the ground passing your thighs like in the upwards movement. You will get an good pre-tension by doing so which will positively affect the next repetition! Alright? Let’s go! I know this is some kind of stamina training right now! But we’ll manage! Marco is a real pro and we can learn a lot from him. Especially in which position we have to start and how to hold our hands. His methodical explanation of how the different movement phases are divided is great too! You’ll definitely profit from his knowledge on teaching other people how to clean. Basically to clean right is the foundation which is needed to do a overhead press. So that’s cool! Retain it up there and drop it via the thighs, keeping the muscle tension in your back Yes, Koray the power transmission is much better now, because you use your legs more than before! Remember that lowering the barbell to the ground can also give you a good pre-tension. When you train from a higher position it is better not to let the barbell fall to fast to the ground. Lower it smoothly to the ground and also hold your muscle tension. This gives you a much better pre-tension for the next repetition! What do you mean by “higher position”? You mean “elevated position”? Yes, exactly! Try to lower the barbell downwards as smoothly as possible and keep it as close to your body as possible. This leads to a double effect as we train in both movements, upwards and downwards. If you are tired it looks like this. Certainly when people are exhausted it happens that they can’t keep their muscle tension during the downwards movement. But always remember that if you don’t keep your muscle tension, power transmission won’t work. Muscle tension is the name of the game! Ok, another round. Stop with the barbell on shoulder height and lower it downwards smoothly Felix, you have to pull the barbell a bit closer to your body at the upper range. Johannes, push your hip forward a bit more. Get pretension! Your hip came, yes …. But now you were unclean at the thigh. You can see at Koray, that he is developing. It is his first time doing the clean. Here you’ve got a better power transmission! Koray, don’t forget this! Let’s keep this up! Dori is also a good example for the tenseness in his upper back. Yes … Now he’s holding it a bit better. When you train with friends, touch them on the upper zone, which should be strained. Just touch them for a short time and tell them if they need more tenseness, then they will hold it better. Right… Yes, your hip can come a bit more. Thomas, you have to put your butt further down in the starting position. Don’t look at me! Yeees, did you hear the knee? I heard it! Hahaha! You heard it too, and you felt it right? Ok, all right. Are you ready? The rest of you can take a look. A bit more dynamic! Power transmission out of your legs, and explode at the top! The thigh is touched only during the reverse move. But nevertheless we pull it here over the thigh. When we make the upper move, the bar-bell and our thighs touch each other! And here it is all chafed. No hair is growing here… Not more than an inflammation of the hair roots… In that case you are doing it right! It’s pretty intense but I really like it. It is my first time doing the clean. Let’s see, what happens…I am excited! Now we move on to the next step of the clean. It is very important, that we use the flow that we’ve been working on until now. It’s crucial that we throw the hip back, when we make the clean. Some tend to forget to move in with the hip. It’s very important to stretch close to the hip, clench your butt cheeks As I said before, make sure that you don’t go to ground immediately but that you reach zero speed at some point Use the barbell to move around and throw your hip back a bit to stay mobile. You looking forward to it Johannes? Johannes: I’m trying! I’ll show you using this barbell. Sorry, but it can’t show it any slower. We have to work fast… With athletic sports it’s the weight lifter that are the fastest with the barbell. They always have to go for speed. …and use their speed to transfer it. Assume your position, tenseness in your back… As you can see I try to regroup as fast as I can This way you are on your toes when stretching and you can even make a little jump outwards. This sound will let you know when you’ve reached the ground… and that the barbell represents the end point up here. If it works like this… we’ve got a problem! …it fits! And then we can get up. Let yourself know with an accoustic signal that you’ve reached the end point. Because often enough I see this… It’s important to work close to your body, otherwise you’ll be hesitant. Work close to your body then the impact won’t be as hard. Of course you might get scared if you think 100kg are coming down onto you. So work very closely, keep the weight close. You’re in control of the weight not the other way round! I’ll show you once more then we can get back to practicing. Can everyone see me? Johannes: Yeah we can see you and it looks great when you know how to do it! I’ve been working on it for years…ok Stand up! It’s your turn! Don’t go up Felix, keep your arms close to the body. Johannes is able to use his legs more, transfer power from the legs onto the tense back and the barbell. Fine… now go for synchronicity! Feet to the right position and reach your end position with your barbell onto your shoulder and collarbone. The motion sequence is quite complex. At least on paper it is quite simple, but in practice really hard to perform. I’m doing it properly for the first time today. The more you do it the smoother the movement gets… …if you know what to do with your upper body and the barbell. I’ve already did the olympic front squat which gives me an important advantage. So I know roughly where to put the barbell. Let’s get the barbell! Work close to the body. Clean and stay close to the body. Keep the barbell close, don’t make any additional movements forwards or