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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’m a boss and I have to be an example,
but I wasn’t able to climb the ladders all day long. I was a person that had no
energy I felt like my life was just going downhill fast.
NordicTrack basically saved my life. iFit it’s like having a personal trainer right there with me. I listen to every word he says and I just keep
going and I push right beside him. I get my strength training in. I
get my cardio in. I lost over 20 pounds on the Fusion CST. I’m faster, stronger,
leaner and meaner. I feel like I’m a 62 year old in a 35 year
old body and now that I can keep up with the guys I can keep going all day. I’m
like a machine with it 50-pound tool belt. Piece of cake. I am completely
changed. The Fusion transformed my life and made me a
better man. In a 12-week study following the workout and diet guide found at participants lost an average of 13 point
6 pounds.

2 thoughts on “Cleve’s Impressive Weight Loss On The NordicTrack Fusion CST With The Best iFit Personal Trainers

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  2. Twice so far, METAL PARTS have broken on my machine.

    I have a premium warranty I paid for.

    I sent in a request for service for my broken metal parts 10 DAYS ago, with 2 emails telling me, "They'll get back to me."

    And now, after messaging them on Facebook, I had a Customer Service Rep actually talking to me… only for them to completely dissapear 50 MINUTES ago.

    And counting.

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