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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

My name’s Colton Leonard. I’m a Cellucor sponsored
athlete, and a national level Strongman competitor. I started in bodybuilding
for a long time, did that for about
4 or 5 years. And just recently, last
year, I moved on to Strongman. I got my start while I was
playing football in high school. And really enjoyed it, always
had fun competing in football. I ended up hurting my
neck a few games out from the end of the season. Didn’t have any big
schools lined up, but I was talking to a few. And after that happened, I
was faced with a decision. I could either go ahead and have
some surgery, get started, and get playing next season,
maybe for college; or I could give up football. I looked at it and I said, “You know, I’m not in
any constant pain. I don’t wanna go
down the surgery route. I don’t think
it’s right for me.” So I moved out of football, and started trying to
incorporate something. I was determined not to be the
person who, you know, was the “I used to” person. The person that
“I used to be able to do this,” “I used to be able to do that.” So I started weight lifting, and
eventually met up with a friend of mine now, and
he’s been competing since he was about 15 or 16. And he got me started in
bodybuilding, and did my first show, and really enjoyed it. Had a lot of fun. I decided that I wanted to do
something a little bit bigger than just a local show the
following year, so I decided to go out for the team nationals. And took 2nd there. And the following
year after that, did the collegiate
nationals, took 5th. Recently, in the last year or
so, I ended up losing my mother. And when that happened,
I lost all motivations. I couldn’t get motivated to eat
right, I couldn’t get motivated to do anything
but go to the gym. That was it. And even when I did
go to the gym, it just wasn’t
really worthwhile. Soon after that, a friend
of mine, he’s actually a minister–he’s my minister. And he had just gotten into
Strongman, and he said, “Hey, man, you need to come
out and do this with me. Just come out, just have some
fun, we’ll do one competition, tell me if you like it.” I said, “Okay, I’m
willing to try anything once.” I’ve always been interested,
it had always looked fun. And after that first
competition, I was hooked. I was absolutely hooked. Strongman was always an outlet
for me to, you know, to really just get mean and
get nasty, you know? In everyday society,
you can’t do that. You have to be polite, “Yes
ma’am, yes sir,” and that’s great, you should be. But, you know, there’s something
inside of all of us that we wanna let out
sometimes, you know? You gotta let out the
beast every once in awhile. And Strongman’s an
amazing outlet to do that. You can get in there,
you can train hard, and that was that
outlet for me. All the tension and all the
grief, and everything that I had built up from losing my mother
and the hardships, I was able to really let out and
really just, you know, tear up the weights, basically. You know, go out there and do
things that, you know, a lot of people would find really
difficult or impossible to do. I was able to do that. I’ve got a 9-day
rotation that I currently use. I really like to go 2
days on, 1 day off. I feel like this
allows me to recover. Strongman’s very high intensity
exercise, and if you’re not taking some time off every once
in a while, you will get burned out really fast and your body
just won’t be able to keep up. I like to, on the 9-day
rotation, I take–let’s say in 3-day increments, you got a
heavy day, a lighter day, which may be like a gym-type
workout, and then an off day. And then I repeat that cycle
for an additional 3 total times. I have a couple different types
of workouts that I like to do. Some may incorporate a normal
workout, like I said, in a gym. And I may toss in one event at
the end of that workout, whether it be for cardio or
for strength purposes. I’ve got a normal gym training
day where, you know, I go in, I’ll do some chest workout, I’ll
get a great pump, I’ll get some conditioning in at
the end and be done. And I’ve also got
strictly event days. Each day, each workout
I try to focus kind of on three
different levels. I begin my workout
with a strength movement. That could be one
or two exercises. Sometimes even implement a log
press or something like that. The next phase is hypertrophy. So I do like to bring back a
little bit of the bodybuilding type into the workout, that
way I still maintain my size. I’m a big guy, I wanna stay big. And I believe it’s
great for overall health. The third part’s conditioning. You know, whether that be hop
on a treadmill and knocking out just 20 or 30 minutes
of some steady cardio a couple times a week. Or if it’s going outside
and using the implements at a lighter weight, longer
distances, and more, you know, high intensity type cardio. Strongman is not
necessarily power lifting. Power lifting, you go
in and you focus on three movements, basically. And you go home. You know, you do some
auxiliary lifts and you go home. Now, Strongman, it incorporates
a lot of, you know, different sports. You’ve gotta be in shape,
you’ve gotta be big, you’ve gotta be strong. I do still incorporate a lot of
isolation movements, just like a bodybuilder would
in his routine. You have to still
maintain size, as well as strength
in Strongman. There are a ton of
events for Strongman. My personal best are
actually Atlas Stones. The sport’s known for the
Atlas Stones, and that’s great. My personal records I’ve been
able to load a 400-pound stone for 2 consecutive
reps in contest. The strongest man in Texas. I placed 4th. Not too bad showing. I made a couple rookie mistakes
that dropped me down a little bit, but I’m looking
towards a good year next year. I was the only one in Texas
to actually load the 385-pound stone, so I do take a
lot of pride in that, and truly enjoy
training stones. Since I started Strongman, I
have been a big believer in using some of those
movements for just conditioning. If you’re just an average
gym-goer and you’re just training to kind of get a little
bigger, a little leaner, highly, highly recommend, if you take
anything out of this video, just taking–just try it. Pick up a heavy object,
