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100 thoughts on “CLENBUTEROL: The Ultimate Fat Shredding Drug | THE FAKE NATTY SECRET TO SUCCESS!

  1. if you would just regularly check your blood glukose/ketones a long with a low carb approach you would drop weight. taking advice from someone who is ripped but is eating 200 grams of carbs a day is obviously not going to work for the average person. Drink a fucken coffee and stop eating sugar.

  2. Clen is shit it does nothing unless you are on a really strict diet and even then you are probably taking 2 pounds fat loss if that and it is very dangerous don’t do it

  3. Bodybuilding is a drug game. Always on a diet which I s costly, countless hours in the gym a week. Its as tough sport , wish I never done it and did karate or boxing instead, but after 8 years of bodybuilding, I think its psychological, I always feel good and look good and people complement muscles all the time.

  4. Notice how all of these clen "forum posts" are for BAD sides. None of how a lot of people have very few or even NO sides.

  5. I've taken clen off and on for a year. In two weeks my abs were amazing. And super vascular. I have to Inject people with iodine everyday, my hand shakes like a maniac.

  6. Do you gain back the weight post cycle? If you maintain a healthy diet and maintain your training do you maintain the results? Or do you lose if all after it leaves your system?

  7. 5 years ago I bought the liquid from Purity Solutions when it was a legit site before the owner died. My plan was a teeny tiny dose to gage my tolerance. Well the dose would be at 5-6am immediately before awakening. That way I'd go immediately to the gym and drink and sweat it out of my system. By it being a dropper type bottle, I would take 1-2 tiny miniscule drops under my tongue because of all I heard about it. I was doing fine for 2 weeks until I had an appt one morning and missed the gym. When I tell you around 3-4 a clock my heart was beating like crazy. Then hours later I felt sleepy but my heart was still going. I went to the gym with a gallon of water and did the sauna to get it out of my system. Scared the shit out of me. That is my Clen story. The ECA stack is a better choice if you just have to do something and even that you still have to be in good condition and genetically you never know how something will effect you specifically.

  8. 6:16 listen to when he says heart rate… also 6:29 when he says heart palpitations..what happened to the phony Boston accent?? 😂🤣😂

  9. I use t4 gh clembuterol cetotifene and liraglutide and testosterone to control clem side effects use propranolol taurine and potassium for cramps clonidine melatonin for insomia

  10. I use to use this 23 .years ago and I must admit I hated it .true to the fact the shakes cramps unbearable…..headaches…can be nasty..back then it was in powder form…voooof not pleasant…

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  13. Do you know anything about Astralean brand of clenbuterol? 2 days ago, I started my first clen cycle with 40mcg. I felt absolutely nothing. No shakes. No sweating. No body heat. Yesterday, I upped it to 80mcg. Still nothing. Today, I just took 80 mcg a couple of hours ago. I still feel nothing. I'm probably going to take another 40mcg to reach 120mcg.

    Did I get ripped off? Are my pills bunk? Has anyone heard of Astralean brand?

  14. Clen is a joke. It does NOT get you shredded. The effects are minimal on weight loss, and causes way more negative effects than any questionable benefits. Tried it twice, both times my resting heart rate at night would be around 85-90bpm as opposed to 55bpm off it. You're basically making your heart work double time when it shouldn't be. You'll be shaking like Kathryn Hepburn. It's not good. The other problem is the cramping. I would get muscle cramps in the strangest places, and they would be bad. One day I got a hammy cramp that dropped me to the floor in the gym, thought my hamstring was going to snap, scared the heck out of me. People were like, Dude are you alright?!?! It's just not worth it. Eat properly and get learn discipline, stop looking for shortcuts.

  15. how to use it?
    Cause everybody saiys what it does, but no info how to use it?
    In the morning with meal? with coffee only?
    How long cardio on it?

  16. can someone tell me where to buy clen online? everything looks sus. thank you, i just want to get shredded brah 😂

  17. I'm against the use of that tank top… what are you doin scotty!!! But honestly… Im In Rhode island…. where's your gym at … you're obviously from mass… just dont know where

  18. 15 year ago used clen, know as veNtipulmin powder only avail in Europe, the best shredded product , no need to diet this thing a powerful fat burning used cautious:{{ pyramidal } COME TO A POINT THERE IS NO ROOM FOR FAT UNDER YOUR SKIN. WINTER TIME YOU FEEL HOT.IT IS A GREAT PRODUCT BUT NOT TO ABUSE.YOU WILL BE MORE LIKELY TO DIED FROM ALCOHOL ABUSE , OR DRUG OVERDOSE

  19. Agonist/Antagonist….Antagonist means the opposite of agonist. Beta 2 antagonists are drugs like propranolol and Atenolol… They make you store fat while slowing heart rate

  20. Have one tablet every third day with regular use of anavar. No side effects, anavar 20 mg a day and clen 20 MCG every third day.

  21. 80mcg???? No wonder you have the fucking shakes, it works wonders at 10-25mcg.
    Dont be a dumbass and abuse these drugs and 9/10 you will be okay given you're okay with taking steriods/performance enhancing drugs.

  22. clen works different with everyone but I think if you're smart with it you will be fine. my first time taking it I took 1 pill (40mcg) and witnessed every side, headaches, anxiety, very painful cramps, shivering, and a tight chest. after several months of discontinuation, I was advised to start with 10mcg. so i started this, while having plenty of water, splitting the dosages AM and PM, taking taurine, a few bananas for potassium and i was fine and witnessed no sides at all. i bumped up the dosage by 10mcg every 3 days and didn't consume more than 60mcg while being on for 3 weeks and lost a total amount of 5 kilos of my body.

  23. From my experience, clen is unreal. As noted, clen shakes are terrible. If you are going to use, start LOW

  24. Its really bad scott didnt mentioned the worst side effect, in that its literally raising your body temperature. if you take to much you will literally boil your blood and cook yourself to death.

  25. I have a question… let’s say I weigh around 230 and I’m pretty fat. What would happen if I started cycles of tren?

  26. For those who is still trying to burn their fat with pills, crazy diets and hard exercises. That woman has shown me how to burn fat quick still eating my favourite morning donuts. Watch that short video here NODIET. XCOURSE. XYZ to know how!

  27. Believe it or not the shakes and cramps are a one time thing and actually go away when you increase the dosage to around 20-30mcg, although I wouldn’t recommend that for a first timer… and yes use taurine Jesus!

  28. Wait did this guy say 140mcg per day?!!!!! 10-30mcg is literally all you need Jesus. This guy must have shit out his body weight in a day.

  29. I wish weed had clen like properties … it would make my cuts SOOOOOO much less disappointing XD

    That dank is too good to put down , even when I need to avoid the munchies XD

  30. So what if your Six foot one 220 pounds you have extra fat but not to over weight. You hit the gym every day cardio ever day. Then is it still not good to use? What should your total calorie count be per a day?

  31. The mouse studies showing negative effects of clenbuterol on heart use doses about 10000 times larger than the typical doses used in bodybuilding. So that is a bit like taking a kilogram of aspirin and claiming it is bad because someone died from the overdose LOL Also, people complaining of side effects probably take too high dose for them. I don't think you need to shake like a leaf for clenbuterol to work. Ephedrine is good but it works by giving you energy and suppressing appetite, not by directly burning fat or building muscle as clenbuterol so they are not in the same group at all.

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