backwards. Otherwise we have to compensate these movement. Make sure to go backwards with your hip and stay mobile… otherwise you may get following problems… Wait a minute! …welcome opportunity to make a pause! The following thing could happen: If I don’t move my hip backwards I can’t react anymore and fall over. But if I’ve got my bottom back here I can react like a feather. I’m able to react much better and can compensate at all times. Therefore keep your hip close to always be able to react. I always compare it to the following… Johannes you will likes this… It’s like dancing… Think about “up”, which is why the best dancers move their hips closer and then push them out again. Keep the hips smooth. Let’s go! Yes Dori! That looks good. I will definitely go to dancing with Dori… …and then we will dance them all against the wall! Ok, here a bit more up… Your elbows are fast around. That’s good Felix. I like that! FELIX: Were my elbows too far away, or what? Yes, a little bit, but you have got your elbows fast around which is good. Hip! You have to throw your hip back! Dori, the step to the back shows you, that your hip position isn’t right… Because of that you had to balance it… Think of your hip extension! Koray, please stand still for a moment! Do your next rep and stand still… all right… Is that ok? Put your hip a little bit to the back… all right… You need to have a feeling for your mobility ok? Otherwise you are to stiff and not mobile enough You will need this mobility for the next phase – the overhead phase! But we won’t do that part today, don’t worry. We’ll save it as a special. We will do the over-head-movement separately. Today our focus is on the clean and preparaing for the clean and jerk. I will have a look at Thomas one more time. Thomas, be sure that you move your hips. To the front and back again. Ha! Did you see that? In his thoughts he already was already at his hips. This is why he didn’t push his hips to the front. This is a common problem. “My trainer says, told me keep your hip back”, and then i forget the first move. My hips were in a backward position, right? – Yes, but the back wasn’t streched. Right! This happens often, when in your head you are already at the next step. You just noticed how complicated the move is, when you want to put it all together. “It looks so easy!”, is what most people say. And you said “please don’t do it so fast!” … But it doesn’t work, if you do it slowly. You have to work fast for the power transmission to work All right! Everbody one more time, and then we will do something else. Felix, lower your butt a bit more when you lift. Think of your hips, Dori! Work dynamic! That looks good Felix! Do the full movement in one move to the top. Felix, you’re getting tighter and tighter when you clean. It looks good. All right! It is pretty tight at the top. This is cool. Koray, stretch! And then bring your hip back. Your jump is getting wider and wider. Yeah, definitely getting wider. OK guys, hold it. It’s important for us to be fast with this exercise, right? This is why we lift on my command. I count and you lift at the same time. Please make sure you can observe each other. It’s all about being the fastest now. Make sure to lift at the same time. You can then compare how fast you are. You want to try to be the fastest by going in a clean and straight line up, although there willl of course be a line of movement. Take a breather, gather yourselves. I will then begin to count. The command goes “three, two, one, go!”. Only start lifting on “go!”. Each try only counts when I say “drop”. Only then are you allowed to drop. We’ll do one more and then take a look to find out who was the fastest. We’ll then take the fastest as a benchmark for the next round. Let me know when you’re ready. I’ve already got some advice! Yeah? Yeah… I’ll keep the advice in mind for later Are you ready? Do observe each other. Get pretension. Three… Two… One… Go! Go! And? I couldn’t see what was happening behind me, Thomas sounded quick. Yeah, Thomas was quick. You were very fast as well. But Thomas won the round. I didn’t pay attention whether everything was done correctly. But this was about speed, OK? Let’s all watch Thomas now. Grab the barbell and lift it together with Thomas. I will give the signal and Thomas will set the pace. Pretension. Three… Two… One… Go! Go! He was faster, right!? Nice work. Last try, same procedure before we intensify the movement further. i.e. approaching a low squat. Are you ready? Feeling good? Breathe… It’s about explosiveness so we’ll be speedy again. Watch Thomas, he will set the pace again. I’ll count. Get pretension, grab the barbell. Three… Two… One… Go! Drop! OK! It’s about the competition. We do want to measure ourselves against the quickest. Might not make a lot of sense when trying to learn the skill in the first place? Technique is always the most important, but speed needs to accompany the learning process. Otherwise you won’t be able to be as dynamic with the movement. It’s difficult for me to demonstrate the technique with a broom stick… …as I need some weight to go through with transmitting my power. Using 50kg it looks OK, including decent power transmission. Let’s move on to the next phase. We clean, while standing up. This was a power clean so far. Anything over 90 degrees in the knees counts as a power clean. Traditional methods tell us to go into a deep squat. We’ve got relatively light weights which all of you should be in control of. Even when during biceps curling, right? Not me… I want you to clean, secure the barbell and then do a front squat. You may have to adjust the position of your feet. Please remember the position and during the next regroup you go straight into it. Are you ready? No counting this time. Clean while standing, secure up top and squat! Johannes is squatting straight away. Secure up to, then concentrate on the squat. It’s very important to me as you then may correct