and carry it for a distance. See how you feel afterwards. Do it after a workout. It really has
changed the way I train. You know, I do plan to get back
into bodybuilding at some point in time in the future, and
when I do make that jump I will definitely incorporate certain
things like farmers walks, maybe heavy carries. Those things are just
amazing for conditioning and functional training. You do have to remember that
because Strongmen are competing and they’re burning so many
calories, that they do need to eat to perform. You have to eat the right and
the right quantities of foods to perform properly. For instance, if I were to
consume 2,000 calories a day, that might be normal for a
certain individual, but for me I wouldn’t be able to perform. My strength would decrease, my
size would decrease, my body wouldn’t be able to keep up. So you have to keep that in
mind, and you have to adjust it to your personal level because
just because I’m 310 pounds and I can eat 5,000 or 6,000
calories a day, doesn’t mean you may need 5,000 or
6,000 calories a day. You’re gonna need
less than that. You have to adjust it to
yourself and what you’re doing and how your workouts are. Now, I can go out and I can
get a cheeseburger and I can get tons of calories from that, but,
you know, when I go to train, I feel horrible after a big
greasy meal, after pizza, after stuff like that. I’m not saying that I leave
those out of my diet, but there’s proper times to
incorporate them, you know? If you’re eating pizza and
burgers and fries every day, you are not gonna perform well,
I don’t care what you do. When you’re eating clean and
healthy foods, and getting the right vitamins and minerals
and everything in, you’re gonna perform better. You’re gonna feel better,
you’re gonna have better cardio. I’ve noticed a huge difference
in my training when I eat clean and when I don’t. And, believe it or not, I’m
actually a big proprietor of peanut butter and
jelly sandwiches. I feel like they’ve got tons of
fiber, tons of nutrients, and it’s a really quick and easy way
to get some extra calories in throughout the day. So tossing that in with my
chicken and my rice throughout the day really makes a
difference to get those calories high but in a clean way. I prefer to get in a little
bit bigger meals at a time. I really enjoy
eating, I just do. So when I sit down, I
wanna eat a big meal and I wanna feel full. So instead of eating, you know,
five, eight times a day, I’ll eat more like four times a
day, and bigger quantities at those sit-ins. It still spaces me out probably
about 3 hours apart or so, so I don’t really go
much longer than that. My protein sources, I try
to keep them fairly clean. I do do a couple protein
shakes throughout the day, plenty of chicken, red meat. I really enjoy red meat
a couple times a week. My carbohydrate source is mainly
sweet potatoes, wheat breads, wheat tortillas,
actually, I use those a lot. And vegetables, salads,
that’s always a big one. My cheat meals aren’t
necessarily planned out, but I’m just conscious of
when I am eating those. I may sit down and I may eat a
pizza, you know, with the wife and enjoy it, but I know that
the next day I don’t need to go back out and have another pizza. You know, I don’t need to
go out and eat burgers or breakfast tacos. I try to time those and just
try to keep it conservative. And I think that’s a good way
of looking at it for a lot of people that, you know, maybe
they are trying to train for strength, but of course
you wanna stay healthy. It’s just moderation. It’s moderation. By doing that, you’re
balancing out your lifestyle. You’re balancing out
your eating habits. And that’s what I believe in. I think that works best for me. I do believe that
supplements are necessary. I know some people may say that
you can achieve all your vitamin and mineral and macro
and micro needs from your daily food intake. I think that’s difficult
for the average person. Even eating, for instance, on
like the bodybuilder’s diet during contest prep, you know, I
don’t believe that that person’s consuming enough food to get
the right vitamins and minerals. I’m a firm
believer in the basics. I like to use protein,
multivitamin, fish oils, as well as joint support,
and pre-workout. I really enjoy using pre-
and post-workout supplements. The multi is a basic,
but I’m a firm believer it’s a requirement. Making sure you’re getting the
right vitamins to help perform and to help, you know,
keep your body healthy. The multi helps fill in all
the little gaps that you may be missing from holes in your diet. Protein is essential. It helps to ensure that you’re
getting the right amount of protein during the day. And sometimes eating nothing but
chicken or lean meat sources can kind of get boring and
monotonous, so by having that extra protein supplement, you
can get a couple extra grams of protein in quickly,
but with less hassle. I feel that
pre-workouts are great. The extra little boost
of caffeine is wonderful. The additional Creatine, as
well, makes a big difference. I enjoy taking most of my
supplements at least with meals. I feel like my multi, my fish
oils, they can get absorbed a little easier, and get
digested faster when you have a meal in your stomach. Pre-workout, it’s more essential
that you take it without a meal on your stomach, that
way that caffeine and stuff can get in
your system quicker. I do think it’s essential
that you take some time off supplements every
once in awhile. What I personally do, I do
notice a difference a little bit in my performance. Maybe that’s a little
psychological, maybe it’s not, but it is something I
notices, especially like with my pre-workouts. Strongman is a great way
to change up your program. And I really do recommend that
everyone take some time and try to fit in maybe a carry or
something into your workout. And I think it’ll really change
the way that you can train. It’s amazing
for functional strength. If you wanna learn more about me
or learn more about Strongman, please, you know,
feel free to contact me. You can find me here on through BodySpace, or you can hit me
up on Facebook or Twitter. If you want more great articles
or videos and content like this, check out

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