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Those years with Kai Greene, that was awesome man.. I loved that SH!T man.. I loved those times. And I know a lot of fans loved it and they hated me because of it. I had to embrace it, that’s how I tapped into that killer mindset, that dream killer mindset .. .. Because of guys like Kai and his followers. I had no choice but to be that villain. I’m happy I did it because if I’d just try to play it cool and please everybody I would have been Shane Mosley. Hats off to Kai Greene, I definitely pushed him to look the way he did. He looked incredible, to me this is his best ever. I knew going into this prep that I was gonna take his best shot. And that I was gonna take his best punch, he gave me a really good punch. I was able to take it on the chin, and punch back tonight being more aggressive on stage. And just taking care of business. Move forward in that, I’d like to be better, I believe I can improve.. And I’m looking forward to do that. Work hard and just hope that you’re not working in vain and at the end of the day your efforts will be rewarded. They gotta bring the fight, they all go before me. I will say this, I respect Kai for his hard work and dedication. He did make the neccesary adjustments to be highly competitive. And he did just that, hats off to him. I want to do my BEST.. I want to get out of my own way and not hold myself back. They say Olympia’s are won from the back… Who’s winning this one?! You’re going against one of the hardest working bodybuilders that ever lived, that ever walked this earth. So you have to match that in your own way. I cannot deny this man. That is one of the most dense bodybuilders I’ve ever seen in my life. I loved his work ethic. I fear that if I don’t do what I’m supposed to do right now, at this time in my life.. The way that I’m supposed to do it.. That I will sit somewhere else with a lot of reason for regret. I fear not being able to step into the fullness of the success that I really really dream to attain. How bad does Kai Greene want it this year? I felt like guys were at their limit. And if they’re not, I will be ready. Because I’m expecting King Kong to show up next year’s Olympia. Why are you here..? I’m here because I WANNA WIN. I kinda think the sport needs that. I don’t think that anyone can say that type of synergy can be equaled by any other two bodybuilders. Nobody can be a better Phil Heath.. Phil Heath was so effective. I love him because he made me better. No one else could get me rouled up like that. No one else could make me wanna fight harder. I know now what I need to do, to never let this happen again. To push myself higher than ever before. He wanted it, he made what dream killer is today. He helped that. And to know that in order for people to take me serious, I can’t always be this humble guy. I have to let them know who the champ is. And I think I had to do it in that fashion in order to win .. .. And I’ll tell you what If we had to go back up there I’d do it again. I’ll do it again next year, it doesn’t matter.

75 thoughts on “COMPETITION MAKES YOU STRONGER – Phil Heath and Kai Greene

  1. ''I love him because he made me better. No one could get me rouled up like that, he made me fight harder.'' -Phil Heath #CompetitionMakesYouStronger

  2. I have my suspicions that these two were in cahoots in hyping up the competition.
    Nevertheless, they inspired and entertained millions of people. Both great in their own rights.
    Hope there will be a new spark to rejuvenate Mr. O.

  3. Phil and Kai could sell out the whole arena just between them two. They should do it like McGregor and Mayweather. Everyone would watch that rivalry.

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  5. Two amazing bodybuilders and in my opinion, their rivarly was one of the most exciting in the history of bodybuilding <3, BUT! … Unfortunately, it was too much toxic. I respect Phil Heath, but as a supporter of Kai Greene, I miss him. :'-( I would love to see him on the stage, again, and their rivarly, too. Another nice vid, Nick. 🙂 Good job. +1

  6. I keep looking and looking and looking at 1:58 and I just can’t find how Phil has a better back in that shot than Kai. Traps, lats, rhomboids, rear delt, hamstrings, glutes. Kai beats him in every one

  7. Post notifications are always on ❤️
    What a rivalry. Phil HAD to be his best because he knew kai was going to always bring his best.
    This is bodybuilding rivalry at its peak.

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