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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. I just finished a new back workout and I figured,
you know, this could be helpful if I could somehow retrace my steps, put it on video
here for you guys so that you can learn and see from just one
example of an ATHLEANX type training video and workout, how you can benefit much more
than you might be benefitting now. And it all starts with the mindset when you
go into your workout. First of all, I broke this workout down into zones. I tried to be
very focused on an upper back zone and a mid to lower back zone. And when I say
low back, I think that might be the most important zone that we’re talking about because an underdeveloped
low back, or a low back that doesn’t get paid attention
to in your major back workout, is going to undermine your ability to perform at your
best through all of your other back exercises. It’s going to sap away all of your potential
strength that you could be building on your big back exercises. So, I find a way to incorporate
it into the workout itself so there’s never an excuse of, ‘Oh I don’t have enough time to incorporate
it, or I just didn’t have enough time if I had to choose one or the other, I’m going
for the big, wide lats and upper back, and skipping the low back.’ So, as I take you through, watch what we do,.
First of all, we target the mid back. And with the mid back, the first exercise up is
a classic Lat Pull Down. Again, here, we’re working on sort of the
width or the V Taper of the lats. And we do that by performing 3-4 sets, heavy, as heavy
as I can control. Remember, it’s not about momentum but controlling
the reps. We move on from there to one of my favorite exercises, the Barbell Dead Row. This is just a classic power exercise starting
from the ground up. It’s a combination of a Row, it’s a combination of a Deadlift. The Barbell Dead Row is an awesome way to
build back strength, but look at the key focus here. Look at the positioning of the low back. If the low back is not strong enough, can
you see what would happen to your ability to actually lift heavy weights on the exercise
itself? You’re going to be limited. So, we want to make sure that we’re working
our low back and we’re going to do that here in this indirect way, but watch more importantly
where we go from here. Once I’m done with those reps and sets, I
go to the next exercise which is over at a Hyperextension machine. Here I’m demonstrating
on a Glut Hand Raise, and we do a Static Hold, and we do a Y Raise.
And the Y Raise is just basically the angle that I’m creating here with my arms in relation
to the rest of my body. So, I’m basically forming a Y. And caution
here. I’m not going very heavy at all, and you won’t either. I’m using 5 pound plates.
But i’m holding that Static V hold, and I’m working on that all important endurance
factor when it comes to the lower back. The muscles of the low back are postural in nature
and are supposed to be able to hold you up, upright, with good posture, and withstand
the forces of those heavy back exercises when you go to perform them. So we want to work
on our ability to do that and work on our endurance. And it makes a whole hell of a big difference
when we can do it. But we’re not done. Now we’ve got to go to the Upper back portion
of our exercise. Targeting that upper back zone. Zoning a weaker area than our midback doesn’t
mean that we don’t have to work on them. We probably have to work on it extra hard. So, the first exercise here, I go back to
the Row, but we change it a little bit. We do a High Boy Row. And the High Boy Row is
just the bar path. The bar path stays a little bit away from
my body and it arcs up towards my upper chest and it kind of arcs back down. You can see this natural arc. I’ll even slow
it down for you here so you can see that the bar path is actually going up higher. When we pull up high, we’re obviously pulling
more with our elbows and we’re pulling higher up on our back on the opposite side. So you can see that those muscles are getting
a bit more work here from this tweek to the Row. You won’t be able to go as heavy, but
it doesn’t matter. It’s heavy for those muscles, and that’s the
point. We move on from here to what we call a Perpendicular Landmine Row. So, I’ve demonstrate before the benefits of
a Landmine Row when you do it parallel to the bar standing side-by-side next to the
bar. That’s great, and that’s a different exercise.
It has more of a core, front side core focus on obliques than what I’m showing you here. This now allows me to get that elbow up and
away from my body so we’re getting that higher portion of our upper back involved and we
could load up the weight again here. I’m trying to go heavy. I’m trying to stabilize
my core so I’m trying to go heavy and follow that proper bar path up and high. We work
on both sides, and guess where we go? We go back to the Hyperextension machine,
or the Glut Hand Raise, and we work on a different version of the Static Hold of the isometric
hyperextension. And this time we’re going to hold a pair of
dumbbells. And right here I’ve got 20s, and we’re going to try to Row as long as we can. Row for 10-15 reps without breaking the isometric
hold. Continue to work on that conditioning and that ability of your low back to hold
you when you feel the most fatigued because that’s when it’s going to be alive
and that’s what’s going to wind up hurting you. so then we go back and we finish with one
final sort of coup de gra on that whole posterior chain low back side. We’re going to tie in the gluts. We’re going
to tie in the hamstrings. We’re going to tie in the lumbar spine. We’re going to tie in
the upper back. All this gets done through a Superman Hold,
but we’re going to hold those dumbbells in our hands to do what we call here the Angel
of Death. You know the snow angels when we do this move?
Well, we’re still doing that move, but we’re calling it the Angel of Death here because
it’s a hell of a lot harder and a lot more unpleasant than the snow angel
you might have done as a kid. And here, you’re just trying to follow that path all the way
down, all the way up, keeping your chest off the ground, keeping
your legs and thighs off the ground and seeing how many reps you can do. So guys, you see here that when you, first
of all, if you’re going to start training like an athlete, you’ve got to start training
and not just working out. Don’t just go the gym and do the things that
you think you might want to do that day. Go there with a plan in mind, attack that plan
very systematically, and start allowing yourself the ability to
command what it is that you’re doing. Be in control of what you’re doing. You’ll be instantly
surprised at how much stronger you can get when you have a clear focus and a clear path
on how to get there. My path was to attack this thing in zones and really work on making
sure that the portions of my back that I’m going to
need the most when it comes to building strength throughout the rest of my back, the more glorified areas of the back, right,
the width and the thickness, I have to make sure that i start with maybe the stuff that
not a lot of people want to do, but we all know we need to do. And guys, if you’re looking for an entire
program that puts that all out for you, step-by-step, and allows you to actually even forget that you’re doing the things that you don’t necessarily
want to do because you’re enjoying the way there, guys, the ATHLEANX Program is geared
exactly for that. And I’ll coach you through every single day.
I want to make sure that I’m there to keep you on the path to looking like an athlete
by training like one. You can get that at ATHLEANX.COM right now.
In the meantime, if you like this video and you found it helpful, leave your comments and thumb’s up below and
let me know what you want to see here, guys. Four times a week now we’re making videos. I’m sure I can cover what it that you want
to see. You’ve just got to let me know. Alright, I’ll talk to you guys soon.

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