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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

So Dr. Oz promotes collagen. Dr. Mercola
endorses collagen. And Dr. axe? He’s on board with collagen, too – so then this stuff
has got to be just a straight-up scam right? Hey Jim Schultz here for F Cubed and,
and we are inside of the fitness F again tonight. With express
apologies paid to the aforementioned DRs, but let’s be real man, they kind of have
a track record of playing a little fast and loose with the ‘ol science. Nevertheless, let’s do a little
mini collagen protein review ourselves, and let’s see what we can dig up. Before
we get started, if you want to subscribe that that would be amazing.
But if you’re a fan of anyone I mentioned in the intro, I would not
subscribe because this is not gonna be your jam. Okay, so in search of some
tangible benefits to collagen, they were kind of tough to find. There are a few,
and we’ll talk about those in just a few minutes, but before we do that when it
comes to collagen protein for muscle? The data just don’t support any
kind of claim that when it comes to, you know, a collagen protein versus whey
protein showdown? That collagen doesn’t get just totally gorilla smacked. And
this is largely because the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of a
given protein is heavily dependent on its essential amino acid profile. And of
the nine essential amino acids, if we look at the same dose of protein, in this
case 11 grams, for collagen up against whey? We see that across the board
collagen gets trounced. Like, it ain’t even close, man. We’re
talking BoSox World Series sweep 2004. We’re talking BoSox World Series sweep
2007. Man, we’re even talking the 4-1 Series win last year. This is no
match. So if you’re looking for collagen protein benefits, muscle building, ain’t
one of them. And, a big thank you to my man, Andrew Pardue, for putting that table together
in one of the articles that he wrote for, Layne Nortn’s website, Andrew is a super, sharp guy in the fitness world. So I’ll
actually link to his social media stuff down below in the description, so you can
check him out for yourself. Alright let’s queue it up, for a little Q&A.
Question number one: obviously, so if collagen isn’t any good for muscle
building, what is it good for? There actually is some evidence to suggest
that collagen might help with your hair, your skin, possibly even your digestion,
so there might be some benefits to collagen supplementation, but muscle
building is not gonna be one of them. And since all we want to do is get huge and
ripped, do we really care about our hair, our skin, our digestion? I don’t think so.
Question number two: alright, Jim, so if my goal is to get as huge and as ripped and
as gargantuan as possible, in the shortest amount of time, what should I go
with? Whey, baby. Whey is the way. “Wow, that was really bad”. And lastly, question
number three: are there any everyday sources of
collagen that I might have on hand, like right now? Yep sure is… You probably got
collagen in your cabinet right now. Boom – banana cream collagen. Double boom –
strawberry collagen, sugar-free, now this is way too much work, right Penelope? This
is way too much work to do right now, so we’re not gonna do it today. But in
theory, you certainly could. Hey thank you guys, very much. For spending some time with us tonight. I really appreciate you guys, as always,
man. If you want to hit me with a like, a share, or subscribe on your way out the
door, man, I would be so so appreciative. But stick around because coming up next
we’re gonna go through some pre-workout supplements that actually work!

23 thoughts on “Collagen Protein vs Whey Protein | Collagen Protein Review

  1. Oh, didn't know some of this information before. I take Whey protein and collagen, but I didn't really know how the other two were different.

  2. James,
    I am a career firefighter and honestly I have tried collagen due to the trendiness of it. After doing the same style of workouts I just felt like I wasn't recovering. I had to leave the trend and go back to whey protein. Great video analyzing the 2 and being honest in what is better! Thanks!

  3. hahahha I love your personality…. I was at costco the other day and I saw the collagen protein tub and was going to buy it, but your right! who needs it for hair, skin and nails 😂 plus I saved $30 and bought the vegan protein right beside it instead, do you know if that is also good like whey protein for muscle repair and building? plus I subbed! I'm looking forward to your future vids .

  4. Interesting stuff. Interesting that muscle building isn't helped with using collagen!!!! Who knew!!! Glad to know I haven't wasted money on it! Haha

  5. Great video! Very entertaining. I used to use collagen for joint pain. Looking forward to watching more from you.

  6. Good to know! I’ve only heard about collagen for beauty purposes and sounds like that’s the way it should stay.

  7. Okayyyy you read my mind on this!! I’m starting IVF and I’m supposed to start limiting dairy and whey! I’m afraid I’ll lose my muscle tone. I have a collagen protein that is marine based but I only see a benefit in my hair skin and nails. Can you do one on plant based protein??

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