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Hey guys Christopher Walker here back again I’m gonna be discussing another activator today so this activator is something that’s going to bring you closer to good health and this is actually great protein alternative it’s something you can use as a protein source as an alternative to things like soy protein whey protein and so forth and that is collagen if you get a good collagen source it’s going to be really incredible for your joints gonna be incredible for you know just all the connective tissue in general for keeping your stress low it’s very rich in anti stress or protective amino acids so in this video I’m going to break down some more information about collagen where you can find it stay tuned collagen is one of the most beneficial things that we can consume as human being so this powder is derived from the bones joints skin and ligaments of animals this little-known source of protein actually has some really big benefits for your health and your quality of life from helping to improve the integrity and thickness of your hair to reducing the amount of joint pain that you have collagen can help these different things we’re going to discuss that here in this video collagen is a protein that makes up a lot of the extracellular matrix in the body and the connective tissue in the cells of animals collagen has a very unique profile of amino acids that lead to the health benefits that it has on human body when you consume it of which the most significant ones that make up the collagen molecule are glycine proline and lysine now glycine has to be one of if not my favorite amino acids that we’ve discovered in the mammalian bodies to date the more I look into this amino acid the more benefits that I tend to find that it has it’s been shown in a lot of cases to help with sleep quality to help to decrease inflammation to help stimulate the secretion of growth hormone which is extremely beneficial especially if you’re consuming that prior to sleep it helps to protect and improve the function of the liver it helps to increase uptake of glucose which helps with the insulin sensitivity in the body it’s also used in the biosynthesis of creatine it helps improve metabolism and thyroid function and it even helps with the proper neuronal function in the in the nervous system now the next best amino acid profile that we’re going to find in in collagen is prolene now prolene is like that guy who comes second every year in the competition pretty much to glycine but he’s also still better than everyone else except for the champion glycine so prolene is is without a doubt a very very important amino acid as well for increasing growth performance acting as an anti-inflammatory agent of the body it also helps with neuronal health and the last one that I mentioned was lysine now lysing is an amino acid that you don’t really hear a whole lot about when you have these superstars like glycine and prolene it’s pretty easy to get overshadowed but lysing has a lot of good benefits as well including lowering blood pressure fighting herpes reducing anxiety and possibly also helping with insulin resistance so putting all these amino acids together you get collagen which is a powerhouse of a protein it’s a good alternative to other protein sources especially crappy soy protein or crappy whey protein as I mentioned before collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body and it makes up a large portion of the extracellular matrix and connective tissue some of the benefits that you get when you consistently consume a good collagen supplement to be very subtle at first but will make a big difference over time it’s been shown that consuming collagen has a tremendous impact on the health of the joints and can significantly reduce the amount of joint pain that you have even in our osteoarthritis patients but it doesn’t just help with medical related joint pain it also has been shown to help athletes with joint related issues as well now the most significant benefit that a lot of people love about collagen is the anti-aging effect that it has on the skin of the human body collagen has almost a magical way of bringing the skin back years it’s like it turns back the clock it allows you to look and feel younger every single day and is proven in a lot of research on top of these benefits that collagen has on the human body it can also be extremely effective in helping with weight loss it’s been shown that collagen can help to reduce the weight in the body and increased satiety and basically helping with a calorie restriction program now with most collagen supplements only having about 80 calories per serving of 20 grams of high-quality protein this powder can be a really good tool to use so in conclusion collagen it has a really good amino acid profile and it actually has a lot of phenomenal health benefits now a lot of people following the thermo diet program over at thermo diet or collagen protein to great effect so a good thermo tip is that when you’re looking for this good collagen supplement out there you know there’s some other collagen supplements out there as well you want to make sure that you’re getting one that doesn’t have exposure to excess hormones or antibiotics that are found in you know lower grade lower quality supplements like this you want to make sure that their hormone free also that they don’t include any fillers in it like soy that is just a pure collagen supplement you’ll also want to make sure that it’s hydrolyzed this is gonna allow for the best absorption of the collagen and allow the body to almost completely absorb and utilize it and then last but not least you want to make sure that it actually has a variety of different types of collagen I’ve covered that here on another video but they’re at a minimum you want to have type 1 2 3 and 5 and 10 all in the same supplement that’s what we put into the total collagen protein from truth neutral this allows the collagen to be readily used for a variety of different things in the body rather than just having one type of collagen that your body has to go and do conversion process with all right hopefully you enjoyed the video learn something good from it if you want to check out more about the thermo diet go over to thermo diet calm I made a quiz over there that it’s a tool that’s gonna help you identify most people follow the camps of three different types of body parts that are organs that are underperforming and that’s the liver the pituitary and the thyroid gland so this quiz this tool is used to help you identify which body type you are which of these that you need help with and then I have a plan that’s you know a good 30 day jumpstart basically to help you to eat and you know do things that are gonna help you to heal that specific organ so you can get back on the track to a good health so go over there thermo Diamandis EU over there

51 thoughts on “Collagen Protein: A Good Whey Protein Powder Alternative?