your position with your feet. Your feet were quite far apart just now. You noticed that as well, meaning you would’ve gone into that position and then done the front squat. Dori is doing it free-handed, ok. Marco, what was my mistake exactly? As you must have noticed your jump was very wide. Obviously… But what about up top? You went into a deep squat straight away and I think you’ve got a safe stand if you don’t jump in as far. That happened automatically, I didn’t even notice. But in principle it was right to go into the deep squat, or not? I wanted you to power clean while standing, stand up straight and then go down. Because then you are able to re-position your feet if you need to and you can then use this stand for your next clean. Can’t I just say that, if I do a normal front squat, I try to keep the same width when standing? Not necessarily, I think that there will always be individual adjustments. So this will naturally get me into my individual position? Exactly. So this is what I’m expecting when you’ve got tension up to and are positioning your feet. I may have minor individual adjustments with the front squat. As I’m concentrating on the exercise my feet may be positioned a bit wider than usual. For example when we do the snatch, my stand is a big wider, than when we clean. During the clean we need the whole extension and we have to transmit all our power. During the jerk the technique is a bit more important, so I can stand a bit wider… …and have a more stable position. That’s why I’m varying a bit anyway. When I set out to clean, I have to adjust my stand so I will have a better position to clean again at the next try. I will perceive the same stand position for the next try. Any more questions? Ok, let’s do it one more time! Power clean while standing, save up top as usual and then a front-squat. Let’s go! JOHANNES: Now I did it right, or not? Now do a front-squat! Yeeaah … You just corrected your position. Now remember this feet position for the next time when you do the clean! All right? JOHANNES: That was the same position I used during the clean. No! You stood slightly different and then repositioned your feet a bit narrower and then did the front-squat. Just do it one more time! Do a power clean, save while standing and then you do a front squat. But… I thought it would be right to go directly into the squat?! That will be the next step! But I want you to seek out the squat position and stay there. This is why we make a power clean and then go into a deep squat. I can’t just assume that you are able to move into the deep squat immediately. So you can see this as a preparing exercise to get used to the deep squat movement. First you make a power clean and afterwards the front squat. All right? Do it again! Felix, your butt always moves backwards a bit. Keep your tension before moving up! Yes, that’s better! Guys, think about moving smoothly! 50kg are no problem… Move smoothly and try to avoid bouncing at the the bottom. Felix move smoothly… All right! Johannes, I still have the feeling that your feet get closer now… …at the moment before you move into the squat. JOHANNES: The barbell doesn’t lay right on my shoulders…and I already move down. Yes, I’ve also noticed that! You have to be higher with the barbell… and steeper with your back… otherwise you will tilt forwards. But we want to keep the tension and keep the movement under control. I’m sorry but to a certain extent this is a problem of mobility in the shoulder and triceps. But I’m working on it! Yes, of course, that was to be expected. Everyone is specialised on different exercises today. I mean as a weightlifter you are highly specialised and not necessarily an all-rounder. All right, now do another front squat! You had more tension with the second front squat then your first …and now for the last phase of the clean: We will move directly into the deep squat. Everyone is improving a lot with this training session. You can see their technical progress. Some of them already had some weightlifting skills. Even Koray is improving although he told me that he never did olypmpic weightlifting before. It’s important for me to stick with the different levels of skill… and present good and understandable theory which they can use to improve their skills. That’s always a big challenge for me as a coach. I think the key advantage of this exercise is that you also train your cardiovascular system. It is like doing cardio training with barbells and I’m even sweating! Are you still about to train or what? Ok, let’s move on to the last part of today’s topic: the classical clean. We are really fast in the squat position. It’s like one continuous movement. But nevertheless we can concentrate on the power clean. I also did this in the past. But the weight forced me to get into the deep squat position… so I realised that it doesn’t work while standing and that I had to move myself around the barbell. Always remember the weight as a second object which you move around yourself. The so-called “clean phase”. I will show you again: We will go dynamically into the squat… without stopping and finish the movement properly. ok, pre-tension… Did you see how dynamic my squat movement was? I didn’t slow down or stop. You’ve got to have the feeling of the weight and where the barbell is I’m controlling the barbell as if we are one object but nevertheless I move around it and never lose contact with it Any questions so far? The theory is easy, let’s now try it! Do I have to control and stop the weight at shoulder height? Yes, but nevertheless try to perform a dynamic motion Be faster! You have to be faster when moving into the squat position. First deficits are showing up now! Thomas please put the barbell to your collarbone and shoulder! Otherwise if we would use more weight you couldn’t hold it up there. Try to bringt the barbell in contact with the collarbone as soon as you reach the position. Ok guys, it’s