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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “Complete Arm Workout (DUMBBELLS ONLY)

  1. 2 like = 1 day of 10 push ups 10 sit ups and it’s going 1 up every day 1 km run going up by 5 meter every day (I need motivation right now )

  2. Mr Chris Heria I want to share that YOU motivated me to learn handstand AND fix posture which motivated me to also fix neck posture. Currently on day 0 having began exercise routine for all posture.
    The AMAZING part is I have had chronic clogged sinus problems for 15 years American doctors & medicine never healed and the very SECOND I do a neck posture exercise my sinuses IMMEDIATELY clears up and I can breathe unobstructed!!! I will begin doing these and other posture exercises every day THANK YOU SO MUCH for being an inspiration will not soon forget. Much love for the world of calisthenics and people who share, it is helping me to become more bold & humble – Peace to you!

  3. Can someone recommend me a chanel or a guy to check for gym routines? I like to watch chris and him inspires me but i need some workouts for when i go to the gym

  4. Hello Chris,i want to say i am following you from summer and i try my best with your exercise and now i am 10 kg less and my body is tight.i was not starving or i DID not exhausting diets!!!now i keep on -i must to lose another 10 kg-HEALTHY with your videos!I am a woman and i feel me more sexy 😌😂and confidence.So i just want say THANK YOU so so much and keep doing what you doing. I just love you ❤️

  5. Well I have to say you really break down your areas of working out very detailed thanks Dr. Heria of workouts just keep doing what you do.

  6. Pls stop the tats. You're so beautiful and yet you're like just painting over yourself. Ruining your looks kinda.. Makes no sense 🙁

  7. Hi!
    Do I need to do the same exercises at least 3 or 4 times to get the maximum effect? Or is it good with only one set per exercise?

  8. Hello Mr. Chris I am Islam from Algeria. I liked the callisthenics through you. I work out every day thanks to your programs, but I cannot pay in the Heria Pro application. I want to learn, but my conditions do not allow me. I want to use Heria Pro

  9. To be frank,ever since I came across your channel, I've really been motivated. Been growing lean muscle from my triceps to my abs lately and I'm hoping to reach your level soon enough. #gotta stay fired up! The handstand push-ups though are quite a killer but im hoping to master them in due time

  10. Hey chris your workout is owsome and your body is perfect just one thing is wrong your tattoo on your neck please rub it or hide you are perfect

  11. can someone help, im skinny 150lbs and cant gain weight i only get stronger, and i eat like a pig, how can i break my metabolism and slow it down ?

  12. firstly, i already able to hold straddle planche for 7-10 sec, but after a few days ago, i went to gym to train some shoulder workout, and today, im not able to hold the straddle planche for longer time….. i think free weight training just slow down my progression, is this true?

  13. Man can you do a video for start for newbie? But FOR VERY NEWBIE! All your exercises are way to pro for a regular person that don’t workout. So please do a video or some exercises with no equimpent, something super basic for people like me that can’t even do push-ups without knees on the floor

  14. Hey man! saw you abs for beginer, followed along with it
    can you pls make a program for something kind of advance for abs…

  15. Biceps:
    1. Probated curls (10)
    2.Supinated curls (10)
    3. Neutral/Hammer curls (10)

    1. Overhead Tricep Extensions (10)
    2. Laying Dumbell Extensions (10)
    3. Supinated Tricep Kickbacks (10)

    1. Dumbell Shoulder Press (10)
    2. Lateral to Frontal Raises (10)
    3. Reverse Dumbell Flies (10)

    10. Farmer Walk (max out)

  16. The pure intelligence when he talks about the muscles is just wow don't worry I'm going to be like that in the next 18 months when I go for this RN program LOL

  17. Hey Chris, do you know the best workout routine for a teenage boy? I'm 14 and wanting to get stronger abs, arms, chest, etc. I love your videos, by the way, you inspire me and a lot of people! (also i dont have any weights, except 3 pound weights lol)

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