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I was gonna jump into the shot no, oh I Guess that’s kind of what the mats are for where we’re at our regular cave area. This is where we climb all the time this is the first time we have a video here, so All right. So since it’s y’all’s first time here, I’ll climb some cool stuff. Cameron’s got a project. He’s gonna do I got one I’m gonna do so we’ll climb some fun stuff Warm up and then after we do that We’ll actually get into our projects *laughter* You got a special guest tell them your name I’m Brandon but everybody called Hawaiian boy. We’re or BP, so Minty fresh That a boy yeah just jump down. All right. Yeah, just let go homie you’re good come on OK fine Brandon! Imma give it a try. I already know the secret Yeah, come on there you go So this is what I get for not mapping out the routes… I shouldnt have crossed! Now im gonna swing! Yeah, yeah, I don’t tire yourself out Yeah, come on feet up Yeah, come on breathe Nice thattaboy come on. There you go feet up Come on only one more Come on Hold it left hand thatta boy. You did it. Yes. Come on down. Yeah, just come on down Excellent Come on homie. Yeah, trust your feet. Yes That was great Yes Thatta boy. Come on Trust it left hand left hand up stand into it on your left foot trust that left foot Trust it Yeah, come on put that right foot where your left foot is left foot up now you got a match Come on you got it. That wasnt bad homie. That wasn’t bad Now i can do it Dang it! You got it Dev That was close Now before you get up there, let’s talk about let’s talk about What you got going here. You climbing this orange route? my foot slipped Come on yeah I got my hand in there too I just didnt actually commit to it Oh far away Come on C’mon bro Oh Tired boy Come on come on That’s not on No its not… I mean, okay, you know I got closer on the pink. You definitely got closer on the orange. I still feel bad So Friday, we’re coming back. We’re gonna send them. We’re not done with this video yet All right, we may have been in there for the whole day… Oh okay good! I was thinking… We didnt complete anything Yeah, we’ve got to finish this stuff So you’re gonna see us again in like five seconds, but it’s for us it’s gonna be two days For now, we want yogurt What did you think of today pretty good Did you feel strong? No I feel like I kinda sucked Did you like it? You gonna climb with us some more? Hell yeah Bet! Phat bet! So that’s it for today but Friday We’re sending em We’re sending him straight to H E double hockey sticks We back at it Okay, was that was that just on record? Yeah. That’s the intro . This is the day Yeah, this is the day you like to send that orange root, huh? Yeah after you do that on first try it’s this Peach one Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it’s gonna be a good day. Let’s get to it ready This is the one homie Let’s see it Come on Ha yeah Trust those feet Somebody’s toe slipped Yeah, come on Get some holds under here Add-On! Lets rock paper scissors to see who starts us Rock Paper Scissors, shoot All right I’ll start us See it’s not so bad. It just feels really cool Oh down climbing are we? We’re going right through there I mean you got the brain, I’ll count it. Yeah You were so close to a hold too Wow, did you really just use your head dude? Oh my gosh Wow Nice you got it, that’s the way to do it Man okay. Yeah, and so it continues. Yes There you go and then the white Do something weird. oh no I wanted to but I couldnt get my feetsies Yeah, that’s a real poopy Crimp Yes, come on oh Yeah, come on yeah can you add one? I cant do this… You gotta try! Yeah, literally all you have to do is push on the thumb and find something else All right Touched it you did. Do you want to keep going You can win… I can win??? you win… So that’s pretty good day Better than wednesday Sent a couple I’m totally aware that I did not try pink at all by the way, but uh Nope, not today next time next time Can’t all be winners so I will try pink again next week and See how that does. But yeah this week I’m gonna make excuses, yeah, my shoulder was hurting You know just tired just tired. Yeah, that’s what he’s been saying all day. Yeah Thank you shoulders hurting. Your fingers are lame my poor shoulders Thanks for watching you guys. That’s it for today next week. I’m gonna have some more probably will be in the same spot Here’s the video of me climbing the hardest thing that I can climb in the cave right now See you later, thanks for tuning in. Yeah, this is like the hardest route I can climb in here right now

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