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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey everyone, how’s it going today? We have a full body workout. That’s gonna target your whole body Your arms legs your apps pretty much everything that’s gonna burn about 300 to 500 calories depending on how high you work for it your age your weight your height etc So without further ado Sounds really old-fashioned here, but let’s just jump straight into it We’re gonna start with a four minute warm-up followed by four workout sets Let’s do this. First, we’re going to start with arm swing for 30 seconds. This is just a warm-up for your upper body Next let’s do step in and out for a minute. Start slow then increase the speed This helps to warm up your legs and your boy Next with butt kickers kick your legs as high as you can Now we’re going to touch one leg with the opposite hand Next we have 30 seconds of jumping jacks, this will heat up your body and you should feel like you’re ready to smash this workout Yes Now we have side lunge just to stretch our adapters getting ready to start the main workout Now in five seconds, we’re going to start our first set. The first exercise is lateral bounding Take a big jump to the right and land softly and take another big step or jump to the left This is going to bring your heart rate up straight away. Do it fast but in good form. For low impact just take a step instead of a jump The second exercise is High knee. Bring your knee up to hips level as fast as you can. Make sure you squeeze your abs while you’re doing this and don’t forget to breathe. As always you can modify this to a low impact version by just not jumping. In that case, just bring your knee up The next exercise is 180° squat followed by another squat. This is going to burn so much but I know you can do this. Do it slow if this’s too hard, or just do a squat instead. Next we have lateral jump. Jump both legs to the left and then to the right This looks so easy. But after all those squats this move is not as easy as it looks Now we have a 20 seconds break Then we’re going to do this set again. Instead of just standing there, try to jog in place to keep your heart rate steady Let’s start with lateral bounding again. Make sure you take a big step or a big jump a big big jump Then we have High knee. Now we have 180-degree squat. Keep going guys And now we have lateral jump We’ve done two runs of this. Good job guys Just one more round to go. Try to jog in place or just walk around. This helps to burn more calories Now let’s start with lateral bounding again Next we have High knee. Now we have 180-degree squat, feeling the burn And lastly we have Lateral jump jump jump Now we have a 20 seconds break before our second set You can pause this video for a longer break, drink some water, but not too much You don’t want to feel the water bouncing in your belly We’re gonna start with single leg lunge with a jump. Bring one leg back and lunge down Make sure your front knee doesn’t pass the toes, then jump up drive your knee up Make sure you move your arms in this motion as well. This helps to work your upper body But if this is too hard like if jumping is too hard for you Then try the low impact version just do it without the jump Now do the same on the other side, make sure your core is engaged too Now we have jumping jacks, make sure you keep your body tight and engage every muscle group while you’re doing this This is not a difficult move so you can do it fast, but make sure you engage your muscles, especially your core Now we have front kick with rope reach so kick your leg in front of you as high as you can Make sure you squeeze your abs This move is really good for your lower abs to make this move harder pretend that you’re climbing on a rope This works your upper body abs and legs. How good is that? Now we have a twenty seconds break try to jog in place guys just a soft easy jog Let’s start again with single leg lunge with the jump Now on to the other side Jumping jacks now Now we’re done with two rounds just one more to go I hope you’re feeling great Let’s start our last round of this with single leg lunge with a jump now on to the other side Now we got jumping jacks And finally we have Front kick with rope reach We’re done with this set, we’re halfway there you’ve done really well guys now take a break You can pause this video for a longer break. Just make sure you come back. Okay, you can take up to two minutes off Now guys we have burpees with double kick. This one is so fun but so challenging. If you can’t do a regular burpee, with push-up, then do it without the pushup and Jump up with both legs like a double kick. This is a little challenging So start slow and as you get used to it, then you can do it faster Just make sure you land softly and don’t hurt your knees Next we have standing bicycle crunch. Touch your elbow with the opposite knee, make sure you squeeze your abs while you’re doing this Now we have skate jumps. Take a big jump to the right and bring your left leg behind you then do the same on the other side. Stay low and do it fast Next we’re going to take it easy here Let’s run in place and do it fast, as fast as you can, maybe a sprint if you’re keen for that So that’s definitely gonna burn heaps of calories. But again know your limit guys Don’t push yourself too hard if you can’t. I don’t want you to pass out We have 20 seconds break now and then we’re gonna start this all over again Let’s start with burpees with double kick. If you can’t do this version then just do the easier burpees Now we have standing bicycle crunch Ending on the end there must be more Skater jump is next And now we are running in place We are almost done with this set, just one more round guys, we can do it We have burpees with double kick again Now standing bicycle crunch and remember to squeeze your abs Now skater jump And lastly we are running in place Good job in completing three out of four sets of today’s workout. We just got one more last fresh set Take a longer break if you need to but if you’re good to go then just jog in place just a slow jog For the last set we are focusing mostly on our arms and our ABS We have walk out to push up next. Make sure you keep your elbows in when you do the push up. If you can’t do the push up then just leave it. Just go back up and do the walk out only Now we have spider plank This is going to shape those ABS bring your knee as close to your elbow as possible and squeeze those abs We have mountain climbers straight away. Your arms might be shaking right now. If so, you can take a quick second break If not, just continue, just smash this workout Now the final exercise is bicycle crunch this works the entire abs which is why I like doing this That’s awesome guys This set is really quite hot because we’ve done a lot if you are still here you’re doing amazing. Keep going Let’s start with walk up to push up again. If you can’t do the push up then just do the walk up only Now we have spider plank And mountain climbers, here we go. If you need to take a little break over here just go for it Now we have bicycle crunch. Squeeze those abs But just one more round to go guys I’m going to give you some peace and quiet for the last round because you’re probably sick of me talking. Let’s do this Congrats for completing this workout guys, you can start to cool down by doing the child pose This is really great to stretch out your abs and your arms and you know, just your upper body makes you feel really really nice Now get into the pigeon position and stretch out your glutes your hips and your legs You can also stretch out your quads by pulling your foot away like this Then you can stretch out your hamstring and then do the same on the other side But take your time this is just a guide, you can do them longer. I normally do stretch for a little bit longer Now get into a downward dog position and stretch out your upper body and legs You can do a little walk like this to just stretch out your legs Get up and pull your arm across like so Feeling so good and do the same on the other side Again you can do all these stretches for a bit longer. I hope you enjoyed today’s workout Please give this video a thumbs up if you’re soaked in sweat I’ve also created a new second channel for vlogs. So do check that out if you’re interested So, thanks so much for working out with me, and I’ll see you guys next week. Bye

