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Hey! Thanks for tuning in to MY BOLLYWOOD
BODY. I am your host Sunny with our ever green ever fantastic Ghulam Bhai (brother). Today we are going to work on our back. As i said, we will start working on our back today You know what let’s start with a couplet. I believe. it’s attributed to Mirza Ghalib. Punjabi? Bro, it’s Punjabi Ghalib. [Speaks Punjabi couplet]. I just wanted to put that in the video. You don’t know what that means. I know but just go with the
flow. Go with the flow it’s working. Lat pull down! What is going to be our first exercise,
or second? We have to do 5 to 6 exercises and how many sets and repetitions will we
be doing? We will be sharing all this with you throughout the video. First exercise,
after stretching, lat pull downs. A very good exercise. You must have seen people who aim
to work on their back they start with this exercise. Keeping the grip, normally where
the bar ends hold it from there and start. What Ghulam bhai is doing, there are two steps
of lat pull down. First step is that when you bring the bar down you squeeze your back. On the second step when go up, these lats near your arm pits which you call wings in Punjabi, have to be
pushed outwards and stretched. There are two parts of this exercise. Again, no.1 you bring
it down you squeeze your back no.2 you stretch. This is the first exercise. Now we are going
to move on to the next exercise. At the end of the video I’ll share with you that total
of how many exercises, Ghulam bhai you just ruined my perfect discourse. O man, I am sorry.
You just broke my heart! So we are going to move on to the second exercise. What is the
second exercise? We are going to do one arm rows. They are called lawn mower rows. Your
back should be straight. A knee placed on the bench and a leg on the ground. Keeping
your back straight when you bring your arm up, same concept, squeeze your back. When
bringing down stretch the lat. Whenever you are going to do any workout related to back
or concerning stretching, always concentrate on two steps. No.1 don’t jerk. No.2 to
squeeze your back while pulling up and stretch when brining down. This is our second exercise.
Now we are going to move on to our third exercise. Again, we will explain to you the amount of
exercises, sets and repetitions in the outro. See I haven’t finished yet and people are
watching and he is just doing this. Sir, we are making a video. The third exercise we
are moving on to is called reverse grip pull down. So again, wider grip, the wider it is
the better it is. But keep your hands inside the spot where the bar bends. There are different
attachments. You can do it with this attachment or any other. Same concept. Bring it down,
squeeze. So when you are doing lat pull down, even a regular one, it focuses more on centre
like mid part of your lat. But when you are doing this reverse grip, it works just like
when you are bending down and doing rows. That’s basically the same exercise. But
you are doing reverse grip lat pull down. Bring it down, squeeze. When you squeeze you’ll
feel. Rather than working more towards the centre or 75 percent out of your lats, it
targets just the outer part of your lats. This is the third exercise. Lat pull downs
was first, second was one arm rows and the third is reverse grip lat pull down. Fourth
exercise, he did it again! The fourth exercise we are going to work on is called seated rows.
You will find this machine everywhere and in every gym. Seated rows, how to do seated rows? Ghulam bhai is going to explain. It’s your time to speak I need to take the break myself to flex my muscles a bit. The main thing is that you have to first your feet
above here. Knees should be slightly bend. However, your back ought to be straight. The chest has to be outwards. Don’t bend to create a hump. Here, you pull this weight,
[Sunny chimes in] “will I be able to squeeze through? Let’s see. I lost 10 pounds.I am really smart.”
