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This is a ham steak weighing and labeling
system designed to process up to 40 packages per minute. A white label will either be applied, or not
applied, to the hams depending on weight, allowing for a quick sorting decision by personnel
downstream. The entire system is washdown-rated, making
it ideal for food processing plants with harsh washdown environments. Product transfers onto the infeed conveyor
from a Cryovac® process up line. The infeed conveyor is moving at the exact
same speed as the conveyor scale. This helps to prevent product slippage across
the gap to ensure a proper weight is acquired. Product slippage contributes to erroneous
weight values that can be costly to the producer, while smooth product transition ensures an
accurate weight. Next, the conveyor scale captures a weight
and sends the weight information to the Scale Data System (or SDS). The photoeyes tell the SDS when to start and
stop the weighment process. The product then transfers to the labeling
conveyor. An overhead printer will apply a white label
to the packages that fall within the desired weight range. A piston applicator extends down to apply
the label. Either a blank white label will be applied
or it will be absent from the package. All of the white-labeled packages will be
placed into one of two downline containers. The non-marked hams will be placed in the
other container. The printer is contained inside a NEMA-4X
enclosure to prevent water intrusion during washdown. A quick-apply cover is placed over the opening
where labels are applied to seal the enclosure. All of the above functions are controlled
with our SDS controller. It stores all data in an SQL database which
can be accessed on the plant floor or remotely via an Ethernet network. Local access occurs with an easy-to-use 17-inch
touchscreen HMI. The software also permits an easy change of
weight ranges depending on your application. This system gives virtually limitless flexibility
for products that have a varying weight range. Contact us today to learn more! Be sure to subscribe to our channel to see
our latest videos; Check out our website (, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Links are in the description. If you have any questions, be sure to mention
them in the comments section below.

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