100 thoughts on “Complete Fat Blasting Full Body Workout | Burn 500 Calories | Warm Up & Cool Down

  1. Been following your workouts for two full months now pretty much every day, even tho I don't follow a particular challenge, let's say I mix a bit of all of them. Today I really felt like challenging myself and I completed this workout with a bit of additional pauses but nevertheless, I MADE IT. Two months ago I could barely do a 10 minutes abs workout without dying. And look where I am now. I felt like giving up every second of these 30 minutes but I never did, and now I am at the end soaked in sweat but alive and proud. Thanks Chloe for the impact you have on people, a million people getting fit and motivated thanks to you. You are an angel❤❤

  2. I can't breathe like I did this for 10 minutes or so and Thewhole time I was out of breathe I had to lay down to get spome breath. This happens every time I do cardio? Why?

  3. I'm proudddd of myselffff !!!
    act I'm fasting today but I can complete your workout but have a little of breakk ><
    I will countinue this workout within this week. I hope I can make a little change on my body..
    Wish me luck!

  4. I m gonna do this from today. I already lost 3 kgs in a week because I m on a diet. I wanna do this 3 or 4 times a week for better results.

    1,59 -56 kg

    goal-45 kg

    Wish me luck.I wanna do this in a month

    school is coming

    1st week: 1.this workout killed me.don t know if I'll be able to walk tomorrow hahaa

  5. Is it ok to start backwards with this workout (doing the last circuit first) cuz by the end I’m basically having Asthma and can’t finish strong like I want to.

  6. "I'm going to give you a break from my voice" good idea, how about you dont and say you did?
    Lord help me I almost died during this workout

  7. Hey guys! I decided to do this workout and will be updating and taking pictures so if you want my insta so I can dm you my results I'd be happy too.:) Anyways, about to go grab a drink of water it's 6:21 AM and I need 30 minutes of cardio each day to lose weight. Will be trying this workout and more made by her that are 30 minutes! About to do it!
    Day 1: Finished workout at 7:11 soul was trying not to leave my body I'm serious 😂 i got lightheaded and the last 4 workouts I did them, but the modified version that I made up myself (which trust me isn't good) but yeah also I might not be doing this workout everyday if I go out to play tennis.. my whole body is sweating.. I'm also doing Gabriella's workouts so it was really hitting me During this workout that I have like 4 more to do 😭 So bye see y'all tomorrow!

  8. Did this for the first time a few days ago and only got to the end of the second set before I had to stop because I felt like jelly, but today I managed to get to the end of the third set too! Definitely a difficult one!

  9. This comment is probably gonna get buried but PSA:

    Y’ALL THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!!! 🙌 I’ve done Gabriella Whited workouts, Emi Wong workouts, and all the other fitness videos you can find for a year. To top that off, I’ve restricted my sugar and carb intake. And get this, I’ve ran 10km EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for a month. BUT I DIDN’T GET ANY NOTICABLE RESULTS! Yes, I support those Emi Wong and Gabriella but it just wasn’t MY cup of tea 😤😤😤 sO then I tried this workout and Y’ALL AFTER DOING IT FOR ONLY 4 TIMES I GOT THOSE RESULTS 💪💪💪 and I was BEYOND SHOCKED 😳 SO. STOP. STALLING. AND. DO. IT. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. I stupidly drank a lot of water before this. And this workout includes A LOT of jumping I survived set 1 and 2 I guess I'm moving to no jumping workout now. hashhh!!

