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Hello everyone
Welcome back I am in the gym today
And will be doing a shoulder workout. You all had requested me that
Along with the informational videos I share You would like to see how I do my workouts
as well. But during this workout as well
I would share some information with you all like
What should be the number of sets to be performed? When to increase weight? What is meant by drop sets? What is meant by preparation sets? All of these will be covered during the workout I will keep the workout very simple And the video will be edited minimally too. Before starting my workout I drink pre-workout in order to keep the intensity of my workout high It is essential for me to drink a pre-workout. That is what I will be drinking. After finishing your pre-workout
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the supplements. Now let me share my shoulder workout with
you all. The first exercise which I am going to perform in my shoulder workout is dumbbell press. The first set will be a preparation set. It means for the muscle group which I am going to train The first set will be of 15 repetitions with lightweight. This is called a preparation set in which I am preparing for my workout. These are 20kg dumbbells and I will perform my first set of 15 repetitions using them. After the preparation set, I will perform the second set using moderate weight. After the moderate set, my last two sets will be either failure or drop sets. But the second set will be of 12 repetitions using moderate weight. This was my second set in which I have used 30kg dumbbells and that’s a moderate weight for me. In this set, I did 12 repetitions. Now I will perform my third set. This set will be a failure set And I will select a weight using which I am able to perform only 10-12 repetitions and not any more than that. In my third set, I am using 40 kg dumbbells
on each side And this is my failure set. My target will be to perform at least 8-10 reps. Here I am taking help from someone to hold the dumbbells. He will help me get the dumbbells in the starting
position. I can even perform this set with help But my target is 8-10 reps failure. (Talking to trainers) So this was my failure set. In which I performed 10 repetitions and I still have enough strength left to increase the weight further That will be my last set. After increasing the weight I have one advantage that I can perform a drop set. So the first set is preparation, second is moderate, third is a failure, fourth is a failure too but here I can drop the weight. With 40 kg, I performed my third set and will try my fourth set with 45kg dumbbells. The number of repetitions five, six, seven whatever I am able to do and immediately after that I will drop the weight to a lighter weight using which I will try to do 5-6 reps more. That’s called a drop set. Also, after the failure set, rest for 2-3 minutes so that your heartbeat gets back to normal. Now that I have rested for 3-4 minutes. I am ready to perform my last set which will be a drop set in which I will try to perform 5-6 repetitions using 45kg dumbbells and immediately after that I will drop the weight and perform 5-6 reps more using 25kg weights which means drop set is a set in which after dropping the main weight I will perform remaining 5-6 reps using a lighter weight to finish. In this drop set, I did 8 repetitions with 45kg and 8 repetitions with 25kg. With these, four sets of dumbbell press are over and the first exercise are completed. Let us move to our next exercise. After the dumbbell press, the second exercise I will perform is a side-laterals. In side-laterals, I will perform three sets. In this, I will not do any preparation set. My first set will have 15 repetitions with medium weight. The second set will have 15 repetitions with moderate weight and the third set will be a drop set. Preparation set is not needed anymore. So three sets only. I will start with my first set with 10 kg dumbbells which is a moderate weight and do 15 repetitions. After the first set, I have increased the weight for the second set I am going to perform. I did the first set with 10kg and will perform the second set with 15kg but I will try to do at least 15 repetitions. 15 repetitions. In my third set, I will have an option to drop the weight so I will increase the weight slightly and try to perform the maximum number of repetitions. Immediately after that I will reduce the weight and complete the remaining set with a lighter weight. For the third set, I will use dumbbells of 17.5kg. Let’s see how many repetitions I am able to perform. Irrespective of the reps I will drop the weight and complete the remaining set with 12.5kg dumbbells. I have performed 10 repetitions with 17.5kg. Now I am dropping the weight and will see how many reps I am able to perform with 12.5kg. Eight and with this, three sets of my side laterals are completed, first set using moderate weight second, failure and third, a drop set. Now let us move to our third exercise. The third exercise which I am introducing here is Side Cable Punch Lateral. You might not have seen this exercise earlier so I will explain how to do this exercise first. The weight I am selecting is very moderate because it is an isolation movement and I would want only the head I am trying to train which is the middle head to push the weight. In the first set, I will try to do 15 repetitions with each hand. 15 repetitions with my right hand are completed. Now I will do the same with my left hand. For this exercise, I will perform only two sets the first I have done with moderate weight but because I was able to do this set very easily, I will increase the weight slightly so that I am able to increase the intensity of the set and I have to push a little harder to complete 15 repetitions. In the first set, the weight was 10kg now I will try with 15kg. Let us see how many sets I am able to perform. Although my target is 15 repetitions. Two sets of this exercise are complete. Let’s move to the next exercise now. The next exercise which I will perform is front barbell raises. I will do only two sets . One will be a failure and the second will be a drop set. Let me show you the first set which is a failure set. I have chosen 5-5kg on each side so that during the set, I am able to control the weight in a better way and connect it to the muscle. First set with 20 repetitions is completed. This was my failure set and now I will increase the weight to perform a drop set in which before 20 repetitions are completed I will have the option to drop weight if I am not able to reach the maximum number of repetitions. My target is 20 repetitions but I can drop the weight whenever I like. Let’s start. So after 15 repetitions, I have dropped the weight. I was able to perform 7 repetitions after dropping the weight and with this, my two sets are completed. Let us move to the next exercise now. Now I am ready to do my next exercise which is a variation on side laterals too. My middle deltoid is weak and that’s why I train my side laterals more. I will perform the first set with 7.5kg which is a moderate weight and with this, I will try to do 12-15 repetitions. 15 repetitions are done and they were a little easy which means I can slightly increase the weight in my next set. I will complete 15 repetitions with my other hand too. 15 reps are up and this was my first set with moderate weight. My next set will be a failure in which I will not take a drop as I have already done enough drop sets. For the next set, I will increase the weight from 7.5kg to 10kg and I will try to take minimum rest which means as soon as I am done with my right hand I will perform the exercise with my left hand. This will help me maintain my intensity. 12 repetitions are done, I will try the same with my left hand as well. With this, my two sets are complete. Now let us move to the next exercise. My last and finisher exercise are behind the neck press. A lot of people do not perform this exercise and a lot of trainers do not suggest it as well. But since I have been working for the last 19 years and as I am a professional, I know the correct exercise technique. In this exercise too, I will keep the weight moderate and will try to perform 10-12 repetitions with the number of sets being three. I am taking some help to get the bar up. I had put 15kg weight on each side and I was able to perform 12 reps easily. So in the next set, I will increase the weight slightly but my posture also has to be correct. Now I will start my next set in which I have increased the weight very minimally by 2.5kg each side. My target will be 10-12 repetitions. I have performed 10 repetitions without any help and as it is my last set now I will not increase the weight any further. Also, try to do all your finisher exercises without any drop sets. Try to perform with one weight only. You can take drop sets in the initial exercises as I did, in dumbbell press, side laterals, etc. Here I will not drop any weight and I am trying to increase the weight slightly in every set. This is my last set now and I have not to increases any weight. The weight is the same as in the second set. I will try to perform 8-10 repetitions. I was able to do nine repetitions and with this my shoulder workout is complete. So this was my shoulder workout for today. I am sure you learned how the professionals train after watching today’s video. It is not necessary for you to lift very heavyweights in the gym. Make sure you perform the exercises in a very controlled manner no matter what muscle you train. I will keep bringing such videos for you all. 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