Pull the weight to your lower abdomen. Down. To the lower part of the stomach. Squeeze,
let go. Same concept just like our previous exercises. Exactly what Ghulam bhai said Squeeze
and stretch! In every exercise related to back there are always two steps. It’s just
not like this. You have got to squeeze when you bring it back and you have got to stretch when you go out. When you start you have to squeeze your back and when you let it go you have to stretch. This is our next exercise. So again, starting off, keep your chest faced outwards. You see my chest is out. You have got to keep your chest [out] and squeeze down like this. The whole time. Otherwise it won’t work. If you do it like this you are just
using your arms. You have got to keep your chest out to use your lower back. [Sunny jumps back in] Tadaaa!! I am back. Just like a hero, like a Superman I went and returned. So again starting off, our first exercise was lat pull down, regular lat pull down Second was one arm rows. Third was reverse grip lat pull down. Fourth was seated rows with the closed grip extensions. Fifth is
closed grip lat pull down. So again, it comes with a small attachment. Same concept, when
you are going to bring it down the attachment should end towards the nipple. Bring it closer
to the nipples and squeeze your back. Whenever you are going to bring it down, squeeze your
back and try to pause. Certain exercises, try to pause. Pause, take it all the way back
up, stretch. Again, step one bring it down squeeze. Step two take it back up and pause.
Pause, stretch, squeeze, stretch, squeeze, pause, stretch. Make sure to concentrate on
these. In every workout there are two exercises. There are two steps. Bring it down, squeeze.
Pull back, squeeze. And stretch when trying to pull them out. The last exercise, we are
going to wrap it up with the deadly weapon. Dead lifts! Ok, so dead lifts guys. This is
one of those exercises which makes you really strong Fundamentally it will strengthen you
very much. So what you got to do is, this is a conventional dead lift. Stand shoulder width apart with your feet. Look at your feet. Main thing is you come down. Again, keep your chest facing up. You have to keep it up, Look at the roof so that your chest doesn’t drop in. Chest drops and it will result in a humpback and injured waist. Alright! Chest up, now you have to pull and throw the weight at your back and put all the pressure and force on your ankles. Right here, you pull, pull down and stand up. Like this. Lower it, i always reset. Now you have got to pull back once again and use your legs. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, now your hips. With the help of your hips stand straight. Squeeze your butt, chest out, shoulders back. Again, you want to pull your weight back, chest up, back straight, lock up and [drop]. So this is our last exercise. Dead lifts, conventional dead lifts. Again let’s wrap
up. We started with lat pull down. After stretching, you did lat pull down. 4 sets of this exercise with 8 to 10 repetitions. Any time when we tell you to do 6 or 8 to 10 repetitions that means
we want you to go heavy. Normally we push from 10 to 12. Moderate weight. But certain exercises,
back, chest and certain legs; the more you lift the better. But again, the key is the
quality over quantity. If you are ruining your quality that means there is no point
doing the workout i.e. too many jerks and bending down creating a hump. So, quality, keep focus on that. First exercise is lat pull down. 4 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions. Moving on to
the second exercise, one arm rows with dumbbells. Use arms alternatively, 4 sets of 8 to 10
repetitions. Back to reverse grip rows. In reverse grip, there is no way you are going to lift as heavy as you did with the regular pull downs so go for four sets. Every exercise has 4 sets.
So 4 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions if you can go. That’s your third exercise. Moving onto
your fourth exercise. Closed grip seated rows. 6 sets. This is the only exercise in which
you have to do 6 sets. Start with 12 to 15 repetitions in the first set and slowly lower
the amount. How you feel? Yes, and how you feel? And I want you to do this: in the end
you may just go with 6 to 8 repetitions but start off with 15. Then move on to 12, 10,
8 and then 6. Just do 2 sets of 6. This is the only exercise in which you can do only
6. Then moving onto closed lat pull down which we did as our fifth exercise. The same 4 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions. Last our deadly weapon, the conventional dead lift which Ghulam bhai
brilliantly nailed it with different angles. 4 sets, we are going to knock it off, 8 to
10 repetitions. This workout if you are doing it alone should take you around 45 minutes to an hour. Carb up before leg day, chest day and back day. For more information make sure to
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sure to subscribe and leave a comment. It’s, it’s down there right? Yes, comment here! Thank you Ghulam bhai. Yes, try out the workout let us know how it goes.

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