your turn to show me again the classical clean and I will correct you. The dynamic movement to the squat position will be a big challenge for you. Don’t forget to move your hip below a parallel level Clean close to your body, moving down to the squat dynamically and stand up again It’s your turn! Felix don’t forget to maintain your body tension! Otherwise you will fall over, ok? The break was too long! Koray now you are standing on your whole foot, thats much better. You are now in a stable squat because you moved your feet into the right position. You have improved a lot considering that this is your first time doing the clean. Johannes’ rep looks really well-controlled I would love to see him doing reps with 100kg, but let’s not exaggerate! I’ll have a look at Felix again and then move on to you guys at the front! It is really important to keep your muscle tension during the whole exercise Keep your muscle tension in the back at all times! Speedwise it is good and don’t forget to hold the tension Do me a favour and lift your head up a little bit. Your back is a bit curved when you are in the squat position. Even your hip was not close enough to the barbell, but to combine all of these things is the key to success. I’ve worked on this technique for years! I only had street sneakers on and a very basic technique when I participated in my first competition. Didn’t matter though, I was strong enough to beat everyone nonetheless. But I still had to continue to work really hard on my technique! Now it’s your turn! Let’s go! Keep the tension! You are a bit too steep when going upwards. Raise your butt a little bit. Actually weightlifters call it ass – Let your ass down! But you should raise it a bit higher. Come on, another try! And then it’s Thomas turn. Prepare yourself for 3 reps which we will do together and we’ll count. Ok, did anyone notice something? No extension? Yes exactly! This was the only part which can be optimised. You didn’t extend your hip. But your movement was dynamic and also your back tension was ok and not too steep You were bent over a bit and you controlled the barbell by being over it with your shoulders during the lift movement Ok, Thomas! What would you say about it? I forgot the extension! Yes, same mistake but at least you noticed it yourself. That’s a step in the right direction! Now try to do it with the whole extension As though you were aiming to overstretch Actually we don’t want to overstretch, but you have to imagine it. He has lost some dynamics now because he was too focused to get the right extension Needless to say that focussing on the right technique is important but because of he is focusing on concentrating he lost some dynamic. Ok, now we’re doing it again with counting, so we can orientate ourselves the best way This will be the last part for today and after that we are finished unless you have any questions for me! Are you ready? You know the drill! Please prepare for a classical lift in deep squat position. Pre-tension at the barbell. 3,2,1, – Go! Great! I’m sorry but all tries are invalid because I didn’t give the signal! I’m sorry! One of your dropped the barbell and everyone else followed! If you jump off a cliff, everyone else will follow. But no problem! Who was the fastest? I think we all had the same speed? You guys in the front were a bit faster and Felix also showed good speed. Ok, now let’s do it again, but now let’s keep all the same speed. So it’s about who will be in the starting position first? But this would mean that the faster i move to the bottom… No, I’m just counting to this point! We have to be fast up to that point… Take your time with the rest 3,2,1, – Go! I’m sorry but we want to finish this with a valid try! Ok, now another mistake showed up: You did the clean while standing because you focused yourself on the right speed I’ve spotted the mistake here… I’m not sure with you guys… You recognized too late that you had to get back to the squat position Ok guys now put together all exercise modules and let’s do a final try – but please valid! Please wait for my signal We will repeat this until we get it right! Get pre-tension… 3,2,1, – Go! Down to the squat! Go! 4 valid tries… What happened Dorian? DORIAN: I lost the weight balance during the clean… I also got the feeling that you were too fast and were too desperate to lift the weight to get under it. So, everyone else has finished training for today and I will do an additional hour with Dorian! No, just kidding! But try it one more time please, Dorian. Everyone else is welcome to try once more if you like, so that we all end our training with a good clean and a valid try. Let me count again…. Get pre-tension… 3,2,1 – Go! Ok, that would be a long extra hour! I think Dorian needs our mental help. The rest of you don’t need to do it again. Dorian gets our full attention! He needs our support. And we will all see, that this try will be very nice and clean. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the third and last try. 3,2,1 – Go! Down! Ok guys, good job to all and thanks! This was our special workshop about the clean. It was a great pleasure for me. I hope for you too. It was also a nice challenge and thanks a lot for working with me. See you the next time, when it’s all about… Jerk! It was a great and diverse training for me today and it was nice to get coached myself. Especially from somebody who works in another field and explains the moves with another vocabulary. Do you know what I mean? Yes, I know exactly what you mean! Not only squatting the whole time but also moving the hips below parallel. Just power clean, no clean and jerk! Yes! Marco explains it very well and clear. The guys worked very well, improving the quality of our clean. I am very satisfied with this workshop and looking forward to the next one: jerk This will be another challenge. The guys have to train a bit more and then we will test their skills next time!