  1. So i make my own protein ahake..i stopped using oatmill cuz u said it was bad for now ima use collagen for substitute for oatmill

  2. Hydrolyzed collegan is advertised as being more easily digested than normal gelatin, but the process by which it is often made—sitting in a vat in chemicals or minerals to break down the proteins, has the side effect of turning proteins into peptides, which are fragments of protein. All peptides, proteins, and amino acids have stimulatory effects, and in different combinations cause different effects depending on the particular combination of amino acids. Randomly breaking proteins into peptides and amino acids has the danger of creating random peptides which often cause unwanted stimulatory effects and are a very real consequence of poorly made collagen products. I have seen so many people have migraines, bloating, and other problems from using bad collagen.

  3. I quit using whey and most proteins all together.

    The whey was causing me to get backne and it would itch or "prick" at times.

    The most proteins part was due to the fact that I learned that I was pissing most of it away anyway… literally.

    My body responds to resistance and action for it's growth. Almost exactly how prisoners bulk up although they don't have the ideal diets found outside of jail.

  4. Can you still take it if you dont have herpes? 😂😂😂😂
    Im approaching 40 years old and am definitely going to include this in my diet. Thanks Christopher!

  5. OKAY Christopher, What proof can you refer me to that your collagen protein powder is better than anyone else's. How long do I need to be on it before I see results. Do I take it after a workout only? Do I take 3 times a day? Is it a first meal protein?, a before bed protein?And is it safe on my kidney's? And how would I make it work in conjunction with Testro X and Redwood?

  6. Yo chris a couple years back you did a podcast with ian and ali and you said you had a couple micronutrient deficiencies ecspecially with potassium sodium etc. did you end up fixing those and if so how’d u go about it

  7. U known a lot, but look at ur body with all this info u should have a more aesthetic built n u seem very sluggish n running on low energy

  8. Crappy whey protein ??????? Why use the no 1 protein in bioavailabilty, which is whey, use instead a non digestible protein that will add 0 to your muscles or why not just take jello or gelatin for cooking from the supermarket which is the same thing if you want to keep your joints healthy

  9. Hi Chris, what’s your opinion on cocoa butter? Has high mono/low polyunsaturated fats and was wondering if it would be a good food to eat?

  10. I have a question that I cannot seem to find on my own research. I am not sure when, but I remember that you said that your supplement, Redwood is now made with real vitamin C. My question is, What constitutes as real vitamin C and how is it better (If it is) than synthetic options?

  11. Chris what’s the difference between buying “Master you T” as a book ($19) and as a course ($99) on the truth nutra website?


  13. Collagen, however, is a unique type of protein. It is not complete, meaning, it does not have all 9 essential amino acids that a complete protein requires.

  14. Collagen peptides are far better in my opinion than whey and 😂 fuk cheap soy boy protein, I get mine from Brazilian grass fed cows a bit pricey but it’s the one I trust not to say the brand you use isn’t trustworthy, stay well

  15. Collagen protein is GARBAGE…literally.  Made from parts of animals that otherwise get THROWN AWAY.  The majority of studies claiming even minimal results are sponsored by, wait for it…the COMPANYS THAT PRODUCE IT.  Like this guy and others who support this crap, there is MONEY TO BE MADE FOLKS…just another gimmick fad.  I challenge you to find amazing , positive and SIGNIFICANT research results conducted by neutral SCIENTISTS.  Tired of these vultures preying on people trying to better their health and fitness…

  16. OK what is the best protein source if all? Is this better than whey? Hey what will help my energy levels, also, my hands hurt a lot, stiff, pain, etc.. from over work, etc.. over the years, and I play guitar! Help me out here! And what is the very best T supplements? Never heard of any thermo diet.. I just want to get my energy back.. too stiff and tired, when I wake up, I can barely get out of bed, feel like I went on a 2 week drunk and got hit with a ball bat, every day when I wake up, and I dont even drink.

  17. It does not have a complete amino acid profile so i would not trade it for whey isolate,but it can be used as in addition to a complete protein like whey isolate

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