  11. I finished it 😍yay I'm swearing lot 😂
    even I'm here in Seoul Korea 🇰🇷 I need to burn the calories 😄

  12. just a tip for people thinking this is too hard weather it would be because you're not feeling too well physically: I currently on my period and I finished this workout after thinking this would be too intense to do. I just modified it little by little, doing the low-impact versions and even with simpler exercises. For example, instead of doing the burpees, I just did jumping jacks. Also, instead of doing the walkout & push up, I just did wall push ups. You can do this if you just put your mind to it!

  13. I’m literally bathed in sweat. Keep in mind that I am a pretty fit person 🙃
    Edit: bathed in sweat again 😂it was easier tho
    Edit: Today I did this 4 times in a row- needless to say I’m dying. 2000 freaking calories burned(did this high intensity all the way)

  14. First time doing this workout i admire Chloe so much for not taking time to rest when switching exercises omg that killed me right there, definitely come back because i couldn't complete all of it but the sweat is refreshing

  15. I love Chloe's workouts because I can hear the timer, I can hear her clearly, and she's not shouting at me like any other person on youtube. Also she actually knows what she's doing.

  16. I don’t believe… I did this workout…. I didn’t think i could make it! (Sorry, My english is really poor….😭😭) Thank you Chloe!😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘

  17. Chloe, this is just so hard. Thank you for that, but also…can you give us some tips so my ankles don't get swollen, is so hard for me the jumping part, but is just because my ankles, i don't know if i am doing well the jumping part

  18. Chloe thank you! I’m on day 2 of this workout. I’m working on breaking my 2 week threshold for regular daily exercise. This workout is perfect enough for a challenge but easy enough for me to sustain on a regular basis. Thank you for all your wonderful work and fitness goals! Chloe Ting is my fitness go to inspiration! ❤️❤️❤️

  19. I couldn't continue more than 5 min😭😭😭 this is an intense workout. Needs alot of stamina. You sweat like hell😩 am exhausted

  20. 57% threw the workout and I’m already dead😂 but I just have to remember my goals and keep going😑🙃😭👍

  21. I haven’t worked out in a while and I didn’t think I was out of shape , but this workout got me dying on the floor and it’s not even done….

  22. FYI – I’m 5’0” & 105 lbs this workout helped me burn off 320 cals without me going all in. Will add this to my regular workout routine 👌🏽

  23. Set-1 and 2= morning
    Set- 3 and 4= evening
    Because, I don't have time, so I had to divide it. And I do 11 ab line exercise too. 🙃

  24. I thought that I would literally die. I'm lucky that I haven't eaten the last three hours, because I would throw up from this intensity probably. Thanks for the video , I'm really trying to lose some weight so I can have my dream body soon. <3

  25. This was such a killer workout. Was so difficult but felt so good after. Definitely recommend, and try push yourself to not give up through the workout because the results are amazing!!

  26. After a full day of eating only sugars (chocolate bars and cereal), I get on YouTube for one of your more difficult workouts. I'm SOAKING after completing this one, what a lifesaver😣💪

  27. Day 1: 86kg 5ft 6. Doing this workout for the first time and only lasted 6 minutes, before puking and giving up. I could get past set 1. So disappointed with myself, in fits of tears. But I’m going to keep at it. I can do it. I really want this change.

  28. The fact that I always get interrupted while working out.. I’m a 13 yr old that weighs 119.0 and I’m 5’3 and my mom and dad can never leave me alone while I’m working out.. but I still love them

    Update- I’ve been doing this for a week now and I now weight 117.0 I lost 4 ibs!! Thanks so much I’ll definitely be doing this as part of my routine now!

  29. I will be doing this twice a week. I started working out on October 31st and I will update you guys every month. I am currently 136 pounds and I am 5'2

  30. This is one of the best exercise ive been doing for almost a month. I tried the 2 weeks challenge and its good. After doing it, i level up with this workout. It's so good. I lost 3 kilograms for almost a month.

    I do this everyday. ☺

  31. This is a 500 calories workout so 3,500 calories is in a pound do this 7 times and lose a pound a day so 7 pounds a week so 5 weeks=35 12 weeks=84

  32. I like to pretend I'm an idol while doing these workouts. Adding dance moves into the work out positions. It makes it much more fun!

  33. Today’s my 3th day of doing this workout and let me tell you i always end up soaking wet BUT ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT. For real guys i’ve been feeling myself after a lot of time and i felt confident using a crop top (a real miracle). Thank u a lot Chloe, love u ♥️💫

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