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  7. To all followers and friends of BBRev, thanks so much for your comments and feedbacks. We have some time issues at the moment why it's not possible to answer the majority of your comments. We have some really exciting videos in the making you will surely enjoy. Good workouts to you! Konrad

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  23. great video but i didnt really think the way it was taught is good for people tyring to learn. the coach was teaching getting the bar to your shoulders, and then front squatting, while it should be getting the bar propelled upwards, and then getting UNDER the bar.

    the way he taught it works for lighter weights but heavy cleans requires getting under the bar.

    i thought it was kinda weird that when he demonstrated, he did it perfectly, getting under the bar rather than the front squat being a seperate movement, but he taught it differently

  24. 😀 wie der THomas beim zuhören dasteht, sieht man sofort dass der Länger beim Militär war. Ist mir hier das ersdte mal aufgefallen.
    Vielen Dank für das großartige Video! Großartige Athleten und absolut genialer Coach!!!

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    Ich habe mich gewaltig geirrt. Der kann's einfach 🙂
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    Alles in allem, gutes Video.
    Ich vermisse vor allem, die klare Unterteilung und Erklärung vom 1. und 2. Zug. Ich glaube das hätte den 5 Jungs viel geholfen.
    Auch dass die Parallelverschiebung des Rückens und der Lift in der Beuge nicht angesprochen wurde enttäuscht mich ein wenig. Und als Letztes hätte er den gewonnenen Beschleunigungsweg durch die Streckung der Fussgelenke, dem Öffnen der Hüfte und dem Hochziehen der Trapeze besser demonstrieren und klar sagen können, bis zu welchem Zeitpunkt (Start des Umgruppierens) diese "geöffnete" Position gehalten werden sollte.
    Aber natürlich muss man irgendwo die Grenzen setzen. 🙂

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  31. Sometimes it's hard to know who really knows their stuff, but the very fact that he's German builds confidence (and being an olympic coach). Thanks for the video and subtitles!

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  33. I think there's alot of different ways to do the clean. Klokov taught the barbell only flies maximum to the navel and this guy does it how I do it. I prefer his method tbh so much easier

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